Korea Trip #7 : Teseum @Jeju Island | Teddy Bear Museum

06 August 2014

So yea I guess it's time to continue for my Korea Trip @ Jeju Island PART 7 post because most of you have been waiting it for quite a while since years ago! LOL It's not because I'm lazy (maybe it's just 50% of that)~ BUT I just feel sad if I can't blog again for all the trip post. Left 2-3 posts only! That's really sad for me because I know you guys was traveling to Korea soon in the future but I can't travel to any place this year :'( Remember to show me if you went there k! At least I can look at your photo and cheer me up for a few days. So I hope to blog it with Mandarin because some of you thought that my Mandarin sounds more friendly to you..lol but don't worry because this blog post will be all photos. LOL

It's just another photo diary since I tend to take photo with all of the teddy bears inside the Bear Museum. Photo do the talking~ I guess it's THE FIRST TIME in my life I feel crowded with all teddy bear inside the museum. lolx Stop crapping around soooo~ LET'S GET STARTED!!

(是不是很興奮這篇文章呢? 這是我第一次被很多很多超級無敵可愛的狗熊包圍著哦!如果你們有去美麗的濟州島(jeju island) 記得記得一定要來這個地方 不能錯過哦)

We depart from Busan and after few hours we finally reached Jeju!! It's a super duper beautiful island that I have never seen in my life. I mean seriously THIS IS SUPER DUPER BEAUTIFUL. 

It's one of the World of 7 Wonders

Seriously It's much fun than Busan because the environment really super duper beautiful! Beautiful until I can't explain myself with any word other than BEAUTIFUL! Other than teddy bear museum there are some SEX Museum for you to visit too. Unfortunately, we don't have enough time to do so but David told us that inside the jeju sex museum it's all stone posing with a sex pose or male / female naked stone.  Sound weird but I'm quite curious about that! lol

(這是我真的值得推薦大家去的一個靠近韓國的小島 至於不喜歡看自然風景的我也被它的風景給深深吸引 有機會我會直接再飛一次去那裏度假 因為真的號美!美到我不知道如果形容。他是世界7大奇景之一 是七大最美麗的景色之一 所以一定要去看看 一生人一次 一定要來!因為當你站在最高的地方 風兒吹過你的頭髮 然後呼吸新鮮的空氣 和下面全部的藍海圍繞你 真的真的是一大享受。這次我選了teddy bear museum 狗熊博物館 想必就是一定要拍到相機沒電就是了! 除了狗熊還有一些「性」博物館 就是有很多男生女生的裸體肖像 也可以看到不同種類的sex position 。雖然很有趣但是只能在車上經過 因為我們剩下的時間不多只能犧牲了那個去狗熊博物館~)

It's a great visit to this teddy bear museum and I was so excited about it because I never own any big teddy bear when I'm young due to my sensitive nose. So I'm super envy those who have a lot of teddy bears in their room. At first I thought it might be boring but it's really fun because it's not just teddy bear they still have some safari zoo bear with lots of animal , some bear that portrays celebrities , daily lives , portrays some korean famous drama or some story book characters & so on. (原本會覺得可能博物館會比較悶一些 但原來並沒有這回事!因為他們很的很用心 除了可以看到很多不同的狗熊 還有一些狗熊仿一些韓劇的演員,童話故事角色的狗熊,明星狗熊 還有很多很多。看得出每一只都很精緻!嘆為觀止)

I know right~ You just can't wait to see all my photo so I should stop talking and let's the photo do the rest! You need to purchase ticket before enter the museum. So here's the super cute ticket! Beside the ticket counter when you first get into the counter there are some teddy bears beside the counter to WELCOME YOU! AHAHAHAH

   Safari Zoo Zone

 First we enter the first zone ever- Safari Zoo Zone! Spot teddy bears hiding behind the tree , tigers , lions & others cute cute animals.




 don't envy me can selfies with this teddy bear!

 How good if they are real and I hope they will move and say Hi to me! lol

Then suddenly I saw this area!! All of the white bear and husky can move one!! They slowly shake their head! Of course I never miss any opportunity to show you how fun it is! I even took some insta video! Let me show you ya!!

This teddy bear museum = REALLY HUGE!

Cute little husky

After 45 mins we continue walk forward to a singing band teddy bear area! Lol which you can selfies (again) with all teddy bear! Act like a super model!

   Fairy Tale Zone 

After done acting a singer we went to the Fairy tale zone which included lots of childhood story's character like snow white with those 7 cuties! 

   Teddy Bear Cafe

Then the corner side of the fairy tale zone had a small teddy bear cafe. Which you can continue take photo by sitting at the corner chair. lol  *non-stop selfies*

Of course a surprise from teddy bear too



   Portrays Bear

 So tiny & cute!! Wish that I can grab everything home! LOL

  Teseum Art Gallery

Unlimited Teddy Bears!!

   Sports Teddy


Hollywood stars teddy bear
This one really funny! You should come here once!

  Teddy Star 


 Teddy Souvenir Shop

You start to fall in loge with all those teddy bears and at the same time they prepared a HUGE teddy bears souvenir shop for you to SHOP! SHOP TIL DROP I tell you but the price was quite pricy for me. But Smelly told me it's worth since those teddy bear was limited colour that you can't get in anywhere. I want to collect all those pastel one but don't have a smaller size! End up I picked a pink fluffy one but it's not mine :'( I helped smelly to pick a gift for his friends. 

 Arghh i like this one!! But very pricy T.T

 Can't bring you home so I have only one choice...
it's to take photo with all the colourful teddy bears. lol

 This tiny one cost around RM50 like that.
Ok lah not so expensive but the lightly bigger size one will be RM100 ++

The teddy souvenir shop was the last stop. Therefore, it also means that I can't see them again T.T Before we quit the museum they point us another SUPER DUPER HUGE teddy bear beside the corner of the museum. I was like 



 It took me some time in order to get it up on the teddy's body!
lol I'm so short so I need extra energy to climb up! HAHAHAHAA

So I guess it's the end of the post. A great day I spent with smelly and all the teddy bears too! I love the way they arrange the zone with lots of surprise! I love the different bears that portrays celebrities, and also daily lives. I spent almost half of the day touring the museum and look super duper tired after that. Just my camera suddenly OUT OF BATTERY so most of the photo turn out so blur -.- wtf wtf wtf

But anyway, if you guys want to spend your day with TEDDY BEAR I strongly recommended you to have a look in this teddy bear museum


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