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05 October 2014

HELLO Peeps! Is me again and I know that I'm a little bit late but late better than nothing right? HAHAHA So yea~ Today, I'm going to share my experience at the Code Factory, Jaya Shopping Centre. It was my very first time to take this kind of challenge. It shocked me in awhile because people told me that escape room was actually quite scary. So the night before the game I can't sleep because you know...It's still my very first time lol

So then I asked Smelly and he told me that I'm very blur sure fail in the game. Plus, I pray hard to group into the same group with my friends too but you know thing never run smoothly lol. 

God gave me surprise on that day. Surprise guest too! HAHAHAA It's the scariest moment when the people ask us to randomly get into a group and pick one room for the escape challenge. Then I was like...HUH? Are you sure ? Then pray hard that I never get the hardest room. Oh yea let me talk and intro you a little on Code Factory & this challenge.

 So basically code factory was something like the escape room but it's much special than that. I swear!! (Will talk about the special part for you later) It currently consists of 4 rooms with a variety of themes, experience, creative quizzes and puzzles. You can pick the room and each room has it own rating on it.  

 They spent quite a lot of time to design and create the games to make it looks special and extraordinary. I'm not joking their 'LOST' room was quite special and you might be surprise with it. The reason why I know because ended up we picked the hardest and 4 star rating room ever -.- LOLX Each room is quite unique and required team work in order to solve the puzzle and complete the game.

So for those who wonder , the themes of the room will be rotated out within a specific amount of time so don’t miss the chance to play it with your gang of friends while it’s still available. Strongly recommended the first 2 room for you!

Here's the story behind each themed room and their rating.

Chased by Notorious killer Mr X- Running Aimlessly, you found you and your friends lost in the woods and stumble upon a wooden house. So you had decided to seek help from the occupant in that wooden house. Will you find help or something else?

You and your friends were watching TV in the apartment when suddenly the fire alarm goes off. Fire was detected on the floor above you, while you saw a shadow that resembles the notorious killer Mr.X you saw in TV just now running down the corridor. Escape from the apartment before getting burned by the flames

There was a loud scream coming from Class 1A-2B as you and your friends enter the room , younotice a student been murdered , traces of evidence left by notorious killer Mr. X were found in Class1A-2B. You and your friends will need to seek the evidences from the room before Mr. X realisedwhat you are up to and have you murdered too.

You and your friends were given a mission code name “Operation 174” to stop the virus to berelease by notorious killer Mr X .The objective is to infiltrated Mr X stronghold and do what it takesto stop the virus being release before the timer runs out ????

Scariest moment ever because end up we really brave enough to enter the hardest room :'( Careen and I were so scared about it, then ask to randomly pick our group again. lol since everyone keep asking whether can change the people anot. lol Unfortunately, I stick with the same themed room after my second chance. wtf?!! 

Luckily our group got male if not I wonder who will be the one open the door. HAHAH So Dan, Jeremy , Wai Kit , Careen and I were form in a group. Next we need to give ourself a group name plus doing our own poster! lol for selfies purpose I guess! So we smart enough to doodle around the yellow paper and Wai Kit was so talent too. I'm naughty enough to add a love symbol between all our characters. HAHAHAHAHAHAA 

So cute hor~
It's very hard for us to think about our group name so ended up we just randomly pick again from the newspaper on the bulletin board. HAHAHA We were so random! lolll 

Group name :
 GOOD FORM (Inspired by the newspaper board) HAHAHAHAAH

First group photo before enter the room. I tell you.... Because this room was the hardest one and I thought like it might be so scary once we get into the room but.... It's totally different!

My experience

First thing we did - Ask the boy to open the door for us and girls all hide behind the boy! HAHAHAHAAH But then once we open it we were liao.. Oh...well.. This wasn't scary at all. The room was quite peaceful and we were not allow to bring anything except our phone but for emergency purpose only. You are not allow to use the light from the phone too.

So after few second, they explain some rules and regulation for us. Telling us the story behind this themed room and the room was full of woods. Seriously it was a wooden house. lol I thought the story just have to use our imagination to imagine but in fact, it's exactly the same. We were given a 45 mins to escape from the room and solving all the problems. 

A big big timer above the door and some background sound effect. Quite peaceful lo! So we were like..Woooots! Luckily! Then two quiz and puzzle available in the first room and we were given 1 hint + 1 answer. We solved the first one then we used around 20 mins stuck in the second one because the room was quite dark and the timer make us really nervous one.

Dan , Wai Kit and I were solving some mathematic and colour question. Jeremy was the steady person keep calm us down and using our answer to form a 4 digits password then open the lock. Careen at the same time looking around for some hint and answer too. You know the question was really hard one. You need to use brain and we can't wait for the answer so we click on the first hint button.

5 mins after that we still can't solve the second password so we agreed to look for the answer from them. We used our only hint and answer. lol Well, to be honest I never expect we really perform in a group + good team work spirit. Because before that my friend told me she always argue with her friend during their escape room challenge. lol Never try never know , sekali try tiap tiap hari mau! lol

After they gave us the answer we were quite shocked because we actually got the answer but just because we can't open the lock so we thought it was the wrong one. Then keep lag at that stage. Oh yea!! Finally we opened the lock. The scariest part ever was...

We have to bend down ourself to cross and enter the second room. I heard the scary background music. Everything feel like in a REAL WOODEN HOUSE. I heard the woods sound and hor...the bird flying sound! Scared me the most will be the second room.

I don't wanna talk too much because you really have to try this out. The second room was totally different. They make a twist from the first room. It's so bloody and...just scary! Nothing pop out to scare us but during the time (when we only left 5-6 mins) someone actually came out from the door to help us solve the problem but accidentally scared us! We scream TO THE MAX!

They didn't mean to scare us but Careen and I were so shock and jump to the boy shout keep scream like hell. I mean I scream like hell. Until now I still can remember the moment that we accidentally saw and feel the door slowly open and thought it was a ghost but...actually it's not! wtf damn scary one I no lie!! Hopefully you won't get to experience this !! AHAHAHA 

Then one 3-4 puzzle there but we fail the game because we only have 5 mins left. We stopped at the last 2 puzzle and quiz but they are so nice!! They let us finish it even we fail the game. HAHAHAHA Then we thought nothing much can be as scary as than just now but guess what we get another 4 digits password to open the lock. Once we open we have to bend down again to enter the bottom space.

But me ..never ever want to be the first one who enter that so ended up Jeremy, Dan and Wai Kit ...The brave one...entered that. You will be surprise with that and you just go and try it but this scared them like shit too. I mean scared us like shit with the stupid scariest background effect! 

So after all the memorable surprise and challenge we finally successfully opened the door. Even we fail for the mission but it's really quite surprise because of the experience. I personally was the first one who was so happy even scream out SOOOOOO loud on that day. lol!! You can see my happy face!! I just wanna share experience with you this themed room was really fun!!

 A certificate and prove!
 Of course, selfies time with all my new friends!
 Photoboom Jeremy
 Bobo went to the second room and they were the first group who end the mission. Of course we fail the game also -.- lolz! But i really think I spent the best time ever with them especially grouping in a new group which you can easily communicate and interact with.  

 Life is good when I'm able to escape from the room! lol

Really a good experience for this challenge and had a blast with my team too. Thanks Jeremy , Dan , Wai Kit and Careen for everything. Feel so happy and touch when I'm able to out from the room. You know the feeling look exactly like you enter a game or playing with those escape game. I saw my daddy always playing this kind of game but I never know when everything become REAL, It was really damn AWESOME and unforgettable leh!!

 Group photo with all all the mission fail group! HAHAAHAHAH

 Seriously had a wonderful morning and afternoon spent with them and thanks Code Factory for the invitation. This make me damn excited for my next mission and challenge. I have to gather all my gang to join with me for another themed room next time. Or maybe I should ask someone who clever and pro than me because my gang all female. I'm sure no one willing to open the door one! AHAHAHA

 Next maybe will be this themed room?? Or??

Or I should choose this?? lol I think I should pick the easiest one lo!

Here's the price list for your reference but guess what!!! A good news to all of YOU!!

Code Factory would also like to offer my readers a chance to experience the escape game for themselves by offering five (5) of you a 50% discount voucher. OMG!!! This 5 vouchers are valid from 1st October till 31st October 2014 only, on weekdays. 

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