[Review] CANMAKE Juicy Pure Eyes & Stay On Balm Rouge | Japanese Autumn Look Makeup Tutorial

09 October 2014

 Hello My Little Sweethearts  It's blogging time again and I just have to really plan well on my planner and schedule it nicely. Of course, this will be one of the reason why I'm really active on all my social media platform recently plus my blog post always up on time! Give me a thumbs up because it took me few days to figure out myself what I need to do with it.

 So, as you can see from my photo when I dress up nicely in a proper theme it should be an interesting post for you. I know you guys was always interested in makeup post or tutorial related kind of post because tutorial always FREE and you can always learn something on it. Am I right? I try to make it short and put more effort on producing you with ton of photo because most of the time you won't read it if too long! HAHAAHAH

It's Autumn now and I'm going to share with you the new range of Japanese product from CANMAKE for their Autumn series of eyeshadow. YOU GONNA LOVE IT. To match with the Autumn series which is more to brownish and grey tone of look I decided to make you a Japanese Autumn Look Makeup Tutorial too! So are you ready for it??

Let's get started!

CANMAKE Juicy Pure Eyes

 There are 4 colours available on this range of eyeshadow and the colour tone is a basic MUST HAVE tone for every girl

 Every shade featured a top coat that offers juicier, longer-lasting eye colour and a juicy shimmer

 You can easily fulfil your need by just 3 colour inside each eyeshadow. A main colour , Liner colour use to draw near to your eyelashes line and a shimmer coat that all girl love!

 This is quite diff from their previous one because this Autumn Series Juicy Pure Eyes Shimmer eyeshadow really 'WOW' me

(#1) So for the first step you just need to have your foundation on or makeup base before you start your basic eye makeup

 This one you can skip but for me since I'm really into a Autumn Look I wanna make sure the eyeshadow colour appear more obvious while using a eyeshadow base.

 Prepare your eyeshadow and I'm using the [03] Juicy Pure Eyes

 (#2) First I'm using colour [A] Main colour all over my eyelid

 You can either use the eyeshadow brush attached or use your own brush
 (#3)  Next, by using a Liner Colour [B] draw it at the end of your eyelid. Then use the remaining simply bring forward to your inner corner of your eyelid. Just like drawing a eyeliner near your eyelashes line

 Then you will see the gradient of a light brown to a darker tone of brown. Very nice and pretty!

 The before and After

  (#4) Then, using the same colour again colour [B]! Use it to draw your bottom eyeliner. As you can see on the photo above

  (#5) After that you can be as happy as I am, Best time ever !! Use the colour [C] Shimmer colour put it all over your inner corner of your eye and simply use your fingers to put the remain one all over your eyelid too.

 WOW WOW WOW whose pretty eyes?! lol
Then you can either use a blending brush to blend your eyeshadow more and let it look softer and softer after each time blending it.

Jewelstar Eyes [no.16]

This product kinda make me feel surprise because it's more to a cream form of shimmer and it's not powder at all. Various of colour available but stick to the Autumn theme i picked this shimmer colour. The melting texture with a high proportion of pearl particles creates a pearl-rich shimmer that make you have perfect control over the sparkle and colour.

Other than that when you blend it out it's just a very bling bling shimmer on your skin. Very nice and it's just perfect on my eyes!

(#6)  Added with this Jewelstar Eyes colour no.16

(#7)  Autumn look more to a natural kind of makeup so I decided to use a brown eyeliner.

 Woohooo Almost complete the look now!

 (#8)  False Eyelashes

 Before and After~ False eyelashes always did a good job on it!

(#9)  Next step will be using a mascara to give your eyelashes a thicker and longer coat. Especially your lower lashes!

(#10)   Of course don't forget your lip!

Stay-On Balm Rouge 

This was the best thing ever! Saved my cracked and dry lip 

Not sure whether you should be happy anot this is the best lip balm + lipstick colour I used for more than half of the year. I think I always mention this on my blog even on previous makeup tutorial. I collected 2 of their colour and I found that this was still the best one!

You see even it's only a lip balm but the colour did a good job on my lip. Unlike other balm this colour is more pigmented.

 See my juicy sweet lip!

 See the before and after! This is super moisture even if you have cracked lips like me!

 taaa-daaaa!! The completed Japanese Autumn Look

Even Bebe also come to take photo with me because he can't recognise who's this pretty japanese girl 

LOL I'm joking pls don't kill me! HAHAHAHA
 Always wanna look like Japanese Or Korean! HAAHHAAH Added with a Autumn Look Outfit

Last photo with my baby boy, Bebe!!!

That's all for today. Hope you love this kind of post and let me know what you think about it. For those who interested you can always purchase at any SASA outlet. Please be fast and show me your complete Autumn Look on instagram #chanwondotcom so I can like your photo and see how you create your autumn look :p Love, xx.


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