14 October 2014

Alohaaaa Peeps and all my little sweeties! I know you have been forever waiting for this post to come. Receive quite a lot reminder on this but you know it's very hard for me to make the decision and today...finally... WINNER LIST is on my hand now!!! Don't wanna throw too much for you guys and I will just straight to the point. There are still a lot of giveaway in the future pls don't be sad because this is not the purpose of the giveaway. I just hope to make everyone happy

So here's the 8 lucky winner I randomly picked by the random software but before that I shortlisted 16 sweetie on my list then mark their choice on my notebook then use the random number to pick. If you choose the set that less people pick then you got more chance and high probability to  get the set! Congratz to all the winner and SORRY i can't make it available for everyone :'(

And due to all your sweet sweet note I decided to give another 8 lucky winner a surprise mini gift and thanks note / letter. So I will write down your name here and send you an email to get your address. Please reply me as soon as possible so I can send you my handwriting note and attached with a mini gift as a thank gift for you for the appreciation. 

Thanks a lot for your time and effort joining this giveaway. Hope all of you can hug it and sleep! For those who receive set #1,2,3 and 4 please reply me asap so that I can meet you face to face to pass the item for you. If not I will replace your name with another lucky one ya :) Please be aware of that oh!! Then the set #5,6,7 and 8 will be posting as soon as possible by Supermodel's Secrets ya :) Keep me update once you receive the item too~

8 Lucky Winner [4 from Fb , 4 from Instagram]
Set #1 - Summer Ying (fb)
Set #2 - Kharnyee (fb)
Set #3 - Gan Siner (fb)
Set #4 - Veronique Viola (fb)
Set #5 - Jessiee_20 (Insta)
Set #6 - Peipei1919 (insta)
Set #7 - Ysie Tan (insta)
Set #8 - Leong Xiao Ju (Insta)

Congratz to 8 lucky winners and don't be sad because here's another 9 lucky sweetie can receive surprise gift by me.Just a small item to show my appreciation and hand writing note if you don't mind :) All postage I will pay for it so don't worry you don't have to pay me anything but give me your detail as soon as possible so I can deliver a thanks note and mini gift for you :)

#1 Dior_ng (insta)
#2 Megan Ren (fb)
#3 Wen Juin (fb)
#4 Celine Bak (fb)
#5 NicoleYie (insta)
#6 Angelasin (insta)
#7 vvbunny0508 (insta)
#8 Jessica Lam (fb)
#9 Carinn Tan (fb)

Due to the amount of time I have to deal with my job and event i have not much time to email one by one but will do if I free this weekend. If can ..pls email me back with your contact number if you're going to meet with me for the first 4 set and another remaining one you just give me your phone number , name and address for postage purpose! Thanks for everything and i will never forget your love and support.

I remember some of your face since few years ago til now...You guys still comment on my post and show your love to me. This isn't easy because I'm afraid you start to feel tired on looking at my photo and words from now on!! HAHAAHAHAH Just hope that can brighten your day and remember always be happy like me! Hehe! 

That's all for today. Love, xx.


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