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08 October 2014

Hey yooo~ my sweeties ;) Is me again and it's October now! OMG Damn fast and my birthday is just around the corner. Still thinking where should I celebrate and probably having two party one invite my blogger friend and one dinner with my closed friends. lol So I have to think on 2 venue for it. Any recommendation? Other than that since it's the beginning of the month I should do a blog post to make a conclusion for my September.

I'm a workaholic last month. Very happening on my blog and of course my instagram! HAAHAHAH Since I'm already take it as my part time I should put all my heart into my job. So few weeks ago I received a direct msg about modelling and I was like OMG ...If can I would love to accept it but really super long time never accept modelling job. Abit old already but since she's my friend and I wish to help her too...So I accepted it.

At first I don't even know which shop I modelling for. Until the actual day I noticed that I'm modelling for 2L. They wanna try their business online and if you realise they actually have lots of branches at pouching , kuchai lama , klang & etc. I know them because my mom always purchase thing from their kuchai lama branch. Sometime I feel that it's all about fate and they actually looking for sexy , tall model's style model but end up decided to choose me. It might be surprise for me because I'm really not as good as what you think but...

One of the reader (the one who contact me) now become my friend who do a lot of work and recommended me for them. I'm here to say thanks for all of you and of course Mei Jin. Millions thanks for those who help me secretly. You guys appreciate my work and motivate me to continue fight for my job. Then, I only can survive until now :'( Really feel so great and all the job I took recently was recommended and introduced from my friends , clients and nice people like you. Appreciate*

Modelling for 2L Online Boutique

You won't believe I done the whole batch of their new clothes (about 70-90 set of outfits) from morning 11am til 7.30pm. Thanks god I'm able to finish that and they are so nice because we still have 1 hour break to do some ice breaking! HAHAHAAHA 

 The reason why people loving it was because their size. They have diff design every month then from XS size until XXL. Not just like that if you purchase from their actual shop you actually can straight away alter your clothes after you have make your payment. Like my mom always spend so much at their shop because she told me that their size and service is super duper good. So I guess it should be a new challenge for them to do it online and enter the young market targeting young age like us :) 

I hope my blog not just satisfied people like me. I also hope to bring you new info and for those who looking for bigger size like my mom always ask for size L short and all the skirt with inner pant..2L will be one of your choice. Size shouldn't be a barrier for you to chase your style and fashion. Be confident and make life wonderful with that :)

 So happy that I can be myself during the whole shooting session. Although it's really tiring but quite enjoy because I'm able to meet new friends and who love me so much. AHAHAHAH Syiok sendiri but thanks for the opportunity and they told me they will pick a nice photo of me then make it in a poster put at their shop. I'm very proud to show my mom with that too. Can't wait to see my face on it. 

Glad to meet you all, xx.

Love Bonito pop up store

 Also aware with this!! You know I always loving Singapore Online Shop and here's a good news for all of you. SHOP your CNY clothes now Love Bonito having their first ever pop up store in Malaysia. Located at Publika!! So happy they finally came to our country and for those who always ask how to use pay pal and lazy to do online transfer you can go to their store now! They will be available from September til end of this year. Estimated to be here for 4 months!

Big Spoon @ SetiaWalk

 Of course , have my first time trying BIG SPOON at Puchong too. My house quite near but due to traffic jam it always took me 1 hour to reach my house at peak time. But not bad hor...I tot it might be something similar with the boat noodle but this one totally diff.

The thickness of the noodle it bigger than the boat noodle and it's not as smooth as the boat noodle one since the boat noodle one is thinner and smoother. This one taste good too and the people come to our table tell us how to eat it correctly with the sauce available on the table. I dislike the cucumber then it take me sometime to take it away from the spoon HAHAHAHAA. So choosy lol. Then only got once choice unlike boat noodle got 2 choice.

Not bad worth for a try on that. Make sure that you go earlier if not you might end up on the waiting list. HAHAHAHA

Giveaway Winner

 I must talk about this and never thought I'm the winner. Now I know the feeling of winning something unexpected. Really so surprise and thanks Instax Pelangi for that. It reached my doorstep last month and forgot to tell him. Hope he read my blog la! lolll I still have to buy a memory card so that I can figure out how to use this video cam. Might be so interesting and somehow at first I thought this was the go pro ...lolll I really don't know mah! 

DanKhoo Production

Since the day I met them at the Code Factory escape room, my brother was so crazy on that. Then he want to have a chance to joint their filming session with Dan too. So I'm always the driver but this time I ask Smelly brought us there! HAAHAH Lazy driving la!! A very good day with lots of new friends!!

This month was a good month to me because I met awesome people every week. No matter my job , event or from client...It's always my pleasure and hopefully one day people feel happy when they meet me too :) Hehe 

Brunch Time @Empire Damansara

 Since when I start to spend a lot on my lunch. You know living far or near from hot spot always a bad thing lol. My friend all staying at Damansara and this make me always appear at Empire Damansara. Recently quite a lot of new restaurant and cafe open at that whole building. Just a coffee shop also more than 8 shops already. No wonder people told me living cost was so high! 

So as you know I'm loving TLJ breakfast and they open one branch at Empire! Damn good horr! So before I went to Sam's house I have my lovely breakfast with Chenelle and Joshua. I met Joshua at a maxis event long long time ago and he just came back from China! So happy that I'm able to join them too!!
 Another Coffee Shop @Empire Damansara
 I'm not a coffee lover and if you realise I always order hot chocolate or orange juice at any coffee shop. Hopefully one day I can learn how to enjoy and drink coffee. lol 

Dry Shampoo Save My life 

 Ever since I have to wakeup early in the morning..Some time I'm lazy to wash my hair because most of the time I shower at night before the day but wake up my hair not  messy just appear quite oily on my hair roots. Damn tiring and have to force myself to wash hair every morning even I'm lazy.

This saved my life since last month! You guys can get it from zenzendream.com I knew this from Chenelle because I saw she spray this and shoutout for this so I get one for myself too! After one spray you can say BYE BYE TO FLAT & OILY HAIR!!!

Bad Skin Condition (Sensitive and Dry)

Not just good thing happen there were something make me feel so down last week. It's my skin condition and I don't wanna show you how terrible on my forehead but if you followed me on my dayre i'm sure you noticed that. Not sure what happen but my skin turn super itchy , dry and sensitive. 

I don't even dare to use my normal facial cleanser. It start right after i pack for all the giveaway item. This's the reason why I'm so down and I went to Me clinic for a facial time. Lovely Vivian told me that she can't massage on my face so she use a sensitive mask to calm down my face. Then within that few weeks I sleep before 1am. I think it's because lack of sleeping + dust + air pollution. Last time back from BKK is redness only without itchy and this make me feel super annoying because it's SUPER DUPER DUPER ITCHY.

Once I wash my face it turn super red and all biji biji dot dot appear all over my face. Now both side of my cheek area had recover just left my forehead still have 20% of redness. Thanks god and I'm not sure whether it's my stupid face cleanser not suit my skin anymore I THROW ALL OF THEM! lol feel so angry having bad skin T.T

Pray for all my baby skin back.

 Didn't gain weight on my body but my face become more chubby now! Eat too much and this month should double up my food since my birthday coming. But I hope my chubby fat on my face won't double up la! Pray hard!!

Last but not least giveaway winner will be announce on Tomorrow midnight ya :)
I'm having event everyday and really tired once I back home.
Still need to do some editing on my blog post
Take care of Bebe and playing around with him

So pls give me one last day to conclude that :)

Thanks for all the patient and love!

That's all for today, 
Love , xx.


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