[Review] Egyptian Magic Cream

18 October 2014

Hey peeps?! Hello Magic cream?!! Say hi to everyone here~~  Is me again!! Tonight I'm going to talk about this all purpose magic cream that I got it from NattaCosme again. This time just to make it clear and short because you guys keep told me that my post was just too long for you :'( But just make it short and I should stop myself for being too talkative then. lolx

This Egyptian Magic Cream was super popular nowadays. I get to know this when I got the sample pack from a beauty box I purchased. Then ...few months after that I received this parcel from NattaCosme. Quite surprise that I can't live without it and I got it for almost 2 months. Sorry that I just able to blog about it today because I'm quite busy (I think everyone know this lol) Sometime I wish to talk lesser but then....I just hard to control myself... HAHAHAAH

Back to the main topic this magic cream really works like magic and suit for those who are as lazy as me. You know I'm quite lazy to apply lotion for diff area on my body and I hope that someone come out with something that works good and best for everyone's skin and of course with that ONLY ONE CREAM I can apply to everywhere of my body. I want something that will protect my skin and most important HYDRATING , MOISTURISING , NATURE...and and of course a kind of ALL PURPOSE CREAM!!

So then..When I saw this cream was on the homepage of NattaCosme few months ago...I told myself that I MUST GET ONE! Not the first time I mentioned on my blog they got the fastest and best service so far and I hope it's still available now. Please re-stock this I'm quite worry if it's sold out now! lol 

It's a magic cream made by all good and natural ingredients that everyone can easily fall in love and use with.

It's totally a MUST HAVE item in our list and most important it's really convenient and you just can apply it for diff purpose and with all of these you can say bye bye to bad skin and welcome to a brand new soft & smooth skin! My mom also told me that it will be good to put one extra jar as our first aid kit at home

 Use it as :-

1. Skin Care Moisturizer & Beauty Cream
treat a skin problem such as a rash or burn or scar, and then continue using it as a skin moisturizer and as an anti-wrinkle skin care cream.

2. Healing Burns & Treating Cuts and Scrapes
as a treatment for burns, scrapes, skin irritations and the like. 

3. Natural Hair Conditioner
Even as a natural hair conditional to solve your damage hair problems. This works really good on our hair because it restore luster to your hair and replenish its natural oils.

4. Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment

5. Skin Rash Cream
Treating all kinds of rashes, including allergic reactions to drugs, chemicals, environmental irritants and insect bites; skin irritants, such as nickel or other metals; heat rash, irritation from clothing, rashes during pregnancy, and so on.

All of the above benefits make this magic cream become super duper popular and as I said just now, it's a must have item for you and your family.


 I tried it on the dry area especially my arm and legs. Then tried it on my hair and I think the result shows more obvious on my hair. That's the reason why I have to recommend it for you. But of course I didn't like to get a cuts or burn my skin just to try this out lolx. But I think for the next coming trip I will plan to bring this just in case anything happen on my skin. 

Next thing I tried on my cracked lips it works like MAGIC!! The next day my lips turns super juicy and smooth but still have slightly crack are on my bottom lips. But so far if I use this as a lips mask the next day I can apply my matte colour lipstick and say BYE BYE TO dry and cracked lip! I will rate this for a 4.5 stars out of 5! The reason of the 0.5 will be the texture of it. 


The texture is more likely like a gel type not really a 'cream' texture. It require my finger to rub it before I apply it on a specific area. I think it's because of the ingredient that's the reason behind the texture. Because of the thick texture it require some massage for it to absorb on my skin / absorb quite slow. So it means that it might took more time to apply if compare to those lotion or cream texture. 

 It's very easy to apply. You just need to scoop out an amount of that with your finger or spatula if you have that. Next, gently rub the cream on your palm. 

 Not forgetting your super dry and dull arms!
 Oh yea!! Your neck too :)
 Wth with this pose -.- But just trying to show you take you can apply on your leg and the area I put my hand on.. Normally those area will be super duper dry.Am I right?
 Under eyes area too. Remember to massage it!!
You can just apply all over the body too!!

Personally I really love this! I'm serious just that maybe you won't like it at first when you see their packaging because their packaging can't get my attraction but once I tried it...I'm quite shocked with outcome especially my lips and hair. Just that I might be lazy sometime since it take time to absorb due to the texture. 

So for those who interested to try it out you can try to get a pack of sample first before getting this big jar of magic cream. NattaCosme has it all!!!

That's all for today's review. Enjoy reading peeps! Love, xx.


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