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13 October 2014

Alohaaaa My Sweethearts  It's my second time to review make up brushes set and this time finally i'm able to get my first Real Technique Core Collection Set from my favourite shop ever, Supermodel's Secrets (click here) I got this during their promotion and you guys know that I love get thing from their website right?~ This month I got myself a very famous brand for makeup brushes.

I know Real Technique since last year because of the recommendation from all the youtubers. They brushes from Real Technique always super good in term of its quality , softness and also make your makeup process more easier. With the helps of the brushes you can always look good in any of your makeup product.

I research for quite a while and even think of purchase from the official website then deliver it to Malaysia but plus with all the shipping it always cost me around RM110-120 or even pricy. Until I saw supermodels secret shared this on their social media platform I immediately grab it. Of course I'm using the discount code given by them for readers too so that I can enjoy the benefits! So happy

Apart from that I really in love with people around me. From a customer now I have a chance to get some special code for my readers let you save more and at the same time get to know the owner of Supermodel's Secret , Michelle too. She invited me to do a little shooting at her studio and asking me which product I love to use. So basically I'm just giving some of my feedback to her.

 So back to the topic after I found that the price I can get from their website is super duper cheap I immediately make my order with the discount code! HAAHAHAH Next, it's the hardest time ever to make my decision on which set I hope to get for my brushes set. Ended up I bought their Core Collection Set.

This is the hot and popular set among all others collection and it's basically a MUST set for all the beginners. Previously I review about the 6-8 brushes set but some of you asking me whether I can recommended some of the brushes set that is A-MUST and also frequently use brushes set. So I thought this will be a good review for all of you.

For those who ask for a good quality and not so pricy one. This should be your choice. I know if you got those 10-in-1 set you might just use 3-4 brushes ONLY so this 4 brushes set..I'm sure you gonna make use of it and FULLY UTILISE it.

 There are 4 brushes included in this core collection:-

1. Detailer Brush
2. Pointed Foundation Brush
3. Buffing Brush 
4. Contour Brush

Not forgetting the super useful 2 in 1 Case for the purpose of dual carrier and stand so that it can keeps the brushes on your counter or on the go.
Except that there are tons of online tutorials that might helps you in getting a perfect make up! You can always search it on youtube or google..Even their official website has it all! 

Real Techniques Core Collection Make Up Brushes Set

1.Hand cut hair design allows for even and streak free application of makeup

2.Synthetic taklon bristles are non-porous and do not trap or absorb product, bacteria and dead skin cells

3.Bristles are less prone to breakage or damage as well as keep clean and maintain

4.Uniquely shaped and color coded aluminum ferrules 

 So let me show you the use of each make up brush
Buffing Brush - start from the biggest 1 first!

 So soft and I really love the quality that I wasn't feel itchy or uncomfortable when using their brush.
 This buffing brush is an ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation.
Since the brush really so 'fluffy' it can only use on powder form of powder or foundation.

 Contour Brush

 This contour brush will be slight small size than the buffing brush but this is also use for powder texture product like highlighter or darker shape of powder to contour your face. It's delicately to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish.

 I normally use this to highlight my T-zone area and cheek bone
 Then for contouring my face I will choose a darker tone contour powder. Make it look V and smaller ;p

Pointed Foundation Brush
 For those who prefer using liquid foundation than a powder form this should be one of your favourite!!! It can be use with a liquid foundation to build custom coverage.
 Normally the first step people would use the pointed foundation first then slowly the next step put on the powder mineral foundation by using the buffing brush.

Detailer Brush
 After all the basic foundation on your skin you need something to cover your dark spot and dark circles so you need this detailer Brush!
 This brush can effortlessly conceal problem areas or use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition.

 Use to conceal my dark circles and cover my dark spots / pimples

 Or even use with lipstick
This can easily get the lip shape I like without going too far or out of the desired shape/ definition for the lip.

In my opinion I really love this collection because this basically works really good for those who wish to achieve a prefect makeup base on your skin. Next, for those who love good quality one you should always get this brand because the quality really impressed me plus it doesn't come with a plastic scent like those cheap brushes set i bought. Price is quite reasonable because it's only RM99 for this good quality and highly recommended set. Plus, you can get special price with discount code yoooo!! 

Cons of this set will be no eyeshadow brush and of course you can't choose the colour of the brush. I think it will be complete with a nice eyeshadow brush. Maybe I will purchase another eyeshadow brush separately added into this collection!  Nothing much I can talk about its con because I really love it especially it's easy to clean and really really soft loh!

So for those who want to purchase you can click on - then choose the best set suit for your preference. There are a mini travel set too!! It's too cute!! Oh yea for the discount code you can enter my name


 and enjoy special 10% off!! Save more with me!! Special thanks to supermodels secrets for the special discount to all my readers!! For more detail about their shop you can click on the link below.

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