22nd Private Birthday Dinner @ Porto Bello, Damansara Uptown

24 October 2014

Good Afternoon Peeps Is me again and today I'm going to blog a little update about my 22th birthday dinner with le babe friends. It's another busy week for me to find a suitable restaurant and at the same time gather all my closed friends all in one place. As usual you know me well you know that I no need to have fancy fancy party except last year was the maximum i can do in my party. Same as last year I told everyone I just want to have small gathering with all my friends in diff time but they told me why not just gather together like what I did last year.


If you read my 21st Birthday Bash post you probably know that I didn't invite my blogger friends. Because you know right although I'm really talkative but hardly for me to hander too many groups of people I'm afraid ended up everybody will be so shy talk to each others. This year was slightly special I don't want any party but just hope to dinner sekali gus with all my really really closed friends. Then I hope to have a private space for me with my friends just easy to talk but most important NICE FOOD , NICE SERVICE , NICE BACKGROUND to selfies! lol

So ended up I asked for some recommendations on my insta then one of you told me that Porto Bello Cafe @ Damansara Uptown might be a good choice. What a good place for me and when I ask all my friends they all say YES on the location and once decided the venue I have to think about the cakes. Smelly told me not to worry we have our super last mins decision on that. Smelly bought me a rainbow cakes from Shakespeare SS15. I think most of you easily guess what I love smelly always bought their rainbow cakes to surprise me lolx 

But this year slightly disappointed on their service. Smelly called them and told them he will be collecting the cake on 19th OCT at 10am. They say yes and on the day smelly go pick up the cake they told him that not enough ingredient have to wait for the ingredient only we can collect our cake at 2pm. Okay, this really trouble us because you know SS15 quite jam and smelly have to go there second time to collect our cake. Smelly slightly disappointed with that and of course, me too.

 Finally we collected our cake!

While smelly playing with Bebe I took some selfies with my polaroid camera. lol I have to stick this on my Traveller's Notebook ma! hahahaahha

 Thanks Porto Bello for the help to reserve a super duper long table for us. Thanks David and Porto Bello team for everything that day. This little space was amazing because their background really nice to take photo one! HAHAHAHAA This is the main point. lol

I actually curled my hair but...turn out all my curl gone already due to all my sweat and I forgot to spray my hair. lol We arrived the place at 5pm and Smelly went Kuchai Lama with me to pick up my dear Lyvia and her bro, Nelson. So 5 of us were quite hungry at the time so we ordered some food before everyone arrive. You know birthday girl must eat first because later on I need to talk a lot. lol

Taaadaaaa...While waiting for the food..I saw someone prepared some balloon for me. At first I planned to get some balloon for shooting purpose but end up I give up because i have no idea where can I purchase that . lol so stupid me but this was one of the surprise Bobo gave. HAHAAH I told everyone not to purchase anything for me I don't accept gift but handmade cake was acceptable lay! lol jkjk* So she prepared some deco for me + the mini macaron with flowers!! I love it~ 

Then, just like that suddenly my birthday dinner seems to be like a birthday party with a simple dessert table! HAHAHAAHAH Like that also can~ Aiya cincai la as long as can have a mini space for us to take photo. Talk about this I have to say sorry to PortoBello because I trouble them a lot i keep on changing my dessert table to see whether the background was nice to take photo anot. Luckily they don't mind but really thanks for being so nice to me:'( So this photo is like testing the lightening and adjusting my camera colour tone! HAHAHAAHAH lol

Then we changed another table again. Lol but end up we agreed on the previous vintage background. It's nicer than just grey plain background la! Am I right? 

All my BFF since 8 years ago!!

 FINALLY!!! Chit-Chat non-stop and at the same time enjoy our food. So before we finish our food we ask David for the help to take a group photo with our very 'private' space! HAHAAHAHAH Look at my face lol

 Then we realise that It's really hard to see everyone's face so we decided to stand up!

From top left- Tiang, Jeremie , Edwin (my bro) , Smelly
From Bottom left- Lyvia , Nelson , Me , Chenelle , Bobo , Chency 

They were so shy to each other but still I'm able to chill and talk to each of them! AHAHAHAHAH After the normal group time each of us just start and continue to enjoy our dinner. I think birthday was one of the reason that I gained my weight on my face. Getting rounder and still have 2 gathering with my long lost friend need to attend lol. Bad or Good? 

Wild Mushrooms 

Just realise that PortoBello = Mushroom ! Lol I only realise that until that night I asked them! wtffff why I so cacat one! No wonder I always see this word on those menu. Now I know! Since it's my first time I asked for some recommendation but end up we just ordered what we love. Then I realise they provided some open food! So I asked is they anything didn't listed on the menu and they said YES! Of course, I ordered their special menu!

 Creamy Mushroom Soup

 Crab Cake * This taste sooooo good*

 Chicken Goujons


 Black Pepper Chicken Chop

 Seared Salmon *GOOD GOOD*

Cordon Bleu Chicken

 Porto Bello Chicken Pie *Strongly recommended*

 My brother's order. Don't know what's this lol but seems really yummy! I'm hungry now!!

Open food / Special order 

Still have ordered smoke bbq chicken and spaghetti but I forgot to take photo with that. It's Chency and Jeremy's order I think. They sit too far from me so I'm lazy to move toward them and take photo! HAAHAHAHAHAH But all of us have our girls talk vs Boys talk. lol This dinner was really awesome as you know each of us ordered total 9 dishes and 4 appetisers + 10 drinks at the time I thought I might be over budget but still...It's reasonable with the good food and service provided. You can probably go their Facebook and look at their menu. Except for the open food other from the menu is really reasonable :)

Since we finished and done with our food it's blow cake + sing birthday song session. But first, let me take a selfies and a complete proper group photo with le friends! AHAHAHA Thanks everyone for the time and thanks for coming. I'm really happy to have all of you with me. It's the best day ever with unexpected delicious food and simple deco to end my day.

 Rabbit Rabbit x Blue x Yellow

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My first time have a proper blow cake and make a wish session gave it on my 21st birthday bash and this year even it's just a small private dinner but you guys gave me a lot of fun and had a blast with it. I almost forgot whether have to blow first or make a wish first! HAHAAHAHAH But thanks everyone for the wishes. I'm blessed with everything especially one of you actually draw me a photo! Damn cute!!!

Look alike like me right? So so so so cute! 

But too bad Bebe not there that day. Pet mostly not allow to enter restaurant one :'( Hope to draw a photo with Bebe and I hope Bebe was there too :'( But the next day mummy replaced Bebe a cake blowing session with me! HAHAAHAHHA Thanks mom!

 So shy face when everyone sing birthday song to me >w<''
I look like want to cry already! lol

 lillll Who took this photo? I know it's Chenelle!! HAAHAHAH Smelly & Chenelle were the photographer! HAHAHAAH

 Then PortoBello Team also surprise me with their best dessert ever! Melt Chocolate in the middle with a vanilla ice cream! I heard that who ever celebrate birthday they will surprise them with this! Aww aww! Surprised me as well as feed me some nice dessert will be the best gift for me ever!!

 Yum yum yum~

As usual no B&W it's always so colourful!! lol

I love this one! HAHAHAAH NG NG Part

Lyvia, 8 years friendship still counting and a big hug to welcome her! 3 months never meet each other and thing slightly changed but we will deal with it and never leave each other. She's the one smelly always jealous of because once she's back my time will all belong to her. Her family always treat me as their daughter too and i'm so happy able to be with her from the past til now. But since we slowly grow I feel that she will belong to her future husband but not me T.T Hope everything run smoothly for her and stay sweet in her new relationship. Please treat her well because I know she's quite 'fragile' :)

How good if this is a family portrait. We have diff personality but god make gave us our life and make us be with each other. Almost one year never met with each other and we left 2 girls in our gang this time. They can't make it and I hope to see Iky and Xiao :'( 

Jeremie, The one who joined singing competition with me during our secondary school time. One of the true heart buddy. I hope that you have a good life with your love one. Never hurt and never feel sad next time. He got a very very very good voice which really shy to show in front of other but with when both of us stick to each other we will start to have our 'singing competition' HAHAHHAA If possible I hope to make a cover with him for all of you. Long time didn't see you and wait Lyvia & Xiao back we have our private chit chat time again!!

Tiang, have no idea why you changed your name to Cyrus but still I will always stick with your tiang tiang name! AHAHAHAH Thanks for coming and you're older than me but always so careless. I'm the smartest one! lol You sudah disappear berapa month and now only we able to meet each other after so long. I can shopping with you , talk with you , hiao hiao with you together. It's really glad to meet you and remember we always bump to each other every few months when I'm shopping with smelly or my friends. Catch up next week!  

Nelson, He's my besties Lyvia's brother. Same age with my bro while lyvia same age with me and lastly my mom same age with her mom. I'm really happy that you grow up so fast suddenly you taller than me T.T Treat him like my real bro and please stop growing. You already damn tall but really look good in your new look hah! HAHAAHAHA 

Lyvia and I went out with him everyone thought that he was our bf! HAHAAHHAA All the best & Get a flying colour result to achieve your dream. You can do it!!

Edwin , my shy bro. I HAVE NO IDEA why his face turns so red and shy when I hug him. Ok I had to admit that it's my second time hug him. I always scold him when it come to academic related matters because he's much more clever than me but he's just lazy. Remember when I was young everyone use to praise my brother and no one look at me. Sometime I really feel like hit him because he always purposely make my mom come to scold me but now we were old enough to take care each other. Hope you can be a good boy and get a better result at least CGPA 3.5 please. You are clever than me don't waste your talent and don't be lazy. I know you will always be my good bro! 


 Smelly, no need to talk about it your pretty name always appear on my blog. Thanks for everything x 7403740234803482343 and when people ask me to kiss him during my birthday I feel like..it's my birthday why not you kiss me! HAHAAHAHAAHA Sorry la Smelly was my gf rather than my bf! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Because I always so careless and now slowly he turn so long gas like my mom always talk talk talk non-stop.  I know you are so tired that day because you slept only few hours to complete my secret gift mission. Thanks for your super cute DIY handmade gift. Hopefully smelly allow me to post his gift photo loh... :x 

Chency, sweet sweet Chency. Thanks for coming my birthday dinner and please don't spoiled me next time. She gift me a set of skincare product and which mean I can save my money this year to buy my new skincare. Admired her talent and the first time I met her was the previous korea skincare event. She's so humble and we then talk to each other I start to praise about her work on her blog. Very detail and informative! Welcome to join our big family HAHAAHHAA 

Seriously, i'm really thankful for my job. Because of that I'm able to meet friends like Chency, Chenelle , bobo & many many pretty babe! Weiwei can't make it so Imma wait for her to back from her hometown and she owe me a meal ;p Thanks for every all the opportunities. You guys ROCKZ!

Bobo, the one who went to taiwan with me. It's already two years ago but still please take care of yourself. Finally you able to find your love one and I'm waiting for your wedding card pls!! ahahahahahah Nobody know that you actually younger than me but now everyone know it! lol Thanks for the surprise balloon and kiss! I'm shy enough to ask more on that but thanks for the cute little macaron tower. At first, I'm really sad that I didn't order any macaron to celebrate it because I love macaron a lot but you prepared this for me. Thanks for the lovely flowers on the macaron. It's the cutest macaron I ever had! 

Chenelle, the one I always told her she's pretty enough to make everyone fall in love with her. lol But she always complain that she look ugly -.- Kill her please everyone. She's the lovely one who surprised me with her super duper cute handmade card!! and also the gift she gave me really melt my heart. I remember that I mentioned once during our normal conversation and she know me so well. So many lipstick and colour....she secretly picked the one I love & even smelly also jealous her because her handmade card way cuter than smelly one ;p HAHAAHAH Thanks for everything and can't believe that we can so close to each other. Almost every event I met her without knowing on that. Thanks for the accompany for my previous Sg Trip! Hope to travel with you again so that I can eat all your food! HAAHAHAH

Oh yea~~ How good if i'm a boy! AHAHAHAHAA

After that I know still got lots of selfies on their phone but I just can't wait to blog about my birthday post. So this is the part one still have part two celebration with other friends and surprise from Me Clinic team too! Thanks a lot for all your love and support xx So here's some of the selfies photo I got from Chency and Bobo's camera.

After the dinner we went to the nearest care and enjoy our late night time. I'm not a cinderella that night lol. I back home at 1am. HAHAAHAHAHAHA Thanks mom for the permission and I know Bebe waiting for me :x 


That's all for today and this drawing is too cute so I have to end my post with this photo! Thanks for the wishes my sweeties. I hope that I replied everyone of you if I missed it out please forgive me and I'm here once again to say Thankiuu to all of you. Soon I will turn 30 and I hope that each of you will celebrate my birthday with me on my blog! x) I don't need any fancy thing but I hope every year I can celebrate it with all of you.

Thanks a lot and to all OCTOBER BABY...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO! Stay young , pretty and chio!!! That's all for today. Love, xx.


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