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12 October 2014

Helloooo Peeps Enjoy your weekend? Today's post gonna be my OOTD #2 post. I think some of you were quite shock when you saw my update on my instagram. Surprisingly I'm able to match the theme of the event. It's the Guess Most Wanted Denim Event and everyone was wearing a cowboy hat and also a high long boots as their bottom. You know I love boots but I throw mine since few years ago due to the weather in our country was really really hot and I don't think I can wear that to shopping too. lol

So I google it! All google image shows cowgirl style with denim must have the cowboy hats. I'm so sad because I don't have anything similar to that. Then, I look around in my room I got 3 kind of denim top but end up I picked this because of the ombre style printed in the denim top. 

 To make it a little special I decided to match a inner cropped top I bought from H&M few years ago. Finally I got the chance to wear it. It's super fit and small size suit for petite one like me! Then match it with a super short bottom that my mom bought for me 8 years ago. I rarely wear jeans short because I prefer high waisted jean than this. This was really short for me.

Since I really want to emphasise the top I minimise everything on the bottom and wear it with a pastel yellow wedges. You know I can't live without pastel! HAHAHAAH Of course, while we were waiting for the event Chenelle and I just walk around and we help each other to shoot for OOTD photo like this. I wanna make more OOTD post from now on but I really don't have much fashion sense on my brain. Everything make me feel confident and comfy I will just go for it. lol

I think this outfit probably one of my favourite outfit of the month! Chenelle was telling me that I look confident with it and this made my day! HAHAAHAH Ok...I will make sure I rock my style nicely and enjoy how people praise me with my outfit :) 

So here's some of the photo I took on the Guess Most Wanted Denim Event

Met Karen , Kittie Yiyi & Chenelle

 Of course...Last but not least
I still can't live without FOOD AND DESSERT!

That's all for today! Thanks Chenelle for all the photos :) That day probably her happiest day ever because she found back her camera at the counter. Thanks god that person never steal it and brought it to the lost & found counter at Pavilion. It make me believe that this world still have good people exist! Love, xx.

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