The Bites Cafe @ Lake Fields, Sungai Besi

22 October 2014

Wooola My Sweeties Happy Deepavali to all of you!! Today is a very special holiday for me, I don't have any plan but I'm quite enjoy now because finally I'm done with a super yummy post for all of you. Don't know since when I start to have my very own weekly food plan with my friends who love to hang out with me and at the same time trying new food + new place near our area. So yesterday I have a small little dating time with my friends and we went to a very comfy and new area to enjoy our dinner. It's The Bites Cafe & located @Lake Fields, Sungai Besi.

First impression I went into the place I feel like a home for me. Warm lightening with some very cute interior deco caught my eyes. It was a very cute place for us to enjoy our dinner and things we get to see and try were quite awesome too. Not just the interior the food so yummy too so you just have to stick with me and keep reading it!

The Bites Cafe
 Love this little chilling space at the end of their shop. It's seriously damn comfy when you actually have your lovely meal at there. It's my first time visit this cafe but all of these impressed me a lot. Except for this little space there are quite a lot of friends who actually celebrated their birthday and event here. This cafe still new and I think not much people know that unless you staying at that area and this is the reason why I think it's worth for me to share this for all of you. 

Even it's quite new but I'm sure you won't be disappointed with their food. I swear! Their menu is quite interesting for me. First they didn't serve bread but they serve fresh handmade waffles and pancakes. They replaced the bread with both waffles and pancakes because they hope to serve their customer fresh food and drinks. Secondly, their food was amazing in its own way with a very new way of combination. Third, THEY SERVED GOOD AND YUMMY FOOD brunch! (This is the most important one lol)

Let's get started and follow me to....TRY THEIR FOOD! Hehe


Single Fresh Squeezed Juice RM7.90
 This is their fresh orange juice and I didn't order any coffee as in I'm not a coffee lover but this totally caught my attention. Look at this cute little bottle cup! It's damn cute right?! They served their fresh juice in this way. I order juice without ice and the amount of juice really shocked me. Almost pour out from the cup! HAHAAHA

Selfies while waiting for my food!

I will recommended some of the food that really good in my preference and other than that you can note it down and try your own. I tried quite a lot of their all-day breakfast dishes and some of it really impressed me!  

Potatoes Salad RM9.90 *Must try* Recommended by me!
For all the potato lover (ME ME ME) This is really good! They cut it into small pieces and served it with a super tasty salad sauce. Remember to try this out as I STRONGLY RECOMMENDED this! I ordered two set of this and finished it with my babies! AHAHAHA

Leek & Potato Soup  RM9.90
 This leek potato soup is quite new for me because most of the time I will just order mushroom soup instead of this but this soup really 'thick & heavy' with the taste. I prefer the potatoes salad than this but this is not bad too!

Grilled Chicken Chop with Waffle - RM15.90 *SUPER YUMMY MUST TRY TOO
 This was one of the reason that I fall in love with their food. Remember i told you they have new idea on the food combination. This is one of the food that I'm curious with but once I try it I'm strongly recommended to all of my friends! Must try item! A very tasty grilled chicken chop with a combination with fresh waffle , sunny egg , fries and an unforgettable melted cheese with mushroom sauce. I think the sauce really good enough plus it served with a small amount of side salad with a reasonable price too. It's only RM15.90 A big portion and I think after you finish this you're enough with it! AHAHHAAH

Breakfast Pizza -RM13.90 *Recommended MUST TRY!
 Everyone knew that I'm not really love pizza but this should totally recommended! Kick start your day with this lovely breakfast pizza topped nicely with a sunny-side-up, beef bacon, baked beans, baby spinach, mushrooms , cheese and never forget to mention it's super crunchy when you bite on it. The price is quite reasonable it's only RM13.90

It's a Wrap (v) RM14.90
 Suitable for vegetarian too. It's a wrap of vege and avocado in a special dressing. 

Open Poached Eggs & Mushroom Ragout, spinach on toast salad- RM18.90

 French toast with melted cheese and ham

Japanese Chicken Curry- RM14.90
Japanese curry chicken rice with carrots & potatoes. It's a combination with steamed rice and sunny side up egg too.

 Breakfast Frittata *MUST TRY*
 I hate onions so this dishes I don't really like but I try a bite on it it's still delicious too! If you are alright with onions I think this might be one of your favourite too. All of my friends they love it so I guess you too. It's basically a combination of turkey ham, onion spinach, cherry tomato and eggs.

Waffle Sandwich with Ham & egg 
pls Give this a thumbs up! A very interesting food combination they replaced the bread with their fresh handmade waffles on. In between of each waffle it's all about ham , tomato and egg with a side salad! Satisfied level 100%

 Salad with Smoked Salmon 
Fresh served salmon with lots of healthy vege! Healthy lifestyle start from here! 

Grilled salmon fillet on crispy potato cake-RM32.90 *Recommended by me
 I'm a salmon lover so this would be one of my favourite too. It's a grilled salmon with sautéed asparagus and home made special sauce. The sauce taste really good in term of everything! TRY THIS TRY THIS but this is slightly pricy than others. I understand as the grilled salmon is always pricy than others one! lol

Pancake Sandwich
 Mentioned about their waffle sandwich and this is one of their best dessert ever which emphasise on their pancake. I prefer their waffle than their pancake because I think their pancake is a bit dry at the middle part of the pancake but so far it's still pretty good. So if you prefer pancake than waffle you might love this :)

Pancakes topped with mixed berries compote and caramelized banana
 Girls always have a stomach for dessert!!

 And the best dessert award will be belong to their...

Dessert Waffle topped with Gula Melaka Ice Cream-RM11.90
 Best waffles ever! for those who have sweet tooth like I do you might love this! Super sweet but for those who don't have a sweet tooth you might prefer another one with panda kaya ice cream as the topping.

Dessert Waffle topped with Pandan Kaya Ice Cream-RM11.90
 I think this is pretty good too. Both topping suit diff preference people. I personally love the sweeter one more! Hehe I think smelly might prefer this panda and kaya one! 


 Overall I'm really in love with the whole new idea in term of their food and this cafe is just too cozy. I feel like it might be one of the corner in my house. Just feel like a home with lots of yummy food. From now on you can mark your calendar down and date your friends to this place. I personally strongly recommend to my readers and you.

I know everyone love cozy place! HAHAHAHAHAH Last photo I took yesterday :)

 The Bites Cafe @ Lake Fields, Sungai Besi

72 Jalan Tasik Utama 7,
Lake Fields Sg Besi,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours
 9:00am - 10:00pm

Facebook -


Contact number-  03-9055 4438
 That's all for today. Love, xx.


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