LBgoestoKL Fashion Show | Cheesie x Love,Bonito Collection

30 October 2014

Hello!! my dear sweeties  Almost there already and so sorry for the late update because I'm sick this few days. Have no idea what happen to my body I start to feel a little dizzy at first then slowly I can't sleep at night. Few hours later I start vomit non-stop every hour. I think it's the problem of my ear again! Previously like once in awhile my ear will imbalance again and start to feel really dizzy. This make me can't eat , can't walk and just feel so suffer. Went to visit a clinic near my house and end up they told me I got no problem on my body , everything is normal and I just need to take some medicine to cure my dizzy and vomiting. lol

So, finally I'm here again and since I'm quite blur now I guess this should be one of the blog post that I'm still able to update even I'm sick because it's my favourite LOVE, BONITO Goes to KL Fashion Show happened few weeks ago. I met all my friends there and of course Love Bonito Founder and their team! Finally they made this Plus, I'm so proud to be there too. 

Besides, they launched a collaboration collection with pretty Cheesie! In this collection, it showcases the seamless synergy between Love, Bonito's flawless fit and quality fabric and Cheesie's expertise in styling. Embodying a uniquely designed motif, every piece in this capsule collection is designed to suit every occasion and style. 

I know you can't wait for that because I can't wait too!!! Finally LB uploaded their exclusive Cheesie x Love, Bonito Collection!! You can shop @ 

I'm so happy to be there with everyone and their item sold out really fast. I'm loving the black coat from Cheesie x LB collection but when I have a look on their website it already sold out :'( But there are still some of their latest collection items at Publika Pop Up store. Will be there until January so make sure you shop til drop before this coming CNY ok? Hehe

Dezumondo Boutique Purple Mermaid Top | Onezero10 High waist Jeans | TuesdayCouture Heels

 That's all for today. 
Love, xx.


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