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02 November 2014

Hello My Dear Sweeties How are you today?! After the previous review regarding the lip colour I realise you guys were so interested about make up product review than skincare. So I shall know what to do next! So yea, today's post is all about my favourite lip balm crayon. For your basic information, lip balm always tend to has a higher moisture level than other lip product but the cons of all the lip balm will be , the colour might not long lasting than other lip product.

So here's something that you might need to make a stand on. For me, due to my cracked lips most of the time I prefer lip balm / lip tint than matte colour lipstick because it's more moisture and hydrating. Next, people who love the Canmake lip rouge you might love this too because it's much cheaper than the canmake one. So..Shall we?!

...♥Let's Get Started♥...

There are 5 colour in this range of lip balm crayon. My favourite will be the #2 lip balm colour because it suit all of our skin. I'm quite surprise that lip crayon colour #1 & #2 will be more pigmented than the rest. Another good thing about it will be its ingredients used. It's made of fruit oil , aloe leaf extract and vitamin E to reduce the chances of getting dry lips and at the same time it helps to repair dehydrated lips too.

 #1 Purple Sakura Season - Pigmented Light Pink with a special scent
 #2 NY Uptown Pink Girl - More like a Carol Pink which suit most of the asian skin tone
 #3 Orange Twilight - Lip Balm kind of lip crayon which only carry a little orange to correct your lips colour. Colour not obvious like half transparent lip balm a slightly orange tone on your lips
 #4 Peach Champs Elysees - Almost same with colour #5 and #3 but this is more on peach darker pink colour
 #5 Moulin Rouge Diva - As usual the last 3 were almost the same just this is more on a red tone of lip colour.

 So here's the 5 colours. First two colour will be more obvious than all the rest and pigmented than that while the last three can use to correct your lip colour and for those who prefer natural lip balm colour this will be one of your choice too.

 Obviously people who love to have bright and obvious lips colour will get the first two colour :)
I got all 5 colour from NattaCosme.com and that time during their promotion you can get 1 free sharpener. 

 As you can see from the photo above I'm using colour #1. The colour super pigmented just that you need to repeat apply it on your lips once every 2-3 hours because it can't stay long on our lips.
Before & After






Pros & Cons

-Moisture Level High
-Easy to apply
-Color quite pigmented for the #1 & #2
-Nice Scent on each lip crayon
-Applicable for cracked lips
-Not Dry at all

-Need to sharpen it 
- Colour #3 to #5 almost the same if your natural lip colour tend to be darker than other
- Not really long lasting . Need to apply it once every 2-3 hours
- Colour choice really quite limited. 
 So tell me which is your favourite colour? My favourite will be colour #2 !!! AHAHAH Keep mention this because it really suit everyone's lips!
Color #2 not bad too but it's really too pink for me!! This colour might need to carry with a complete make up look.

Of course, when I'm shooting for this review this lovely Bebe keep on disturbing me and get attracted with the scent of the lip crayon. AHAHAH Taste like a candy lol

Anyway for those who interested you can click on their website and get one for yourself. Hope this review can be helpful for all of you ya. That's all for today. Love, xx.


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