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04 November 2014

Anyeong~ My little Sweethearts  This should be one of my favourite post this week. Having fun when shooting for this post and of course the colour itself make me feel super duper happy too. Are you ready to be a sencé girl that is full of life and colour? I'm pretty sure some of you are a fans of Kpop and always inspired by Ulzzang I'm always inspired by Ulzzang style because Ulzzang girls are super duper pretty! They have fresh and light make-up, big eyes, and a cute smiles! Like me! lol 

I have a cute smile :) HAHAHAHAA So today's post is all about young , bright colours , fun , cute and all of these came out with a diff personalities on each of us! Of course, driven by a love for all things K-POP and inspired by the Korean style, sencé from Tohtonku introduces 2 range of new products! It's......

  • New sencé Eau de Toilette (EDT) fragrances
  • New sencé Perfumed Deo Spray

All of these product came in 4 diff colours. 4 diff colour which represent 4 diff personality to match each of us. I'm pretty sure you can find the most suitable one for you and I'm happy to see all my favourite colour to be printed on the bottle! AHAHAHAH 

Meet the Sweetie Pop (Pink), Pretty Pop (Purple) , Lovely Pop (Turquoise) and Sunny Pop (Yellow)

ARE YOU READY ?! Let's get started!!
Let me introduces you, 4 new sencé Eau de Toilette (EDT) fragrances

I'm happy that they came out in 4 diff scent to meet our unique preference and personalities. Just as each group of friends have different girls with different personalities, there is a sencé fragrance made for different occasions and preferences to suit everyone

 The packaging and scent is all inspired by the vibrant outfits, make-up techniques and styles that have been introduced by KPOP. So nice right? You gonna stay calm because I know most of you were a colour lover like me too. Just keep reading :p Let me introduce each diff scent for you!

 Lovely Pop EDT  is definitely one for the demure lady with style. This new scent will entice you with its fairy-tale floral, fruity scent and opening with a fresh citrus note, mingled with a sweet musky and woody base.

Sweetie Pop EDT has a sweet opening with sparkling fruity aromas of mandarin and grapefruit. Its scent leads to a heart of charming rose with a soft vanilla-musk base .

Spritz on Pretty Pop EDT for a night out with the girls. It has an angelic floral, fruity scent with sparkling green top note, combined with woody and ambery base.

Lastly, for the young and playful heart, sencé Sunny Pop EDT  has a cheeky cocktail of tropical fruit fragrance that will reveal a surprisingly delicate floral heart and touches of woody and ambery notes. It is the perfect summertime scent.

I'm loving the lovely pop and sweetie pop! The lovely pop scent is just so light and refreshing with a little fruity scent and at the same time, I'm loving the long-lastingness of that. Each diff bottle remind me of my girls and I'm gonna name it out later! HAHAAHA The retail price for new sencé EDT is RM19.90 (50ml) and they are available at most major hypermarkets, supermarkets and Watsons pharmacies nationwide.

Moving forward, the next will be.....Hint: Every girl need this

 Spot the little cute bottle on my hand?!!


It's... Perfumed Deo Spray
a new extension of the existing korean-inspired Eau de Toilette (EDT) range

Isn't this cute!! Never see such a cute design on Deo Spray and the colour just way TOO PRETTY! Of course you have to meet Sweetie Pop, Pretty Pop, Lovely Pop and Sunny Pop Perfumed Deo Spay as well, which have similar fragrances as the EDT range. So you now can match your idea del pray with the EDT fragrances! AHHAHAAH They are mean to be together.

The new sencé Perfumed Deo Spray is formulated with pure spring water for long-lasting moisture. It provides 24-hours odour protection as well as its fragrance is long-lasting. This is also triclosan-free too.

The retail price for new sencé Perfumed Deo Spray is RM7.90 (75ml) and they are available in major supermarkets and hypermarkets in October 2014.

In my opinion , both of the product range were quite reasonable as the retail price was reasonable and affordable for our age. Normally I thought getting a deo spray and putting it inside my bag is just way too awkward but now it changed my life. The bottle is super duper cute and fit nicely into my bag. It's so cute and I'm sure I won't feel shy when getting it out from my bag! In terms of the color, design and packaging I just have to give them a thumbs up!! Very attractive and caught my eyes too. Gonna share this to all of you and here's some of my creation of diff outfits to meet diff colour of the scent.

Which sencé girl you are?
At first I thought I'm the sweetie pop but end up I'm prefer both and it's quite hard for me to get a stand between both but still I had my decision on LOVELY POP The scent was super duper nice to me and this definitely make my day. This is suitable for a demure lady with style.  It has floral and fruity opening scent with a sweet musky and woody base. So it's ME! AHAHAHAH

Next, a perfect scent for a romantic evening. This New Sweetie Pop♥ has a sweet opening of fruity aromas with a floral and vanilla base scent remind me of Chenelle & Bobo! They are always my sweetie pie! Wanna bite them! lol

This must be special for me but once I think of this perfect summertime scent Sunny Pop♥ and will tend to remind me of Fion because it has a mixture of cheeky fruity and floral heart fragrance and with woody and ambery notes. She's my sunshine! AHAHAHA
 Last but not least a Pretty Pop♥ which has an angelic floral, fruity scent combined with woody and amber base will always remind me of Daph. Of course, it's a spray that is suitable for a night out with the girls too.

Whether your personality is of someone who likes all things sweet, soft and feminine, or if you're just fun outgoing, bubbly and sunny..You can always find the best scent to match with your personality and then....

Enjoy , Have Fun, Love Pop with sencé
BE A Sencé Girl

Oh yea did I told you that there will be a contest for this? What you need to do is:
1.    Plan a fun and colourful OOTD inspired by any one of the new sencé EDT colours or names
2.    Like sencé FB page (www.facebook.com/sencemy)
3.    Lastly, post the picture of your OOTD on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and hashtag #sencepop (make sure the profile is set to “public”)

 The Prize will be a total of 12 winners will win a set of the new sencé Korean-inspired EDT and perfumed deo spray, and other sencé products worth RM150. There will be 12 winners selected, with prizes worth more than RM5,000. Remember that, that the OOTD needs to be based on either one of the sencé EDT fragrances / either the colour or the variant name. Besides, contest starts on 3rd November so hurry up get your OOTD idea ready and join the contest! Also keep in mind that contest ends on 23rd November yeah!

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