A Pie Thing @ Damansara Uptown

13 November 2014

Hello!! all my little sweetheart  How are you today? So many thing & work stress me up recently. I have no idea how I'm able to deal with it but hope that everything will be alright after all. Talk about stress I believe every girl (especially me) when we will think about something related to FOOD. Yes!! After the day I celebrated my 22nd private birthday dinner at Porto Bello,Damansara Uptown (click it here) I just realise there was known as FOOD HEAVEN.

Food lover out there...I'm sure you're laughing now because I'm quite outdated and never know got such a place like heaven. Full of food but just it always hard to find parking there. Since I'm free during the weekday I decided to date both of my girl out. We discuss with each other for quite a while and lastly we decided to have a try the food at A PIE THING, Damansara Uptown. I hate rain and it was a raining day!! It's hardly to get a parking during their peak hour but thanks god!! I'm able to get a front parking in front of A PIE THING! HAAHAHAHAHA *give me a clap*

The shop located around the corner of the shop lot and the name of the shop totally caught my attention. It's big and simple. Really nice and I heard my friend told me that they only open after 4pm. We always passed by there but I wonder why is it never open LOL.. So please be sure to take note with the time before going there ya. 

 By the time we were there it's on the Halloween theme & mood. Everything seems pretty fun included their decoration. Not just like that their pie has a finger on that too because they wanna match with the theme. For the first time I'm quite blur with their menu because we forgot to take a look at the menu above on our head! HAHAHAAHHA

 So, this is the menu! Basically you can customise your own pie with different topping on it. I'm quite blur at first and that's the reason why they don't understand what we want to order because I just pointing on the pie and told them I want it. By right I should tell them what topping and which type I want to order. HAAHAHAH Sorry for the mistake but everything runs smoothly after that. They were really patient enough and trying to explain each of it for me. 

I personally prefer the mashacre because I love mash potatoes! Everyone know I'm loving potatoes. I get really excited when I saw potatoes. I love KFC because they got cheesy wedges! I'm a potatoes fans and hopefully I won't turn into potatoes in my dream! *Just joking* There were so many diff pie to meet each of your preference. 

I'm sure there are some pie meet your expectation. It taste like heaven because of the gravy in the middle of the mash potatoes! Arghhh I'm craving for that man!

 Cappuccino RM10 
Pie + Mash + Gravy (Chicken + Mushroom Pie) RM14.90

 Earl Grey Lavender RM8.00
Smores Pie RM9.90
Graveyard Pie RM11.90

For those who has the biggest sweet tooth I'm sure you will love this. For me I'm alright with that but both of my friend told me that it's too sweet so it's not their cup of tea! HAAHAH But this will be my cup of tea too. 

 Hmmm I don't dare to bite the finger it seems like something wrong on it! lolll This taste not bad but still I prefer the first two rather than this.

Hardly to see me dress accordingly and nicely. So I'm sure that I can't miss the chance to get some OOTD photos in front of their shop. lol luckily that time not much crowd if not I'm sure I will be blocking all of them to enter their shop. For the price I think it's quite reasonable but more recommended if you could bring a bottle of water with you! Some pie taste really too sweet after you tried few of them. 

I really love the mash potatoes one and it's still new for me. I think I will be going there soon ...again...with smelly , bro and my mom! I just need to jam for a while and look for a parking. After all I'M GONNA EAT THEM ALL INTO MY STOMACH! *evil smile*

Since it's halloween I dressed up in black colour. My favourite piece of lace top and my all-day high waist jeans! I think I'm really into high waist long pant recently. To brighten up my outfit and add a little chio colour on it I will always go for a pink pointed heel and MK Bag that I got for myself as my 22nd birthday present.

 The best day of my life and I feel super chio with my hot pink pointed heel. Most of the time I hate pointed heel so I only wear when it's really a special day because most of it really painful on my leg. So probably I only wear this for few hours and change it back before I drive back home! lol Wear it only for photo purpose! HAHAAHAHA

Girls of the day - Bobo & Chenelle

Even blog also have to hashtag. Nothing fun than hashtag on my post! I just feel happy with that! HAHAAHAH

 Non-stop help each other taking photo! #girlsbeinggirl

My Thought & Opinion
This is my first first first time ever trying pie because pie always not my thing. I hate it previously because I thought that pie always taste like the same just the inner part slightly diff in term of the taste but after I tried A PIE THING.. I have to slap myself now-.- Everything taste super new for me and btw I don't dare to try new thing one so I picked chicken and mushroom pie for safety purpose! HAAHAHAH 

The first few try I'm still alright with it but please don't order too much if not you might get tired and boring with the taste. Date some of your friend out to try new pie each time and remember to try their Pie+Mash+Gravy one! Taste really good and safe to pick and try! Next, about the price i personally think it's still reasonable because 3 of us ordered 3 pie , 2 drinks only cost for RM56.50. Look back on the receipt it didn't include any tax or extra changes too.

Not sure about next year but the price still affordable. Just remember that it only open after 4pm and you might need to wait for a long queue if it's their peak hour. Stuff and service + the environment quite good so I will give them a thumbs up too. So for those who start craving for this after reading my blog just print screen this address and GO AHEAD TO TRY THEIR PIE! Tell me which one is your favourite :p

A Pie Thing @ Damansara Uptown

128G, Jalan SS21/35, 
Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, 

Opening Hours: 
4pm-11pm |  Tuesday-Sunday


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