Christmas Magical Light Show @ Pavilion,KL

30 November 2014

Hello My little sweeties  How have you been? I miss all of you and sorry for disappear on my blog for the past two weeks. The first week was so sad because my blog have to go through the server down problem and no one else can help me to fix it. Since 50% of you still can view my blog and another 50% can't access on it it really shocked me to the max. But everything is alright after 4 days of server down issues. Thanks god and for those who keep checking on my blog I'm so sorry for the problem and thanks so much on telling me this. Thanks Ryan for the help too. 

Sorry for the problem and I'm still here today! Another week after that I have been working on a collaboration and modelling for a boutique so that was quite tiring one. Although it's quite tiring but i love it. Seems that I'm loving for what I did recently and soon I have to bye bye to all my eat-sleep-enjoy holiday and back to work. lol 

So...Since I'm back I hope to bring something nice and cheerful on my blog. I went to a special media dinner @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur few days ago and I thought it should be fun if I can share my photos with all of you 

It was a wonderful night spent with Pavilion's team and all the media. Thanks for the special invitation and I'm so excited for the first Christmas Light Show in town. Super duper early but I can smell the scent of X'MAS EVE and HOLIDAY ...SALES! Yea, I love x'mas not because I can receive any present but in fact I love it was all because of the time spend with your family and friends. No matter it's just a dinner date or the moment you choose the right x'mas present to someone ...even just a handmade x'mas card..It just so good for me.

This year X'mas must be fun I guess! Opps, out of topic now -.- So..the night before the magical light show they invited us to have a small dinner with our beloved Santa!HAHAHAHA (ho..ho...ho Merry X'mas)

 Taaa-daaa~  Have been living in this world for almost 22 years and this was the best surprise x'mas gift that I ever had! Thanks Pavilion for the little Santa. He was so cute and friendly one. I selfies with him some more! HAAHAHAHAH He asked what we want to get in this coming x'mas and gave us candy. So so so cute!

 So excited because after the dinner we have to walk to the main entrance and watch the first magical light show in town!

 OMG! Damn pretty!! We countdown first before the magical light show start and once we countdown to 1 all the light appear and I'm so happy!! A beautiful light show appear in front of me and I completely mesmerized by the beautiful flashing lights that were synchronized to classic Christmas jingles

 Not forget to take a selfies in front of the entrance! I want to bring my family and smelly here!! For those who wish to see the magical light show again..Don't worry because this Magical Light Show will run daily at 8pm from today till 4 January 2015 at the Bukit Bintang Entrance of the Pavilion mall. The show uses the lights on the towering Christmas trees at the entrance, to perform the spectacular display of illumination. 

 Except the beautiful scene in front of the entrance there are MORE inside the shopping mall. 

 And of course, feel free to do as much selfies as you can! like me! lol

I went there twice within this week. HAHAAHAH The decoration of the whole shopping complex really melt my heart! So beautiful and it's the best place to have a special date with my friends :p

 Lunch date with MayMay~

After the magical light show I realise quite a lot people asking for my ootd. So the outer is from Love Bonito it's so pretty right? Plus, the hot pick dress from ViviGirlBoutique Wanted to pick the red one but I guess it's too early to wear the red outfit so I pick the hot pink one. You won't believe how much is the dress cost. Cheap & Reasonable as well.

Did a little shopping before that. Hope to grab more and I will be modelling for their boutique! So glad that I'm able to be their online first collection model. Thanks a lot for the trust and start to keep some pocket money so that you can grab everything before this coming x'mas and CNY. hahaha 

 That's all for today. Love, xx.


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