Tim Ho Wan @ Mid Valley , Malaysia

01 December 2014

Good Evening~ my little Sweetheart  How are you today? Monday Blues? This week gonna be a busy week for me because starting from tomorrow I have 2 boutique shooting one will be on Tuesday and another one on Friday. Other than that this Thursday have 3 diff events need to be attend. So I guess this blog post should be staying on the top of my blog for this coming 3-4 days. It's okay i guess because this gonna be a FOOD POST!

I start to gather some of my 'tam-jiak' friends (friends who love to eat..ALOT) together with me to figure out and trying new food. Plus, just realise most of you were quite interested on food post so this motivate me to write more and EAT MORE + SPEND MORE. Okay, the day before this we actually planned to have our brunch @ Mid Valley with my friend. A night before that we saw a dim-sum restaurant news keep pop out on our Facebook. So I guess WHY NOT WE JUST GO TO TRY IT OUT

But make sure you prepare to sweat like hell while waiting for the line to reach your turn. Oh yea, since it always pop out on my Facebook I already prepared to sweat like hell but luckily my friend was there earlier so that I just need to wait for another 45 mins until our turn while he already waiting at there for almost one hour. So total time needed will be 1 hours 40 mins like that. 

Crazy huh?!!!

Quite crazy actually but just curious about how delicious will be on this Michelin 1 Star Rating restaurant, Tim Ho Wan. Fyi, this is a very famous place at HongKong and finally came to Malaysia now! it's located at the middle fountain @ Mid Valley very easy to find it but at the same time it's just tiring for us to wait for the long long queue. 

You must be curious why I took this photo because I got nothing to do and this lady came to us and told us to look at the menu so that we can make our order while waiting for the queue. What a good suggestion! So you can imaging how many order list this girl has.

Finally our turn!!! 

Stop myself here and I should show you all the delicious dim sum I had yesterday.

 Congee with Lean Pork, Century Egg and salted egg - RM9.80
I don't think this is super duper good la but for those who prefer light taste or porridge this should be nice for you. The taste quite good and light just that this not really nice on my tongue since I prefer porridge that with fish or meat. lol For older like my grandparent I think this should be nice to them lol 

 Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling - RM10.80

All their ingredients were  so fresh and I can taste the freshness of the small little prawn. The prawn was a full size prawn not half piece but WHOLE piece inside each dishes we ordered. 

 Beancurd Skin Roll Shrimp - RM10.80

This is one of my favourite and I never thought it can be SOOOOO CRUNCHY until you can hear the sound of it. Super duper good you know. The best beancurd ever! But caution la it's really hot and I just can't wait it to cool down before I had this. 

Spring Roll with Egg White - RM7.80

I never realise the egg white until the moment I bite it with my teeth. I saw the egg white pouring / dropping out slowly from it. lol This is not the best one..the best is their BAKED BUN!!!

 BAKED BUN with BBQ Pork - RM10.80

 Have you tried roti boy before? This baked bun was so special. The top skin of the bun is sweet and a little bit of crunchy like the topping of roti boy. Then the middle was the hot bbq pork. The taste was quite diff from the normal baked bun with pork. It's more sweet and not oily at all. You can taste the pork inside your mouth and tongue. Smells so good and taste like heaven! 

One more thing that I love will be their Steamed Egg Cake (photo below). We only ordered 1 of this because I thought it might not be good but everything was out of my expectation. The cake is so soft and ....ARGH!!

 Steamed Egg Cake - RM7.80

 As you can see it's so soft , FLUFFY and look like a super soft sponge. So 'spongy'~ I recommended this with the baked bun and the crunchy beancurd. Later stay tuned til the end I love their Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus + Mango Sago Pomelo!!! ARGHH!!

 Prawn Dumpling - RM11.80

 It's a 4 pieces dumpling and the prawn make me so full after this so I just ate once of it only because I don't really like prawn. If you ever go there just tell me what you think on it. I still loving their fresh baked bun! yum yum yum

 Pan Fried Carrot Cake - RM9.80

I think I told you on my insta caption a summary of the review and this recommended by others but for me I don't really like it because I don't eat white carrot. This carrot cake seems to be TOTALLY DIFF from the normal or usual fried carrot cake. It taste super soft too and the texture and feeling put into your mouth = totally diff. It taste slightly bitter after few second you bite with your teeth. Guess it's because of the white carrot so the taste will be slightly bitter after each bite. So...I don't really like this but we ordered 2 of these and I decided to take away some for my parent and bro! AHAHAHHAAHHA

 Pork Dumpling with Shrimp - RM10.80

 Don't worry if you ordered too much because you can ask them to give you an empty plastic bag and box to put the extra one and take away. Just like that! HAHAHAAH


 Mango Sago Pomelo - RM8.80

 Finally our lovely dessert time with my favourite sago. This one has mango and pomelo! Thick and I can taste the freshness of the ingredients leh!! Small mango pieces inside the sago and for those who love sweet dessert. This should be your cup of tea too! HAAHAH


 Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus - RM6.80

I have to tell you this...You must order this and the moment their waitress pass this for you..YOU CAN SEE the food like moving or dancing on the plate. REALLY ONE! SUPER Q SUPER Q. Remember to eat this with a spoon if not it will drop automatically from your fork. Dancing Tonic Medlar and Osmanthus. The beauty and best dessert that can make your skin growing and it's just...

JUST SO NICE LA THIS! MUST TRY THIS , BAKED BUN , MANGO SAGO , BEANCURD , STEAMED EGG CAKE! Remember ya!! Must try you know~ If not you better don't go. Oh yea ask someone to queue for you and you just shopping with your friend until your turn then you only go. 

For all the food we ordered (2 person me and my friend) + a cup of hot tea and cold barley water we spent in total RM155. So it's quite expensive for me but so far it's the cheapest price range if you compare with other michelin restaurant! So lama lama sekali...I think it's fine! Treat for myself la! HAHAHAHAAH Thanks a lot for your reading today~

Remember that you might need to wait super duper long before you get a chance to try their food. Just be prepare~! lol that's my tips so far! HAHAHAHAHA That's all for today. For those who want to try this out here's the detail of it.
Tim Ho Wan Kuala Lumpur
27G, The Boulevard, 
Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. 

Opens at 11am daily



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