How I spent my Christmas & HAPPY BOXING DAY

26 December 2014

Hello My Sweethearts  Happy Boxing Day & I'm here again with some of my personal daily post. Is time to make my blog more happening and lovely. lol Soooo fast & it's almost end of year 2014!! I can't believe we are almost there for the coming year 2015. Are you ready for that? I'm ready and can't wait for my 2 weeks Japan Trip during sakura season. I purposely booked my ticket during sakura season because I never see sakura before. I JUST CAN'T WAIT.

So back to the topic, here's how I spent my x'mas holiday. Not very happening but I think it's always awesome if you spent it with the person you wish to. Few years ago when I was just 18-20 years old we love to gather with our friends and countdown with each other at KL. Spray each other and run like a crazy! No more after that because I'm so old not I can't run lol So I decided to spend it with my lovely family and smelly. I wished to have a x'mas dinner with them. With my dad , mom , bro , Bebe and smelly all together.

Sometime I feel bad because Smelly hope to be with me and then he has to sacrifice his time for me but not his family. Hmmmm.. But hor~ He was a good boy too. I asked him to be with his family for the whole day except for the dinner time. We had our dinner together during the Christmas eve. Of course Bebe too! We brought Bebe too to the nearest Chinese Restaurant HTY (which allowed us to bring pet). Just a simple dinner. Appreciate the moment when all of us talk to each other. Super duper long time never dinner with my family.

Then I also spent some $$ during this x'mas holiday. Long time never shopping with Smelly and my bro. We went to the nearest shopping mall. Opps, but now the nearest shopping mall should be the IOI CITY MALL @ Putrajaya. Hang out for a while and someone get me a cute little present. Thanks  Smelly!

The next morning,
 Taa-daaaaa~ Very childish look of us! HAAHAHAHAHAH White themed on that day and both of us actually went to Mont Kiara Solaris nearby Publika to search for some nice Korean food. Surprisingly, there were lots of korean family and we decided to meet my friends there @ Ola Korean BBQ Restaurant

The food taste exactly like the korean food I ate during my Korea Trip but the price was slightly out of my expectation. 5 person spent like RM270+ in total but the BBQ was super good and we sit in a private room. I regret ordered the eel because it's not really tasty lah. Just so normal but other than that I'm still satisfied with their food. 

I have no idea why al my weight gained on my face. It's too chubby and I have no reason to stop eating! wtf that's life! Then it's time to unbox all my parcel and some of it already unbox few days ago before the x'mas. I just have to say thanks to all company , friends and babe who sent me mail , x'mas card and parcels. I was shocked because this year I didn't join any exchange gift time with my friends. Therefore, I never expect so much on that until I keep on received your present!

Thanks a lot and I'm so happy that I'm able to meet you guys! So sorry I didn't prepare any gift in return for you all *tears* I want to hug all of you now! I love it especially all the hand picked christmas card. One of it is from Babe Daphne!! All the way from japan! Love it so much!!

 Thanks for all the gift from PR company and spot the lovely music melody card with Bebe face on it! SO CUTE!!!

 Thanks Sweetie for this surprise snack gift again.

Last but not least, I still have to thanks all of you who sent me msg on my social media platform , watsapp and I'm blessed! So happy and hereby I still need to say thanks to NattaCosme , Supermodel Secret, Mayho , MaryKay, MeiJin & Steven , DanielWellington , Shoploooh , Babe Daphne , HappieScrappie Sam and all of you! Thanks for the lovely gifts , wishes and all the love. 

HAPPY BOXING DAY and I'm going to blog about my brand new 2015 planner start-up kits and things that can inspire people. That's all for today. Love xx.


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