[FOOD] Gangnam88 @ Sunway Giza Mall

13 December 2014

Hello Hello My little Sweeties  It's been a hard time for me since I blogged about my Jeju Korea Trip last year. Throwback to few days ago....to be honest it's my bad because I start craving for Korean food. I told Smelly that I must eat my favourite bulgogi and Dwaeji Galbi. Wooohoo!! It's a must for me since I'm really tempted to do so. So I survey around and did some research on new Korean Restaurant that I haven try before. 

I asked Mr.Google and it shows me all those yummy and tempting food photos. I hate you!! But it's okay due to the super traffic jam especially in working hour and day I decided to pay a visit to Gangnam88 @ Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara branch at the early afternoon time. This is their second branch, the first branch located at mon't kiara solaris. I have no idea why it's so jam but luckily I reach on time! 

Since it's a Korea Restaurant I think I might be sad if I didn't bring my friends along! So I spent a good afternoon lunch time with Smelly , Chenelle & May. First I'm so happy because smelly can fetch me so I no need to drive alone all the way from my house. Damn far and damn jam :'( But it's okay since it's a lovely lunch date nothing much can compare with my happy mood with those delicious korean food!

Gangnam88 is one of the well known Korean restaurant that serve hot trend korean food and also culture. The environment feel exactly the same with those korean restaurant I went during my Korea Trip last year. Arghh!! I miss thee x247394732942 They open from 11.30am - 1am  with no middle break needed. Means you can go anytime!! 

Wow..this place was really big enough to have some gathering and fun time with your friends. First impression, I feel very comfortable and the waitress was so friendly. They smile and welcome us at first and the boss or maybe the owner of this branch , Yang Oppa came to us. (Since he was a korean we straightly call him oppa! HAHAHAHAAH)

The environment was super comfy and clean. I love the atmosphere there and the super friendly Yang Oppa. We ask for some recommendation at first since it's our first time and to be honest 3 of us were so hungry but we afraid order too much so was wondering is there any recommendation for 4 of us! Ended up we decided to order all their recommendation and of course my favourite bulgogi! MUAHAHAHAHHA

 Only one photo taken during that time because I just can't stop myself looking at all delicious food. I mean I need to utilise my time to eat not just for photo! lol Please be aware because now I'm going to show you all the delicious food photo. Don't blame me! Hehe~ Oh yea for those who doesn't like spicy like me you can come to have a try here because not everything was spicy. Their Dwaeji Galbi not spicy at all and a little pricy on the ori bulgogi. But yet...I'm still loving it just I can't stop myself drinking water! ahahahahah

Dwaeji Galbi

Oh man! This is freaking yummy. Smelly and I just can't resist this. I tell you I ate this all day long as my lunch during my korea trip. I just can die with this. So nice so nice! One thing I love about korean food was they always serve together with those small small plate and small amount of famous korean food that you can refill as much as you like. I love kimchi but can't eat much I need to left some space for the korean boiled egg! nom nom nom~


For those who love and can eat spicy. This should be your favourite! This is a must food to everyone who visit to Korean Restaurant. It's basically a big bowl of spicy soup and mix it up together with a variety of main ingredients. Each diff restaurant has their own version on it but gangnam88 taste quite good and yummy just the level of spicy really....REALLY SPICY for me! Lol Luckily I bring along May and Chenelle so they can finish it and for me i just can try few bite! HAHAHAAH 

Ori Bulgogi

This is Smelly's Favourite! It's a little spicy on it but not too strong and I love it because Ori Bulgogi is actually a duck marinated in Bulgogi sauce. The moment they serve in front of you it's actually freshly cooked. Fresh and YUMMY! Wooohoooo Yang Oppa told us that it would be great if we can have some Soju together with this. Too bad all of us can't drink alcohol!  

 It serve like this as first then they will help you to mix it up.

Rice Burger

I know you heard of rice budget already but I just can't control myself having this again. They recommended us with this and you might be surprise at first bite on it. OMG! I tell you I finished whole rice burger myself + 2 bowl of rice. I'm super girl! I love korea rice because it's a bit sticky and taste nicer than our one lo! 

It's exactly look like a burger but TASTE BETTER THAN just a burger.

Boiled Egg


One thing I feel really surprise was the spoon! So cute hor! I think I just wanna stay here forever so I can sleep and smell with those delicious food! AHHAAHAH

 Cute Little Spoon hiding in front of you ~

 I forgot the name of this but you can find this on their menu!!!
 I LOVE THIS! Melting Cheese in the middle and it all wrapped with thick layer of egg.
Other than meat this is my favourite one! BEST BEST BEST thumps Up for this!

 Yang Oppa so nice, he talk with us and May ask for some latest Kpop Music and he play it for us while at the same time treat us with some special drink with a little % of alcohol. He some more sing GD Song in front of us! OMG! How cute he is and I think this should be one of the reason why I'm loving the atmosphere and environment there. I think Yang Oppa only sing in front of us since we keep forcing him to do so lol! So please don't request he sing again ya! HAHAHAHAAHAHH 

 Our favourite drink should be this. Something like winter melon taste with a little alcohol on it.
Quite special and this not in the menu need to have special request only can order one!

Thanks Gangnam88 and Yang oppa for everything yesterday. We have some fun conversation together and I introduce myself with Korean Language leh! *flip hair* HAHAHAHA I had a blast with all my girls and smelly. Best lunch ever and now I thinking to bring my family here on this coming weekend. Hehe! Thanks for everything! I'm now craving for the cheese egg thing... I want....IT NOW!!! 

 Selfies after we finished our food and it's time to say good bye again! Well spend Friday with them and of course thanks Smelly for the accompany too. That's all for today. Love, xx. 
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