Innisfree finally in Malaysia & I LOVE JEJU

12 December 2014

YOU ARE RIGHT! Finally...I mean...I'm serious!! it's finally our turn~ Innisfree is NOW AVAILABLE in MALAYSIA! Omg~ For those who read my Korea Must Buy Products (here) you probably know how much I love on this brand. The day I received this event invitation I just wanna shout out loud. Throwback to all the photo I took at Jeju Island. It's been a year now but I will always remember the beautiful & natural view @Jeju. Those photos should be in my last part / post of my korea trip categories but I just don't want it to end just like this :'( I miss everything there.

 Jeju is popular with its natural scenery, beaches PLUS one thing... that is STONE. Yea!! You can see this cute and lovely stone grandfather everywhere. Even their souvenir and key chains. So cute right? I bought a lot and when I visit our Innisfree first store in Malaysia @ Sunway Pyramid today..I saw this cute little stone grandfather! Just beside their cashier counter.

 Exactly the same with the one I saw last year.

Arghh!! Just love everything there. This should be the best part to end my korea trip post. But just let me show you how big Innisfree store in Malaysia. It's the first store here @ Sunway Pyramid and btw, I NO NEED GO ALL THE WAY TO SG just to buy their product. Innisfree product is quite affordable for us I think. I'm quite shock when I saw the price of each item today.

Please make sure you bring enough money because they having promotion on their x'mas pack of certain skincare product. 
 Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Set RM52
The Green Tea Seed Serum Set RM90

This two product = THEIR BEST SELLER SET and now they make it with this coming x'mas set JUST FOR YOU. You will be surprise for the price because for the only one Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (a small jar) normally cost us RM50 or 45 I forgot but now available in a set which only pricing at RM52!! Damn worth I think I want to kill myself because I bought mine previously was way expensive than this set. 

Except for that I bought a Green tea series cleanser foam for only RM24 while a green tea body lotion for RM49 only. Except their hot seller green tea set you can try out their lipstick too. I BOUGHT ALOT during my last korea trip and still haven finish yet so I should stop myself getting and collect their make up product!! BUT I JUST LOVE THEIR LIPSTICK COLOUR~

Except that you can get their real squeeze mask sheet for RM4 per piece! Cheap and nice. I remember I bought 20 pieces last time and it's time for me to 'restock' it again. AHAHAHAH

This first Innisfree store was quite big for me. You can probably get all skincare product at your right hand side and left opposite their skincare range you can found some skincare product specially for Man and some body care / hair care product. All mask sheet placed in front and beside their cashier counter and something that make me shock will be their CLEAN ZONE.

 It's a small space for you to sterilise your beauty tool.

 So special right? I never seen this before and I asked the team of Innisfree they told me it's FREE OF CHARGE what you need to do is just bring your beauty tool , comb or makeup brush here and wait for 5 mins. Just wait and shop around! It's quite good because it's important to keep all your beauty tool CLEAN and hygiene. 

 Spent so much but still can't get enough of their item. I'm loving their Green Tea perfume that you can put at a corner of your room. It smells so good. I can't find that in their store maybe too many people walk around there so I can't find it but I smell the scent during their media launch that day. I WANT IT SO BADLY!!!!

I think I have to go back and ask them again but probably next month since it's still so crowded! So here's some of their product that you might be interested with. I know not all of you are from KL but I'm sure you must mark it down and visit their store as soon as possible since their product really so nice to use! EVERYTHING FROM JEJU! I LOVE JEJU X 30204832048213693612937 

 Best seller especially the green tea seed oil RM148 that one!

 Best seller too. I'm loving their super volcanic pore clay mask.

There are two type one on the left is their super volcanic and another one is jeju volcanic. I love the super one because it's a cooling effect when you apply it on your skin and I just like the word 'SUPER'! ahAHAHAHAH

 And for those who attended the first media launch we got a special surprise gift from Innisfree.
LIMITED EDITION Mask Pack which you can mix and combine your favourite mask powder into this clay base and apply it as a mask! So cute!!! But I don't want to use it since it's not available in Malaysia...tempted to use it! ARGHHH

I'm so happy right now because it's no longer for me to ask someone to grab it. I CAN GRAB IT MYSELF!! 

FYI, Innisfree is located at G1. Store #70 @ Sunway Pyramid.

 Near bobbi brown , Laura Mercier  and just same floor with H&M. So easy to get into their store so..what are you waiting for! Faster date your friend and have a look at their store now~

 For more information or latest update you can check on their Facebook


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