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13 December 2014

Hello My Little Sweethearts  Is me again and I will be consistently update my blog (as usual) because i stopped myself from entering my blog for almost 2 weeks time. I need some time to blank my mind and thinking what else I can do with my blog to benefit all my reader. It's not just about me but I want to make this a space that we can share information and learn something. It's almost the end of Year 2014! I just can't believe..... SO SO SO FAST!

Besides, I submitted my #SHUCATS look on my instagram. For those who are Shu Uemura fans I'm sure you know what is this. I keep my eyes on their latest collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and his cute little cat, Shupette. A snow white alike and beautiful cat! Damn damn pretty with its blue eyes! Keep in mind I'm always crazy with beauty or make up product and the PR from Shu Uemura surprised me with their product! I'm really happy and I'm sure this should be the best x'mas present EVER!

For those who still thinking what to buy for your girl friends I think this SHOULD BE THE ONE! You will feel the same like me when you open it up. It's so cute and I just can't wait to create my SHUCATS look with it. Winner will be win away some cosmetic product in this series and HOPE I CAN WIN IT! PRAY hard~

 You can print this Shupette Origami from

I printed 4 diff size of Shupette and use it as my bookmark! So cute!!
Eye & Lip Palette

A lot of brand having some gift ideas for you to save more and get the best present for your family or love one. I personally love to shop during special event or festival. Especially a month before x'mas. The best time and reason to treat yourself and spoiled yourself like a princess. You work so hard for the whole year and it's the time...get everything done by now and start spreading the happiness to your friends too.

So yea... this should be the main part of the post. Bear with me and don't slap me if I selfies too much with this SHUCATS makeup look. I love it and I think my eyes look good with their pink eyeshadow and the light shimmer one. Added with a medium and light pink lips colour from their lip palette too.

#1 Use your favourite eyeliner to draw a cat eyeliner look
#2 Prepare your favourite eyelashes to enlarge your cat eye look
#3 Add another eyeliner at the outer corner of your eyelid
#4 Put some pink eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye and added with some shimmer eyeshadow too
#5 Apply the remaining pink eyeshadow on your upper eyelid 
#6 Highlight your T zone area and use their cream blush apply it on your cheek area
#7 Lips palette - Apply the medium and light pink colour on your lips. Medium tone should be in the middle part of your lips. 
#8 Stick the false eyelashes to enhance your SHUCATS look. Remember the bottom false eyelashes too

 YOU ARE DONE & get ready to look fabulous!


 Meow~ Come and play with me! lol

Blur #2

 That's all for my little sharing. Hope this inspired you with your own SHUCATS look. I'm pretty sure you must be look good with it. But Smelly keep laughing when he saw my eyelashes. HAHAHAHA I know it's too dramatic but I think I love how it enhance my cat look! Teehee! That's all for today. Love xx.

Good night~ Meow~


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