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01 January 2015

Hello my little Sweethearts  Please give me a slap lol tell me this isn't a dream!! What a good and memorable year of 2014 and I just can't believe that it's the end of year 2014. Today = first day of Year 2015. No longer known as this year but last year was a super duper memorable year for me especially the last few months. I will never forget about it and all of that came out with a brand new Chanwon! I mean everything has an upgrade version and I need to level up myself now. 

It doesn't matter about upgrade my car or anything related to money , assets or beauty BUT it's all about my mind. It took me something to look back and learn from the mistake. It took me some time to accept it and it took me some time to challenge it myself. Out of all, I'm not a god and honestly there were so many I still can't cope with but I told myself 'I CAN DO IT'. I'm that kind of people who always want to prove something and find out everything I need to know, try to change someone's mind to think like me. But in reality, we can't change people's mind and we were just an human we can't control what people think about and what people do.

To be honest, I can't easily let go anything that belong to me. Sometime when you tried your best not to give up something , you lost something. You lost your family, you lost your friends and you lose your time. If you ask for more money , you work more , sacrifice your time for work , lost something that is much more important than just MONEY.

Sad to say that , but this is reality. It helps me grow up and realise that I shouldn't bother too much or care to much on those thing which I shouldn't even give a dump on it. So, I learned to let go. When you care to much you can't forgive. When you forgive people, at the same time you are forgiving yourself. 

Other than that, also trying to tell everyone that your mind and your thought will change slightly when you grow older. For example last time when I was young I swear to myself I must get a job even I'm not happy with and I must earn as many $$ as possible but after all of these, NOW, I just want to work happily and fulfil the meaning of 'LIFE' for myself. Not kidding or maybe i syiok sendiri but I slightly think in a mature way now. 

Life is good and I will keep myself doing thing I happy with and in return give the world as much as I can. Looking through all the news feed on Facebook about the flood victims , adoption of animals , flight missing and crush make me feel that I can't do anything, so helpless and we are so TINY! When I was young I can't do anything but now I'm old enough to lend my power or hand to the world. Although one hand might be useless but when all of us gather our hand together and help the world... they take it and they can feel it. 

Take something and in return, give something back to the world. We were born here for a reason and let's give ourself a reason to help others. I hope to think like this so that I can stop complaining anything , Just DO IT! Okay, I'm out of topic again!! HAAHHAAH Just want to share this with you especially for those who still studying and much younger than me~ Hope this might help you up and never give up on your meaningful life 

So at the end of the day I spent my day with my friend helping to pack and sort everything out. Carry it all over to Avenue K. So random and 3 of us decided to blank some of our time and see what else I can do to help the flood victims. To be honest I'm quite stupid, I don't even know there are a way to do some donation and help them. David told me that why not we spend time together to sort thing out and pack it in a 20 pax waterproof bag + deliver it to the nearest place. I JUST SAY YES!

 It's quite fun when 3 of us did the packing and sort everything out at the carpark. Sweating like hell and the bag don't have any holder on it so we have to hand carry it like a superman. Total 20 packs and I think everyone who free should donate something for the flood victims too. If i'm rich I will sort and purchase more but now I just can donate my energy for them lol. Me Clinic's doctors were those who donate and purchased everything especially Doctor David. 

He need to look for the patient and so busy but during his break (doctor also need break time one mah!) he went to daiso and hypermarket to get everything done. I know it because he keep on asking me where to get waterproof bag but I have no idea then I thought someone help him to buy those donation things but he told me he purchase everything by himself. But due to lack of helper he ask me for the help! AHHAHAAHHAAHA

Since I have no plan on the evening I just went to help him. I love to sort things out and pack thing because I got Obsessive-compulsive disorder. OCD!! I always love to see thing pack nicely just like what I did to my room! HAHAHAHAAHHAH So happy I'm able to help him out with my girl power LOL

But slightly disappointed because when 3 of us carry so many bags no one come and help us. What I mean is like for those who pass by us just stared and look at us. 20 packs we decided to carry it twice so each of us carry 2-3 packs. So heavy because of the big bottle of mineral water wtf but my super power saved my life just that my hand keep sweating and it keep drop -.- Those big man who walk and passed by no help some more come and hit it. Okay la maybe they can't see me but their leg is so bad some to accidentally hit me -.- Feel so geram and I feel like shouting ANYBODY CAN HELP ME ONE HAND AND WALK 10 STEP to the middle of the counter anot. lol 

 Luckily nothing spoiled on my hand because you know I'm really rude. Look at all those colourful bag feel so satisfied and happy even I'm not rich I don't have so many money but at least WE can do something to help them. I can't believe those victims can't celebrate their new year eve because of the flood. So sorry to hear that but hope they can back home faster. I never thought and do good things like this but the feeling was SUPER DUPER GOOD. I don't know how to explain but I feel so satisfied and happy at the same time. 

So now I can't out and celebrate so much because muscle really pain HAHAHAAHAH I don't know why yesterday 3 of us can carried so many packs and feel proud of myself that I'm a super girl! lol Okay la I think as long as it can help them I'm happy with that. This 20 bags can help 20 people to survive another 2-3 days. Thanks Doctor David for the ask and I can't believe finally I did something good to complete my YEAR 2014

Without further ado let's review and summarise my YEAR 2014. Although nothing much it's almost the same thing over & over again but still thanks for being with me again this year. One step further and I'm 23 years old now (not officially yet but soon xD) 


First highlight of course it's all about my degree graduation. I blogged about it here you can click and read more about things related to my 4 years study time. The biggest highlight of 2014 and also my life. I did search for few jobs relate to my course but end up I decided not to join the work force first because I want to find and understand the meaning of LIFE and look around before I start working. It's not just about job and money but satisfaction and self-improve. 

I don't think I can work immediately after I graduate on May so I still searching for a suitable job but not necessary to work in a bank. People who don't know me might think I'm just like a princess or fresh graduate girl who enjoy life and just spend money. BUT NO WAY, I never stop earning money to pay my ptptn loan , to pay my 4 year car loan , to pay my insurance , to buy and take care my son Bebe , to buy thing I like , to look around the world. ALL BY MYSELF without any single sens from my parent so for those who wonder you can keep your mouth shut and mind your own business.

I have no idea why people love to see and look at my instagram and then judge me with those photo. If I always play, eat and travel , no work at all then no income HOW CAN I SURVIVE UNTIL NOW, TODAY! Get a rich bf?! Sorry I don't have to because I'm happy enough to earn money myself and even it's really sad to say that and it's tiring but I'm happy with that. That's all and please mind your own business pls~

I will appreciate this 1-2 years time without any job but part time as blogger because I'm able to meet you and get as many opportunities as possible + get my wish list and travel done. I probably gonna stick to my blog for another 1-2 years. So you might need to be prepare and read at my long gas post lol 

and all of these gave me another highlight of the year of 2014

2. Opportunities and Events

Thanks for all the love and trust. No matter you are a random new readers or long term readers on my blog, for such a good and wonderful journey I have now..It's all about you. You guys gave me this and help me on my way to define the meaning of ME. Without you guys I should be a normal girl wearing spec just doing her work and complete it til then who never get respect from anyone of the world and never get a chance to prove and show her family that she's independent. 

Thanks for all the event invitations and sorry if sometime I couldn't make it but most of the time I will appear after my RSVP and be super punctual because I always understand how hard it is to wait for someone who always late and break their promise. Thanks for all client who advertorial and sponsored me for everything I need. I will try my best to help you and be good on my blog.I treat all of you like my friend even we never meet before, I will always be true and honest to you Without all of this , I'm nothing. I treat my blog like my baby so I won't simply spoil my reputation on that. 

But somehow I need to survive so please don't ever bully me in term of payment term and lie to me. I really dislike to rush for payment and stuff like that. What client asked, I perform it nicely and rush all draft before due date and I believe with all my heart I can get a good respond too. Sometime it's very hard for me to balance myself. Some friend or relative just hope to get everything for free ads and keep ask me doing it for free. I did help my friends without any single $ even until now too but please don't take it as granted! and I believe real relationship or long term relation is not about how much you pay me in term of $ but is all about how much you appreciate my work and show me your appreciation. This is what I known as LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP not just hi & bye.

So, once again I'm here to thanks for those who know my name , my blog , love me, hate me , like me and read this!

3.Bazaar & Online Selling

Compare to last year I'm no really active on joining the bazaar at the beginning of the year 2014 (because of assignment and study) but for the past few months I joined some of it and it's my pleasure to meet all of you. Some was the familiar face and previous bazaar I'm the only one who carry everything my own because I got no car and my dad just drop me down I need to unpack all alone. Being a super girl for such a long time I'm lazy la now. A bit old already lol 

But what make me love about year 2014 was some of you actually take away food and drinks for me because you know i'm busy selling my stuff and from the first time I join bazaar I never thought of someone deliver food for me T.T I want to cry out loud because this melted my heart. Smelly also never come to visit me except the last bazaar held on Subang he came and deliver food for me only! lol

So thanks so much for those who support my pre-loved item. From the first bazaar I joined until now..The best moment isn't about the $$ but the time that I spent with all of you and my blogger friends. Each time normally I just talk non-stop and being a super talkative one, you probably can hear my voice from far far away. lol

Thanks so much my dear sweeties. It's just so sweet.

4. Friendship

This year was a super duper busy year for me. It's not because of event but YAM CHA and food discovery time for me and my friends. After I bought my car I finally can go out more frequently but still need the permission from my parents. -.- So sien maybe I need to get married first in order to have a full freedom LOL! Joking joking~ 

Without all of my wonderful and awesome friends all outing time would be boring and so sien that I need to talk to myself. But with new friends around I can hang out with them , talk with them, shopping with them, buy the same taste item and wear it together, talk rubbish with them and take care me when I'm out because I'm always so careless. lol but I got super power can help them when they need me.

One thing that I never learn is about accepting that I no longer important at someone's heart. No matter it's in a relationship or a friendship I can't accept people forgetting me and their actions just show me that I'm no longer important for them. I know this is cruel but is time for me to learn let it go and don't care so much when people don't need me anymore. Because at the end of the story, I'm still the only one who care too much and cry alone. 

But for those who be with me. I'm thankful and feel blessed on that. Need my help just give me a call and don't leave me alone because friendship will always be the top priority on me. I love all of you because you guys rock!! Thanks for being with me and taught me so many thing. I'm happy that my life could be so fun. Thanks for being with me and of course I have more time to spend with you guys now because I can drive myself liao! HAHAHAHA

5. Own A Car

I can't believe I did this. 3 years of non-stop saving money and finally I'm able to own a car! I means not a super chio car but I love my car because i can drive it and with the help of WAZE I can reach probably anywhere!! AHAHAHAHAH But petrol and the parking fees really spoiled my dream. So expensive T.T I pay all the parking fees until I'm poor now. I bought a second hand myvi and I named it as xiao-mint! lol Small mint because it's mint colour! HAHAAHAHAHA

I will work harder to pay back all the car loan. Left another 3 years then I can finish paying my loan. Wahlao now only realise so many loan i need to pay it back T.T What a sad story!!

6. Bebe turns 1

Celebrate the first birthday with my furkid. Love him so much and I can't believe I went back home earlier everyday because I miss him. Mommy wannabe and I feel so sad I'm leaving him for 2 weeks soon on coming japan trip. T.T Sorry Bebe please forgive me because I can't bring you to travel with me :'(

 I mean like the first time in my life... The whole year of living in the earth I never see myself in short hair. I did it! I never miss my long hair i dunno why but everyone of you told me that it's nice I think some of you still loving and prefer me in long hair :p But I love myself either in long or short because I think i LOOK good in both. lol slap myself and stop syiok sendiri!

Short hair save a lot of shampoo and conditional HAHAHAHAH can you imaging every morning I wakeup with this super gorgeous short hair and without combing it I still look like a superstar! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I'm joking but it save me a lot of time too! 

 Basically I love short hair now because I look mature and look taller + I can style in diff kind of short hair. Either cute looking or rock! ;p

 nice ma nice ma?

Girly look

8. Modelling for Online Boutique

Never give up this although it's tiring and one shooting session have to dress and style with at least 70 ootd. But it's the best way to work harder and save money. I'm so choosy so whatever thing I pick I can make sure it's the best and good quality ensure. I did 4 or less than 4 shooting for boutique this year and I'm happy that they never give up on me T.T

I'm not pretty , not a super model and don't have a good body shape but you guys still pick me as the boutique model. I'm happy that all of the online boutique owner never fail to cheer me up and make me feel confident to myself. Prove me that I'm good even I'm not perfect. Enjoy every shooting session with them and with my heart melted smile. lol 

really appreciate... really~

9. Surprise Appearance

thanks for the surprise. Photo sent by some of you and thanks nattacosme for sending me a copy of the magazine. I will keep this T.T so nice and 2L fashion thanks for the photo too but I didn't get a hard copy on that T.T so sad leh!!! Thanks Appetime because they pick me for the first one who appear on pavilion tokyo street. Thanks for all the help and opportunities. Thanks a lot T.T 

10. Giveaway Meet-up

First massive giveaway winner meet-up! First time ever I'm able to pass the item to you face to face. You guys were so shy but I love it and i feel so excited when I meet up with you. Actually there are 4 person I need to meet with and the first 4 prize should go for those who able to meet with me in KL. One of the winner actually can't meet in KL and she only told me after I announce the winner list.

Somehow I feel disappointed because the purpose of the giveaway isn't all about the prize or items. It's because I want to meet some of you and say thanks to all of you face to face. I can cancel the giveaway winner name and pick another one but I don't want disappointed the girl so end up I posted to her. I hope next time people can be honest to me when I actually put so much effort on preparing and set up the rules. It's quite unfair for those who actually follow the rules and next time giveaway whoever break the rules i will just cancel your name. I never thought the winner only tell me when I announce the winner. 

But very glad that all of you received the remaining parcel and thanks for those who blank your time meet-up with me. It's my pleasure to talk with you even it's just few mins time and selfies with you :) Thanks for the support and love~ 

11. Beautiful Double Eyelid eyes

 Of course never forget about this!! After so many year of sticking double eyelid tape and finally I did a DST stitching non-cutting method to have a beautiful pairs of double eyelid eyes. Thanks Me clinic and Doctor David. Because of this opportunity it further our relationship and I can't believe there are so humble and being a friends of the clinic I'm so proud of it.

Also brought my mom to do the same method of double eyelid too. I think I should blog about it so you can have refer to  more example and confident to pick the right clinic and go for it. Wait me find back all the photo first ya :) For those who went there and sent me your photo I feel really happy that my blog post able to help you all. For those who interested you can read it here http://www.chanwon.com/2014/06/about-my-double-eyelid-aesthetics.html  read carefully because you have to be responsible for your eyes and it's just my small small sharing session on youtube video clip too

You can always check it yourself and if you still have any questions feel free to leave me a msg ya. Just go and consult it and say hi to all friendly nurse and doc david tell them you are my friend or reader so that they know what you looking for and let you know everything you need. 

12. 4 Years relationship with Smelly

 Can't believe we both so single-minded and loyalty , trust each other. 4 years of relationship and I hope I get married to the right one! hint hint* But seriously friend around me start married with their bf and ...it's really too fast leh! I want to get married after 25 and before 27! That's the best year I think! HAHAAHAHAHAHHA LOL

13. Planner-Addict / Stationaries Lover

The reason why I love to blog is because to spread good and useful information to people and answer all your doubt and at the same time to record every moment in my life. I always afraid that I might forget and missed something important in my life..Record everything on a book can help me to relax my mind and be happy!  But due to some privacy somehow I choose not to update negative / scold people/ complain post in my blog. I know no one would love to read it and it's a happy world of me I don't want anyone of you feel angry like what I experience.

So sometime I do love to travel and walk with a diary book. I start understand myself more and want to express myself more and note it down so I start my journey with my lovely traveller notebook and also plan everything for my blog post , updated event and things to do on the year on my personal planner. 

Year 2015 I moved into a personal travelernotebook that record my personal item , feeling and stories while a kate spade planner record all my job and plan my blog post. This year I will be more active on my blog and give myself more time to do some improvement of my singing and language.

 you will feel so happy when the moment you read back the diary.

Apart from that...


#1 Braces 
Soon soon~ maybe after my Japan trip so I can snap nice photo without braces. I consulted on that and it's a 3 years braces. hmmmm...

#2 More time for Smelly , family and Bebe 
Should have more time to accompany smelly because he always complain i always meet my friend and go to event but keep ignore him lol. My mom always complain I always go out but in fact if I didn't go out how can I earn money leh...so funny sometime i can't understand her mind

#3 Learn to give
Learn to be generous and give something back to the world. Either helping people or donate / doing something good because I think I really enjoy helping people around me

#4 WORK harder and clear for my ptptn loan
It's scary because my 4 years study took me 56k. Foundation year 8k and the remain one will go for the 3 year degree. Thanks to government so that I have the opportunity to study in university and now they gave us discount by 20% off if you can pay it all within 2 years. I think I can do it within this two years.

I know it's slightly impossible for me to pay it all but at least la half of it I very happy. I will work harder to make my dream some true so that I never loan on anything and of course if possible I wish to get a car so my bro got a car to drive then my mom won't always complain about it.

#5 Start learning how to record video on youtube
I think I'm interested on this since 4 years ago but I never think of that because I don't want to step out from my comfort zone. I rather type than talk but realise that sometime people lazy to read my blog and photos can't tell it all. So maybe I should create and record more video on that? Of course I wanna make my dream come true, I want to sing with Smelly and record 5 video within this year 2015! 

I know it's slightly weird but the first year we both together we already promise each other will sing our favourite 5 song together lol. Just the recording mic and all the accessories = SO PRICY! I need to save $ and get it done within this year. But i really couldn't talk well in front of the camera... T.T

#6 Plan well for my 2 weeks japan trip 
Okay... I need help on this. anyone of you went japan before? any recommendation? send me an email on that I would love to know before I plan my trip and research on that!! I can't wait

in order to make all my dream come true I really need to save money badly! Okay! This should be my first priority now! LOL

#8 Maintain a closer relationship with my readers , clients and friends

Travel and blog about it before I get a full time job. LOL You see all my resolution have to spend money T.T 

#10 STOP complain and stay positive / happy
I should stop to complain anything and always be positive. STAY POSITIVE on everything!!! WOOOHOOO

p/s: It's 9pm now and I blogging from 4pm until now. LOL!!! I think that's all for this post~ Happy New Year and all the best in 2015 :) Love you, xx.


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