Gift for myself | FURLA Babylon S Trifold (Pastel Pink)

16 January 2015

White top from Singapore | Black Skirt from | Heels from TuesdayCouture

Hello Peeps  Having your supper now? Yeaaaa it's some random update about something that I bought for myself this morning. I think it's bad to spend a lot during the year end and now it's new year...I spent again! I'm waiting this for such a long time. I know it's worth for me to get a new affordable branded small wallet. You know right..things getting smaller and thinner but I hope my wallet can be thicker with cash lol.

I changed my everyday bag from a medium size to a small one and this make me feel trouble to fit in a big zip waller that I bought few months ago. I know I just bought a new wallet few months ago but due to its size + I'm quite greedy so I told myself not to buy unless it's a cheap and affordable one. I don't own any branded wallet and I  hope to get one good quality with pastel colour one since years ago. 

But I never spend my money on that because I always thought it's just a waste. So this morning, passed by Furla @ Pavilion...I saw this small little pastel pink wallet. Of course someone keep told me that my wallet was just too big and ugly for me and most of my friend love their wallet. I never falling in love with any wallet because I just can't find any leather or wallet in pastel pink or nice colour combination. So most of the time I got my wallet from Charles & Keith because their price range was quite affordable like RM150 around that! Just that their wallet always the same large size never fit in my bag nicely!

So I always carry only my money and IC + Lesen when I'm out to some nearer place near my house. Since some of you always ask me to do some what's in my iPhone / What's in my wallet / Wa=hat's in my bag tag so here's my post about my wallet. 

This was the wallet I'm using right now (after shifted everything from the previous one) 

Back to the topic..until today....

I SAW THIS CUTE LITTLE WALLET FROM FURLA. I mean I'm not purposely love the brand but I love the colour and design of the wallet. The texture of the leather = SOOOOO NICE!!! So I checked for the price and it's RM550 for that small little wallet. Slightly out of budget. I feel like my hand want to touch it but my brain force it not to do so. LOL

So I wait for a while and my friend told me since it's new year why not just give myself a reason to get one slightly expensive wallet for myself. Plus, she keep telling me that it's really pretty and it's just specially made for me! LOLLLL

So...end up I bought it home! OMG this cute little pink wallet came to mama now! Okay la I told myself lama lama sekali for myself since I work really hard this few months. Something I love and if it's affordable I will just get for myself. 

But it's really small compare with the one i'm using now. So now I have to think how to shift everything from a big wallet to this small one! lol

 Actually my dream bag was...Balenciaga but it's always my dream. Hope my dream can come true when I have extra money I will get one baby Balenciaga! AHAHAHAHAH But I prefer the texture of the bag is something like this easy to take care. You can't imagine my hot pink longchamp bag now become like dark red colour wtf. I really don't like to take care my bag that's why :'(

Not sure it can fit in all my card anot but definitely can only fit in those important one. But it's really cute and nice. Most important can fits perfectly into my small bag! Those small sling bag. I love to carry smaller bag recently~

I'm loving my baby pink wallet now. Hope it will be good with me! HAHAHAAHHAA Don't get dirty easily ya baby pink lol. Thanks god that it's having sales so I got this cheaper than the original price RM550! If you love small and nice wallet you can think of this but it's really sooooo small! 

But still. I love the colour of this! 

Moving from a large wallet from a small one hope that I can spend less money and earn more $$ in my bank! HAHAHAAH Save all money in bank babeh!!! Just so excited about it and happy to share this little thing with you~ That's all for today, Love xx. 

 ps: do you love my short hair? 


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