TOKYO LUXEY 2nd Meet-up @ Malaysia, KL

28 January 2015

Everyone love about Japan fashion & their beauty stuff. Am I right? I'm here again to blog about this sharing post on the meet-up event with Tokyo Luxey last week. It's my second time meet up with them and can't believe it's 2015 now! Both of the speakers came from Japan just to join us for this little meet-up sharing session. Unlike the first time, this meet-up is more about Japan Fashion Brand & a Hello Kitty Hotel that I think you might be fall in love with.

I'm happy that they welcome everyone with a warm smile and heart and just can't believe that we had this opportunity to meet-up with most of them. During the meet up, I'm able to get in touch with Japanese brands and they introduced us some of the Japan Fashion thing but mostly we just like a sharing session which share about things or brand we like. This time they brought in some bags and clothes from a brand called "Oui, Ayano Ruban". 

Cutest brand ever! I'm really glad that as a member of Tokyo Luxey we can get in touch in so many Japan Brands and the best part is everyone can join this community. It's just like a group of people who love Japan Brand and they are the one who can update us the latest Japan Trend and Fashion item. This time I'm happy to know more about this brand. 

This brand is more on pastel colour with ribbons and HELLO KITTY. Their style is more on Kawaii style! Don't expect it's cheap because most of the Japan Fashion Brand like Liz Liza, Emoda and this priced range around RM200++ For just a top. Yea....blame our currency but to be honest, Japan items is much cuter than others.

At first I thought it was really expensive but my friend told me most of Japan shop selling price was around this range. I was shocked but still really fall in love with the ribbon bag they showed us. It was around RM300++ but i think it worth and it just caught my eyes. 

 It's so gorgeous right? The quality and design of it = SO GOOD. Now I know why it's so pricy! Maybe I should save more from now so the coming half month Japan Trip on April can allow me shop til drop. 

 Goodies bag with a hello  kitty pens and notebook inside :)

Thanks for the lovely dinner and this meet-up. I'm happy that I'm able to get in touch and update with new Japan brands and beauty items. Once again, thanks so much for the time and I'm glad that I'm there to join the meet-up. Hope to see them again. 

For those who want to join this lovely family, Tokyo Luxey feel free to sign up and click on to know more! Have a nice day ;)


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