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20 January 2015

Hello my little Sweethearts  How are you today? I'm feeling so good recently and finally I have some extra time to spend with my family. Last Sunday I went for a new series product launch at Sunway Pyramid and I tagged my mom & bro along too. It's been awhile I never accompany them on our family day so I guess it's time to do so. My bro suggest us to go for a nice cafe so that we can at least enjoy the environment and of course bring my mom to try new things too.

This time we had came out with an idea and decided to go for a lovely cafe, The Owls Cafe @ Bukit Jalil which also nearby my house too. It's my first time but I'm really fall in love with the environment. It's located at second floor nearby the whole shop lot and surprisingly full house on that day. I waited outside for 15-20 mins like that and feel so happy to get in there. Plus, I'm so happy that the last 3 waffles belong to me! HAHAHAHA 

So yea, actually I planned to order their brunch but they told me that brunch serve until 3pm only and waffle will mostly sold out before 5pm. Thanks god, I never disappointed with that their waffles look good, smells good and most important...TASTE GOOD. From my experience the waffle was really big for me. Trust me you might only need to order 2 waffle for 3 person rather than 3 person each. Feel so waste but good to try because I'm able to try 3 diff waffles, Right?


This cafe and environment more like a home and the wall is full of hand paintings , drawings and doodles. Besides, there are tons of owl decoration between our table. The cafe wasn't big but enough to fits most of the person and still feel comfortable walk around there. It's so cozy too!

 My favourite rose tea

除了一些可愛的貓頭鷹 去哪裡的我們最愛的也是他們家的咖啡和waffles
價錢也蠻合理 可愛的地方就在於waffle都有一個好有氣質的名字
像他們家的rebecca , the queen , david 還有我們最愛的milo dinosaur 
價錢也大概18~25這樣 不會很貴或很便宜 
用料大方 冰淇凌夠多讓我每一口都可以吃到 
只是吃多了可能會有點膩 所以最好可以一起和朋友分享一下
記得如果要吃到他們家的waffle 最好下午五點之前去 不然很大可能賣完了
如果早餐提供的時間是到下午三點而已 這就是為甚麼我吃不到的原因
阿啊阿啊啊 只好改次再去試一試咯 至於他們家的waffle味道如何~
我個人蠻喜愛 因為裏面是綿綿的 然後外面不是很硬或太過於脆的那種
就所有的都剛剛好 不是很過於特別但卻讓人容易接受和回味的
好了 華文版分享到此 -

Rebecca Waffle

 The Queen

Milo Dinosaur 

The normal waffle priced at RM10 while other popular waffle like their bestseller Rebecca , The Queen will be around RM18-25. The waffle was so crispy on the outside and inside was super fluffy. It match perfectly with the ice cream too. Don't worry for the amount of ice cream because from my experience it was enough for you to enjoy it with the waffle.  Can't believe the photo turn out so nice and photo credits to my iPhone.

Personally I'm loving the Rebecca waffle because the fruits they use was super fresh and the taste melted my heart! So sweet but my mom told me that it might be too sweet for her while my bro and I were alright with that. So it's all related to a person preference one lorh.

pls ignore my bro's face

So that's all for today's sharing. I definitely will be back to try out their breakfast set with smelly as soon as possible and for sure will ask smelly to try out their coffee (why I'm not a coffee lover *sob*). See you guys there & details as below.

The Owls Cafe

Address: Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, Bukit Jalil, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone:03-9543 9828

P/s - 因為上幾次的食物分享有些讀者比較喜歡我寫華文 但是我不管華文或英文都真的只是半桶水 所以往後都會有一些華文的小段出現在我的文章 希望不會讓你們見笑。


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