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29 January 2015

Good Afternoon Peeps I have trouble waking up myself in this early morning this few months due to my lifestyle recently. I think I need to sleep early start from today. I think I start to realise that due to my late sleeping habit I become lazy. I mean so lazy! I planned and well schedule blog post had delay and I think i need to change this :'( Never been such lazy before and now i'm the lazy Chanwon! 

Please if you see me online or playing with my phone just tell me a good night and time to bed! lol. Today, I'm so calm sitting in front of my lap top and guess it's time to blog about some of my experience on the ME Clinic Facial Spa. I think most of you saw my update on my social media platform like instagram or Facebook and I never blog about it before because you know I always love to try and test for a longer period so that I can be confident with my update and sharing. 

It's important to be a blogger who write honest review and experience on our blog. It's been almost half year+ I have been with Me Clinic for my facial. I never thought that it would be so long and I think it's my 5th time went for their Facial Spa. All I would say is because I'm happy with their service and also because i can always customise for my own version of Facial Spa.

First time I tried their first trial and the price is even cheaper than the normal price. If not mistake the first trial cost RM150. The price range for this facial spa would be within RM150-RM400+ depending on the package you choose and thing you add-on. 

I know my 'alien-forehead' was creepy! But bear with me you will be surprise with the whole experience of their Facial Spa. Since I never try that I'm quite nervous for the first time and it make me feel like i'm back for my double eyelid stitching! HAHAHAHAAHAH But I know la I won't cry during facial time. lol My skin wasn't that back last year but now it's bad again probably it's all because of my lifestyle recently. Should call Vivian @ME Clinic for the facial appointment again. Hopefully won't be fully book before the coming CNY!! 

So since I tried that for quite a long time I'm here to share my experience and review it for you guys. The first time I picked the normal package with no L.E.D Light one. I call the LED light therapy as ULTRAMAN MASK ya! lol i think it should be more fun with that xD and after that the rest they recommended me to go for  Hydra Cure + L.E.D. Light. So they called it as Signature Dermal Healer instead of Hydra Cure.

 This is how the LED Light look like (aka Ultraman Light lol)

Their nurse help me to do the hydra cure first then only let me rest and relax the rest with this LED Light. It turn to red and blue colour and sometime if my skin was in special condition they will only put me in the Blue LED Light. 

This LED Light offers targeted light to target signs of ageing| acne problem | uneven skin tone | lack of moisture or redness of skin.

I don't even know how it look like if no one help me to take photo. I feel so sorry to bother the nurse to help me taking photo but since I'm going to share this with you I asked their permission to do so too. So don't be afraid if you see me full face covered with their signature mask later! lol 

The treatments above took about 1.5-2 hours depend on whether you got add on others treatment anot. Such as, eye treatment or advanced detox for oily and pimple skin. I love their Revitalizing Eye Treatment!! I need to highlight this because this is the first time ever i feel so relax while doing their treatment. I mean like I never thought it could be so great and feel super good after that.

The eye treatment helps to increase the blood circulation on our eye area and reduce dark circles too. I don't have fine line so I'm not sure it help anot but definitely go to try this because the warm machine that move in circular motion on my eye area was SUPER COMFORTABLE AND I FEEL SO RELAX + GOOD!!!

Then what I mean for the customise part of this Facial Spa was , before the treatment the nurse assistant (*Vivian was the one who did the facial for me) then they will consult and diagnose each our's skin. Next they will recommend and pick the best treatment that suit our skin. For example my T-zone area is more oily than other area then they will apply diff type of treatment on each area that i concerned. During each step vivian explained it one by one for me. Although I'm really so relax and sleepy but luckily I'm still able to answer her.

Then the last few facial i'm trusting them so I just ask them to do whatever they want it to be and i WOULD be happy to sleep on the comfortable bed! HAHAHAHAA Not just female, even male are welcome to try their facial spa too. 

Creepy me -.- I love this mask that actually helps me to calm down my skin and I always fall asleep during the last few steps of this facial spa.

Oh yea they are using medical grade products and machines which really hygienic and remember what i told you before? Casing is always their first priority! Seriously I'm really glad that all their nurse was so nice and friendly for me. Even my mom told me the same thing too. Did i told you that I gave my mom a present too? She did her double eyelid stitching at me clinic few months ago. Let me know if you want me to blog about it :)

So yea the whole treatment makes me feel super great and fully recharge after that. It's so comfortable , nice , clean and most important...RELAX! I'm happy that I'm able to take care my skin with the help of their facial spa treatment. 

Oh yea since some of you might need to know the price list for each of the facial spa treatment I get this information direct from the nurse too. 

M.E. Advanced Detox - RM250 ( oliy,pimple skin)
M.E. Hydra Cure - RM250 (sensitive,dehyrated skin)
M.E. Radiance Lifting - RM250 (mature, lack of firm skin)
M.E. Signature Dermal Healer - RM380 ( with L.E.D. Light Therapy/all skin types)
M.E. Revitalizing Eye Treatment - RM88 
Eyebrow Shaping - RM25

First Trial * RM150

Suddenly feel so old now and it's half year now. Unbelievable and they always help me if I need any extra information because normally people won't do extra work one. I think ME clinic has such a nice service all thanks to their friendly nurse and friendly doctors. Oh yea this make me miss my double eyelid doctor, Dr. David who had a magic hand and gave me such a beautiful and natural bright eyes.

Since the overwhelming respond on my previous sharing post about my double eyelid. I told them why not to give special discount to you guys and I'm happy that if you can save more while just mention my name to them and you can enjoy 10% discount on some treatments and RM1000 off on DST double eyelid too.  

I'm here to thanks for allof you who read my blog and went there for treatment. Doctors praise me for my hard work and I never get such a compliments from anyone before. I feel surprise my youtube videos and blog post about things I did to myself can actually helps you. I feel surprise.. Really and some of you actually came to msg me with your eyes and talk to me , thanks me , show me your beautiful eyes, came to bazaar to look for me...

I never thought of that and I don't think i deserve it. But still... Thankiuu so much xx. For more information you can click too.


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