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03 January 2015

Alohaaaa Sweethearts! How are you today? I feel so good within this few days because I well spent my time together with my room. hahaahahha sounds ridiculous but this is what I'm doing a day before the new year eve and the following days. To be honest, I think some of you already knew me so well. I can't stand if my room is messy and dirty. I mean like every beginning of the year I will start to sort out , clean and recycle something from my room. At first I wanna film a house room tour but I really paiseh because my room was so ugly and small.

So I think it's better to do with a blog post on how I sort out and clean my room into ....

Used 3 days to sort everything nicely.

I guess I should share some of the tips on how to clean and sort your item like this. I think it's my own tips la maybe for some reason it's quite useless I guess. HAHAHA but i would like to show you more about my room. So stay tuned for it :) Besides, I found that since the time i start to review on those beauty box subscription I got lots of small mini size beauty product that I got no chance to use (until now haven finish) and my nail polishes. 

There are so tiny and previously I just throw everything in a small box and keep it until I forgot I got them all. I think I only realise that I got such a huge amount of small bottle items like serum , nail polish , blushes and so on. So I think it's best if I got a nice organizer or storage to keep it all and for me to view and grab it easily

I click on the website that I usually shopping with and i google some makeup product storage. I accidentally saw that it's available at Supermodel2u.com as well. Why I never realise this!! Then the pretty owner of this shop gift this for me. She's just too nice and I thought like...Why not I review this for you guys since I guess you might have the same problem as me too.

The box isn't that big and it's quite standard size for me. Few compartment inside and you need to fix it into a complete shape of the cosmetic organizer. 

Instructions book available. Don't worry for this because it's super easy and just 4 compartments. ABCD like a piece of cake!

Let see whether it can be like the before- After photo that printed on the box anot! Shall we?!! Let's get started!!

The small square space on the top suitable for you to keep the small size of your beauty product. I didn't follow exactly like the way they organizer but you know because each of us has diff product available in our room so I just use it to store and keep my eye serum that is small size one , nail polishes, gel eyeliner and some eye shadow that i got from beauty box usually in trial size one.

On the top part beside the square storage space you got two opening cap for you to store a bigger item so you can actually close it with the compartment. Maybe put some cotton pad and Q tube maybe? Or false eyelashes. 

 Moreover, the middle part is the clutter-free, space saving design has slide out compartments too. it can easily secures your lipsticks, blushes, brushes and big makeup eyeshadow palate like my naked 2 palate without hassle. 

See~ everything just look damn good with this 360 rotating organizer. It can help to sort out almost 200 cosmetic essentials and making it easy to grab. JUST GRAB AND GO! 

 AHAHAHHA This is so fun. Rotate rotate and rotate

Even can put my innisfree green tea serum and lotion.

It's so convenient and to be honest I can say bye bye to the ugly box and it make me so hard to find the product that i NEED. With this i CAN EASILY rotate it and get it within few second. Say bye bye to bulky cosmetic bags for good. HAAHAHAH My life seen to be easier now!


- Easier to search for item that you want
- Just rotate then you can see what else you have
- Nice and easy way to store your cosmetic
- Feel so good when everything keep in a nice and tiny organizer
- Quite cheap and reasonable. Just RM99 (10% off when you enter my name as the discount code)

- The rotation somehow might be hard for you if you put too heavy like Heavy Skincare product on the bottom
- Sometime get dizzy because too much rotating on all your product LOL 
- The sound when you are rotating it is quite annoying 

I guess all of you slowly realise I got a serious problem of Obsessive-compulsive disorder. As long as I'm staying in my room i hope everything to be clean , uniform and sort out everything nicely. After i got this I think I need to grab some lipstick storage and organizer for it. I got too many lipstick in my box. lol!!! 

That's all for today and I paste the link below again for your future reference. That's all for today. Love, xx.

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Special thanks to supermodels secrets for the special discount to all my readers!!

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