[REVIEW] Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Advanced Cleansing System

08 November 2014

Hello Sweeties :3  Hhahaahah I'm so happy that my previous post was full of pretty colour photos and today I'm here to review for the last item that I got from my previous beauty product haul @Supermodel2u.com This month I purchased another 5 items from that and I'm going to continue my mood to blog about it but let me test and try each of it first. Since it's the last post of my last month haul review I'm pretty sure I'm already tested this for quite a long time.

Remember the previous cleansing brush from Mary Kay? Before I know about it I actually got to know Olay version one and today I got this, the improved version of the previous first generation Pro-X Olay cleansing brush. Never get enough of this and I gave the Mary Kay one for my mom and as usual she use it once a week while me...I purchased this because this will be one of the good alternative for everyone too.

I know some of you having a hard time to get Mary Kay product but if you wish to grab it fast and a better version one I personally thought that this Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Advanced Cleansing System will be another good alternative for you. Since it's an improved version I'm pretty sure it won't disappointed me! *if not i won't pay for it! :p

 I swear I have to make it short! So  here's some of the main reason why it's attractive for me! lolx

1. Microdermabrasion Foam Head
2. Exfoliation 7x better than our scrub alone
3. 3 speed available for daily use and exfoliation
4. Package came with 2 facial product (Cleanser & Polisher)
5. Alternative /improved and Better version for my previous choice too
6. I apply discount code so I get cheaper than the original price :p 
7. Daily use when you press the lowest speed and higher speed for exfoliation once every week

(Hint: They always have promo during special event and holiday promo so stay tuned on that and get more discount when purchase during that period. This is how I'm able to save a little bit when shop online)

For this improved version of Pro-X it and extra two items which are the polisher and microdermabrasion foam head

3 Speed Facial Cleansing System Brush
Microdermabrasion Foam Head
Cleansing Brush Head
2 AA Duracell Batteries
Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser(0.68 fl. oz.)
Thermal Crystal Polisher(0.68 fl. oz.)

Advanced Cleansing Brush Head & Microdermabrasion Foam Head

 3 Speed Facial Cleansing Device

Let's try and get started with me!

What I think about this new advanced version of Olay Pro-X
For the first time I tried this (with their cleanser and polisher) I'm really shocked on it. It leave my skin so smooth and feel so clean on it especially the olay polisher that came with this package. Firstly, I have to say that I didn't get a chance to purchase their previous version so I can't compare it with the previous one but I compared this with my normal brush that I reviewed last time and I'm loving it.

Both having 'almost the same' type of design but this with an extra choice of using it daily or one/twice a week depend on whether you want to go for a daily cleansing or weekly exfoliation. Next thing I have to mention is their polisher and cleanser. I think this work better with both of their Olay product. It's my very first time try olay product but it never disappointed me. I love how the polisher help me to get a smoother skin.

Especially my chin area and nose area. I use fastest speed on my chin area and lowest speed on the side of my nose area. After the polisher I can feel my skin become super duper smooth. Seriously their cleanser never shock me but their polisher really have to give them a thumbs up! The polisher texture look like all those tiny little salt that help you to massage the skin and helps to exfoliating our skin. It gently polish away imperfections, dull patches and it claim to work 7x better than our scrub alone.

Same as others brush device this make my skin look brighter after cleansing with it but normally this is what I get when I use cleansing device to clean my face. Surprisingly after 1 month of application my blackhead seems lesser this is what I didn't get when I'm using my previous cleansing device. And for your information within this 1 month I exfoliating my nose area twice every week so my blackheads seems to be lesser. (*Tried and tested with the polisher attached in this box)

Since my skin didn't have problem with uneven skin tone I can't tell you on this issue. Some of the review told that it will improve the condition of uneven skin tone. 

Use the lowest speed for lighter cleansing,or try the Advanced Cleansing Speed (fastest speed) for a deep clean. Advanced daily cleansing gentle enough for daily use on days when microdermabrasion treatment not used. Microdermabrasion treatments should be limited to twice or once a week.

 Remember try to use their Microdermabrasion speed setting for a visibly brighter and more even skin tone. 

Last but not least I'm loving the outcome after exfoliating my face using this Pro X cleansing system! HAHAHA I try to make my review more informative and shorter so you guys won't skip my review!! Hope this help you to make a better choice when getting your desire cleansing device. I pretty sure it's a good alternative for everyone of you.

For those who interested you can click on the link below to have a look / purchase it from :-  http://www.supermodel2u.com/Olay-Microdermabrasion-Pro-X-Advanced-Improved-Cleasing-system/q?pid=149&doit=order

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Special thanks to supermodels secrets for the special discount to all my readers!! 
That's all for today. Love , xx.

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