December 28, 2015

Hello Sweetie! Finally I'm done with the editing part for this step-by-step hair tutorial video. It's now up on my Youtube Channel: Chanwondotcom. For those who subscribed and watched this video I'm here to say a big Thankiuuu and stay tuned for the next video. Oh yea, for those who wonder here's the product that I used in this video.

  1. Kerastase Hair Oil
  2. LUCIDO-L Hair Lotion
  3. Loreal Professional Hair Spray

Loving the LUCIDO-L product. I bought it at Watsons and this is my 3rd bottle! It's so cheap and most important, it protect my hair from overheating and at the same time give them a nice curl shape. My hair really flat and this is the product that I use more than the loreal hair spray. I always use this before I curl my hair and without this my curl won't be so long lasting.

In this tutorial, I'm using a thin hair straightener because I'm going to create a big curl on the bottom part of my hair. The main focus is all about the bottom part of my hair. So basically, I have no trick on this but just keep using the same straightener to curl your hair and if it's messy don't worry. Just play with the curl like how I did on this video. If you have 18mm hair curler you can use it to replace my hair straightener too. Anything :D 

So here's the end of my post regarding this video. I recorded few clip about my hair. Next will be uploading some of my hair routine with other hair iron eg.curler . Thanks all for today. Love, xx. 

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