Yadah Birthday Party 2013 ♥

26 May 2013

Yoooo My Sweeties Have you join the Yadah Birthday Party yesterday @ Sasa Cheras Leisure Mall?? I went there and tagged Bobo together and we had so much fun during the event. I guess most of you know who's the little red hair girl Yadah. I know her from the previous Yadah x Sasa Blogger Event and I never thought that we can celebrate her birthday together!!! It's actually a late celebration because her birthday is actually on May3.

I meet Yadah everyday because I'm using the Yadah Sunblock with SPF40++ one. At first I'm just thinking to give it a try since I bought something from hermo.my then I just pick up a sunblock from Yadah. After that I'm really impressed with the outcome on my face. I'm really happy that they're having the promotion for their sunblock product yesterday!! Except for some special promotion♥ I saw the Yadah Make Up Bag but too bad they didn't sell it. I think I need a square makeup bag my current makeup bag too small and the zip spoiled -.- So fast?!

OMG such a happy time together with all sweeties & bloggers too. I'm still waiting for the photo because I get myself a manicure session on that event and after that my nail took 30 minutes to dry -.- So I can't hold my camera to take photo with them :'( I just stand there , walk around waiting it to dry. Shouldn't do my nail on this awesome day!!! Arghh but thanks Elaine♥ because she's the one never feel trouble when we keep on asking her to help us capture the photo!! Thanks babe~

There are a looooooooooooot fun activities.Since it's a birthday party of course we have cake-cutting celebration with Yada. Other than that there are Hanbok fitting session + Instax photo booth by Monohue Studio , manicure session by Snips Salon ,performances by @ddols and also each of us can have such a cute Yadah Cupcakes & goodies bag !! I'm surprise with the crowd but because of that I can't have a place to sit down and hear their performance then end up I get a manicure for myself. Lol

I think I should stop crapping now!! It's Photo Time :P

YADAH REALLY SOOOOO CUTE♥♥ See her expression. HHAHAAH So cute hor?!! They put the huge yadah cake together with those colorful cupcakes on the table. At the same time I'm getting hungry with those colorful cupcakes but I really can't resist the cuteness of Yadah. The cake so pretty !! How can I able to eat it.
Happy Birthday Yadah
The photo that yadah is cleansing and washing her face is really cute and of course her super duper excited face on the birthday cakes too!
 I didn't manage to try their hanbok because I go for the manicure session :P But I really think that their hanbok is really cute!! Have you try?
Manicure Time
 The event until 5.30pm but we leave there 1 hour earlier. Then Bobo bring me walk around because I very less time can come leisure mall since it's really far from my house :'( Every place seem so far from my house but luckily I able to enjoy this few weeks and joined some of event recently. Last but not least, Thanks so much for the birthday celebration and Yadah is inside my stomach right now. HAHAHAHA I don't want to go to toilet x)  [I'm just joking]

Thanks for everything and NICE TO MEET YOU Sweeties ♥♥
Lovely Chency
Lovely Valarie 
Lovely Stella♥

Grab and copy some photo from them :P Thanks for the coming and Hope to see you soon

Tried - Just Like It - Ice cream tooBobo Order the popcorn ice cream , taste really yummy and tasty!!! Nice place to chit chat and the background behind us look so special. So we can selca there :P HAAHAHAHAH
After that met with the girls Nice to meet them too! All pretty hot chick beside me I feel so happy until can't sleep ! HAAHAHAHAH Too bad less one pretty hot girl Munmun ~
Annie Carina  Me♥  Bobo Eugenie

That's all for today. Happy week spent with all lovely sweeties and YOU :) Have a nice day. Love, xoxo.