Thirty8 ,Grand Hyatt ♥

15 May 2013

Heloooooo Lovely ♥ I know what are you waiting for :) Last week after finished my finals I finally have the chance to hang out with my flowers! OMG I have been craving for dessert since long~~ time ago but I don't have any idea on that :'( I'm so outdated & every time I saw people went here and there but I always never note down the place. So end up we decide to have our first move to Thirty 8 @ Grand Hyatt ♥ (somewhere near pavilion).

Saw a lot pretty sexy ladies went there to try their best selling dessert. I just can't control myself , I love dessert (who hate it huh?!) but some of it we don't think it taste really nice. I heart on one of the dessert which is sooooooo damn DELICIOUS , TASTY , AWESOME , almost melt my heart x10000!! Even now I'm blogging I keep think of that too! Just craving for that!!!
 I personally love the interior design of this place. It make the environment feel really comfortable and most of the people there quite friendly. Even when I'm going to toilet (I don't know my way), they actually not just point us the road, they bring and let us follow them until the toilet's door which I really shocked! Lol Normally people just point left / right / or walk straight but they actually walk together with you. Of course it's a female.
 HOHOHO!! Their signature cakes and Thanks Bobo because she actually order for us. We all just sit there like a boss because Weiwei & I don't have any idea on what to order. Lol 
 Once I got the menu I just keep turn the page until I saw 'DESSERT' hahahahaha! I think their dessert is not really expensive. If you go there with your friends , total amount you can divided it so that you can try more than 1-2 dessert & at the same time you can share for the total amount. I don't think we or even you can finish one dessert. So now you can plan to go with your friends to try out their dessert.
Other than dessert I think most of their food consider quite expensive . Overall I just went there to try out their dessert la! Other I don't bother about it :P I'm so hungry now T^T I want their straight from the oven chocolate cake!!!

We sit on the middle of the place and facing the big windows. The view of the place can actually spot the KLCC just BEHIND YOU! OMG I love their window because all the pretty light make us feel pretty as well. HAHAHAH Especially selca (self capture) at there. The lightning so bright and no need to wait so long for your order. Just love it but I need to control myself a little bit. I'm really craving their dessert now T^T That chocolate cake! MY GOD!!!
 Warning: Please be prepared...Those dessert will make you feel hungry!! I want that chocolate cake T^T

So yea, here's our order :
Straight from the oven chocolate cake, raspberry sorbet, vanilla anglaise 
Thirty8 Signature Cake  
 3 (RM18)
Banana, Pineapple  and Coconut Crumble 

 #1 As I mention previously , I love the straight from the oven chocolate cake so muchbut the full name of it really so long. Lol If you ask me to rate I will give all 5 star for this dessert than others. It even better than the most popular dessert , their signature cake.
I personally recommended for all of you. This is not really expensive RM25 and it WORTH for that price. YOU MUST TRY THIS OUT . When I say must it means really really nice. 

The chocolate not really so heavy but the melting chocolateon the middle of the cake mix with the outer, crispy part of it taste like HEAVEN! SUPER DUPER DELICIOUS AND YUMMY! Don't missed this! It's really so freaking awesome until I want to hug and kiss them! Lol
The moment it melt on your mouth together with the melting chocolate & cake, what can I say it's just PERFECT COMBINATION EVERRRRRRRRRR
The raspberry ice cream taste really fresh. Once you feel bored with all the sweet sweet chocolate taste you can put a little bit raspberry ice cream on your mouth! OMG! HEAVEN X2 

#2 Next is their Thirty8 Signature Cake
The dry ice successfully make the cakes look damn nice but unfortunately the caramel on the cakes taste too sweet. IT TASTE TOOOOOOOO SWEET. Can say that it sweet until you tried and you don't want to touch it again. Sweet until you can't taste anything. The cake isn't really a cake is kind of mousse cake so it's totally diff with the straight from oven chocolate cake :)  
It look really nice but taste too sweet for ALL OF US. Not just me. How good if the sweetness can reduce a little bit.I guess all sweetness is came from the caramel.
Nice to take photo but too sweet to eat. So we just try few bite then leave it on the table. Feel so waste but really too sweet. I can't even taste anything and keep drinking water after that. For those who prefer super sweet dessert maybe you can try this out.
When it didn't taste really nice , we just snap photo with it. LOL I still prefer the #1 chocolate cake!! Remember to try that out when you plan to go ya :)

#3 Last dessert - Banana, Pineapple & Coconut Crumble .
The ice cream come together with this dessert. Bobo and other friends think it taste nice but WeiWei & I feel weird on this dessert. I don't know how to explain but I just think it taste weird maybe I dislike the banana taste mix with other taste. Lol sound really weird but banana lover might love this :)

After tried all of their dessert , it's PHOTO TIME!! My camera snap until half the turning button stop function -.- It need go for warranty. My god I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT. Don't know how long I should wait but once the button won't turn I can't change filter or effect for my camera. Haix, forget about this sad thing. 

 Here's the detail and location :-
Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
12 Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
 Tel: +60 3 2182 1234 
Fax: +60 2182 1288

Some of the photo we took on that day :)  

Ms. Bobo Please be happy as much as you can.
I know it's a hard time for you to accept everything happened last few weeks 
But trust me everything will pass and soon you will enjoy your life now.

God want you to learn from the mistake and experience something you don't know.
Learn to be independent and forgive.

I don't know what to do to make you happy because we can't always together with you.
The distance between 3 of us quite far
But one thing we want you to know is 

As long as you feel happy 
We will always be there for you

Don't moody for so long your friends, your reader & your fans will so sad too :P

虽然过程很难熬 但你又不是敖不过
只要你相信自己 多么难走的路也可以走过

不管是爱情,学业 , 事业, 友情 等等等
你的就是你的 不用羡慕人家 不用觉得人家好


每个阶段, 每个人都有自己的烦恼
包括我 所以我也还在学习