FOOD Of The Week♥ #FOTW

20 May 2013

Hey Sweeties :) I'm totally broke after this weekend but I'm quite enjoy about it. I'm really stress about my studies & my holiday gonna end soon but I just choose to ignore it because I decided it and no regret for everything from now. So, once I done my exam ,SERIOUSLY my very first time that I'm fully utilize my day

You notice that I have my class every weekday (Monday-Friday) and that's the reason why it limit and make me unable to attend on some blogger event previously. BUT I'm really so happy that this few day I'm able to spend some time with my friends & attend to some beauty event. Spending my time with my friends is the best thing ever ! We talk a lot and of course eat a lot! I attended my friend's farewell & my BFF 21st Birthday Party , outing with my friends who going to Korea few months later , joined CANMAKE Blogger Event , done few review on my post , giveaway and last but not least EAT , EAT , EAT♥ + EATING ALL THE WAY lolx

Finally I gained all my weight back after my final examination. Within a week I gained back my weight but not on my body ... IT'S ON MY CHUBBY FACE -.- Seriously, how come my face so chubby. I have no idea about it. I just hope that my face isn't chubby at all so that I can make the weight on the part I need. HAHAAHA For instance, boobs or my hand. But I think girl always complain about it. I never complain but I always complain about my fat face.All the fats went to my super chubby cheek. When I smile in front of mirror I just feel like slapping myself. So that I can get a slimmer face! HAHAHAAHAH So now I think my face gained a lot of fats. I ignored it and don't sit in front of mirror now! Lol

Have you had your dinner yet? If not, please do so because this post gonna be a FOOD POST. I know I shouldn't make it long but I combine all the food and place I visited this week. I'm so surprise especially the delicious cheese sandwich from Ben's & the Egg Benedict from three little pig!

Are you ready? Let's get started 

As you know that I very outdated & I never remember the name of the place one I don't know which place nice to chill with or which place nice to eat. So most of the time I depending on my partner! I'm not really choosy, I can eat anything as my lunch/brunch or dinner but please no spicy except for Uncle Jang. I have no idea which place nice to date with my girls because I'm getting old and my  brain can't remember all beautiful and nice place !! Lolx

So few days ago my University's friend, Casey & I went to Bangsar Village. I went there once for the Yadah x Sasa Blogger Event but after that never go there again because it's so far from my house. I heard someone told me that inside the shopping mall got lots of nice place and food The place look like Publika but slightly diff. Publika a lot people but this Bangsar Village feel very comfortable, not much people and no crowd
Walk til the end we choose this Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf Super long name! But it's so cute even the interior design have the drawing of 3 piggys & a big wolf! Awwwwww I'm just so happy once I enter the place.
 I hate menu without any photo because I don't know what to choose :'( I'm 60% full after my lunch and I remember that time still early to take my dinner so I order the egg benedict
 Some photo took on that day :)
 See this?!! So cute right? Have angry birds on the sky and even the gangnam style! LOL
 I think the most comfortable part & I love the most is this corner. AHAHAHAH A very beautiful wall behind the brown sofa and I think my outfit match very well on it. AHHAAH The pink pillow too :P
 Repeat " Have you had your dinner?" HAHAHAAHA

About their food..
I'm really surprise because I never expect the egg benedict♥ can be ..... SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS. When they put it in front of me , I'm totally shocked because yolk part of the egg look sooo AWESOME. The taste .. DELICIOUS til drop!

See this ! OMG once I poke it within 1 second everything come out! The bread absorb the yolk as much as possible then when you bite it together..Everything taste so PERFECT!
 Casey ordered this Soft Shell Crab Salad. Looks really delicious but I hate vegetable so :S I never try this out but she say it's nice :P

Yesterday before the event we went to Ben's I saw a lot sweeties check in and tagged on instagram with many diff kind of desserts & cakes! I want to try their delicious cake but I haven take my lunch yet so I changed my mind & ordered the sandwich. I order the sandwich is the normal one I think on the top of their sandwich column my is the #1. I forgot what's the name of it LOL

But it's so delicious. I can even finish it -.- So full after that! I want to try their dessert also cant :( Not enough space! Lol

My order  

 Vinny's Order

 Fisherman's Catch

Nothing much can say because everything shows on the photo above. I'm really hungry right now T^T I WANT THE SANDWICH again. How if every single morning I can have this as my breakfast. I'm sure it's the best thing in my life. Lolx

After that it's dessert time. Heading to Marmalade @ Bangsar Village as well to enjoy our delicious chocolate cupcakes. It located on the corner at the end of the floor. I forgot which floor or it but you can ask the information counter if you wish to go there. I love the pastel color inside the place.

Their table is mint blue pastel color and all the wall & wallpaper is yellow pastel color. Looks so lovely and I'm just sitting between all PASTEL COLOR! OMG I'm crazy!
 Not much people there but it's the best time to enjoy your dessert in a place FULL OF PASTEL COLOR. HAHAAHAH Their cakes not bad just RM5 only but don't have much choice of it. I think got 5-8 type of cakes only :( I want more eh~
 So nice right? Other than cakes they have some spaghetti and special drinks too :P Or you can ask for sky juice! HAHAHAAHAH

 And of course how can I forgot my Fairy Beauty's product as everyday supplement. No need to intro this again because everyone can feel the result of it. I'm keep remind myself to take this everyday. It's my 3rd month having this I'm totally in love with it! Just that the taste of the fairy blossom I not really like but no choice I have to drink it if not I will die during my Menstrual cycle period.
This show that 
I'm totally crazy about it. 

Thanks so much Fairy Beauty for this amazing product <3
Love it as much as myself!

That's all for today♥ Love, xoxo.