Digi SmartPlan for Samsung Galaxy S4 & HTC One♥

08 May 2013


Herloo Sweeties♥♥!! OMG did you hear and went to the Samsung Galaxy S4 official launch event last week? I'm very regret that I didn’t get to have a look on the latest Samsung S4 phone! I heard about the special unique phone features and of course it’s really attractive with the new wave motion and those eye sensor features!! The official Samsung GALAXY S4 launch is 27 April, DiGi Store @ Sunway Pyramid from 10am :') So regret that I never attend the event! Should go there maaaa :'(

Planning to get one for yourself now?!!!!

I'm here to have a good news for you guys!! Please be patient and THANKS DIGIfor the awesome plan!! Now they launch the special promotion for GALAXY S4!! The latest Samsung GALAXY S4 with DG SmartPlan from as low as RM 1,199 

OMG!! Such a good deal with Digi~ Other than that, this awesome device bundle with new DG SmartPlan that offers all-in-one plan; up to 6GB, 600 mins and 600 SMS PLUS free music with DEEZER!!! OMGG IT’S 6GB?!!!! 

I one month only use 1G data!! Suitable a lot for those who using  mobile to online :P I prefer to sign contract with digi because digi plan always the best choice for student like us!! AM I RIGHT? You only need to pay RM1,199 then can get the latest GALAXY S4! SOOOO NICE *wink wink*

GREAT  NEWS from Digi~ NON STOP!! DIGI ALWAYS SURPRISE US WITH ALL THE AWESOME PLAN~ Digi also available plan for the new HTC ONE!! OMG!! 

Faster go visit the nearest digi store and get the new HTC One with DG SmartPlan from as low as RM 1,269. Device bundle with new DG SmartPlan that offers all-in-one plan; up to 6GB, 600 mins and 600 SMS PLUS free music with DEEZER.

Besides, both  plan (Galaxy S4 & HTC One ) HAVE Free DEEZER with DG SmartPlan “Discover millions of songs with DEEZER!! So nice! Love you DigiJ

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? I’m so excited can’t wait to tell this awesome plan with my parents and friends now!! Hmmm~ Two phone looks really nice I can’t decide which one to get now! Lol

That’s all for today, Love xoxo

For more detail , please check at : digi.com.my/samsungs4