May Mivva Box - Happy Mother's Day♥

12 May 2013

Herlooo Sweethearts A very special day for us! I'm here to wishes all the beautiful and pretty mummy , Happy Mother's Day Have a blast today and if you don't wanna feel regret go hug your mom and kiss her now! Teehee *

A very special day and of course most happy is I finally done all my final exam paper and now I can celebrate my day with my family :) How about you? For my own family they don't have those big big celebration even if I buy a cake at the end I eat myself -.- But everytime our celebration will be like having a simple dinner at a beautiful place. I'm not still thinking where my daddy plan to go!! I'm so hungry and super duper excited to show you guys this Month's Mivva Box !

I received this two days ago but I haven't done all the editing and pack my stuff after I done my final paper on Friday. Today I wake up super early and start to thinking how to edit the photo. I wanna you guys to feel that it's full of warmness when you reading this post. So I purposely make the photo look abit dreamy with my camera's filter and the color tone will be more warm compare to the previous one :) Hope you like it & enjoy reading :3
 Guess I'm feel so excited everytime I pick up my parcel from the postmen and once i got it (even I haven brush my teeth) I will straight away run to my room and Unbox it! HAHAHAH Happy Girl want to hide herself when unbox something! Lol

For those who didn't received the latest design of mivva box, HERE YOU GO! This month all the mivva box will be having the same , which is the latest lovely version one! So nice right?! The box design is like every girl's makeup bag  ! HAHAHAHA I spot a little bit diff from the previous mivva box, they changed the black mivva paper to the pastel yellow color. I really love the combination of all the pastel series color since long long time ago..
 Product delivery with a good condition, the side of the box have no spoiled :) I'm pretty sure they improve it because previously the part side of the box have some part spoiled. Now they even improve the way they delivery to us! Thanks Mivva :)
 Product description card with a light pink flora design. It look like mirror and I love this quote
Mothers hold their children's hands for a while BUT their hearts FOREVER

This month's mivva box would be much more suitable as a Mother's Day gift for your mom because some of their product not so suitable for our age :)
 Open up inside the product subscription box, I can see this month I get 7 mini products , no full size bottle but a full size handmade soap! Once i read through the description , my mind and pick up some product to let our lovely mummy try! If it's good I will go ahead to purchase the full size one for them, right?

Let get it started
Other than the product description , I get 2 skinlab voucher again!! One is RM20 discount & another one is 20% discount ! Remember all the natural and organic ingredient product I got from skinlab with all the voucher I collected from every beauty box?

I kept it inside one of my file so that I can easily find it :) I still remember previously Mivva gave us the RM20 cash voucher spend on number 76 salon & also the underarm treatment!! I'm gonna use both of the voucher next week!! AAHAHAHAHAH One of the tips for you so that you can save more from it :) Keep all the voucher and remember to see the expired date so that you won't missed it :)
 Others small booklets and vouchers!
This you can collect 6 chop to get an free full size bottle of the product. This product worth alot! Will talk about this later :) 
 Oh! Mivva introduce us this new brand!! I never heard of it.. Do you? Or I'm so outdated? Lol They got their special collection / promotion on this Mother's Day! 
 Beside this mivva surprise me again with the special customization Card OMG! WHY you so sweet? Lol I don't know why I just think of purchase items but forgot the most traditional type of gift, which is a meaningful touching card! How can I didn't notice it T^T 

Thanks so much mivva for this lovely card! Inside still can stick your own photo print from your printer and all the column that I can fill in with my 'pretty' handwriting! Lol I'm so touch when I notice I got myself a card instead of others! They included a cute mini flora cup too! HAHAHAH !Teehee
 Product Included :-
Claire Organics Handmade Soap
Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask
Aupres Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum
Nature's Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub
Garden Of Eden JOJO E serum
O'Slee Rosehip Hydra-White Cleansing Powder
Somang Danahan RGII Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle Line Cream

 Extra: Some of you will get another product which is Privia Perfect Magic Peeling Gel instead of the Aupres Set ya * :)
 #1 & #2  Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask
Aupres Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum
(RM95 for 80G while the serum is RM150 for 130ml)

First of all this is the first product I feel much comfortable with. Both of it pack inside a transparent bag and inside got an additional card which you can get a 10 mins facial massage & 3 additional sample pack of their brand's product. 
I can't say anything with the spot serum although I have dark spot problem but this bottle is the sample size so I can't tell you it's effective or not. One thing I need to say is the serum absorb really fast and easy to blend through your hand. It's not really like a lotion form but it's very gentle and fast absorption. On the description paper it wrote it contain various whitening ingredients to inhibit the dark sports and can improve skin dullness while preventing melanin production.  

I apply serum before I apply the sleeping mark while before I apply the serum I mixed with my Laneige skincare product but still it works on my face. This brand won't be like other's brand serum which MUST use together with the same brand. But if you want more good and effective result people still will recommend you to use the same brand :) 

I used it for three time, my skin didn't appear any magic , my dark spot still there maybe because this is sample la..Can't really see result & I only used 3 time nia! but the sleeping mark is AMAZING. I'm currently using the laneige one and this sleeping mask works almost the same. It hydrate your face and the next morning I wake up with a SUPER SMOOTH skin! It didn't really brighten my skin because it's just for hydrating purpose.

The one disadvantages on this sleeping mask is the absorption is kind of slow or should I say maybe it's too hydrating that's why. I apply it 15 mins before I sleep but after that I still can feel the stickiness of the sleeping mask on my fast compare with my current sleeping mask. It make me to have a hard time to turn my head on either right or left. It means my face & sleeping position must be facing my ceiling. Lol I really can't control myself to turning left or right when sleeping. 

The next morning of course my face is sooooooooooooo smooth! So hydrating :) It improve the adsorption of my daily skincare product too. Even I can easily apply my daily make up without feel any dry part on my face! Thumps up for this sleeping mask!

#3 Nature's Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub
RM76 for 250ml

Next product is this skinlab's product again! I think skinlab product do included many time in mivva beauty box. Their brand have too much product to try with and if you think the bottle too big and too exp , you afraid to feel regret after buying them I think you should start to subscribe for a beauty box! HAHAHA Because it would be a good chance for you to try those product (normally) generally people will tend to purchase. For me I didn't try to purchase any scrub product previously and now I got the chance to try it.

I apply it like my body shampoo. The scrub did very well in refreshing my body's skin. Don't put it on your face ya! It's for body one! Lol I just noticed that this is their BEST SELLING body scrub. OMG?! I will be recommended you to use 2-3 time per week. I think this bottle can hold for one month. 

I can feel it really works on me because it's my first time to use scrub product on my body. So definitely I can feel the diff especially on my feet and my arm part (oh and my leg). The darkness of my arm reduce and this form of scrub won't feel any pain and I can't see my skin turns red

So far I feel it's still good to make my body skin look healthier.  I will keep using it until it finished then use the vouchers (rm20 off or 20%) to purchase the full size one!!! 

#4 O'Slee Rosehip Hydra-White Cleansing Powder
RM49.90 for 55G

The 4th product is this O'slee Rosehip product! Last time I received the toner O'slee Rosehip ( April mivva box) and I pretty much fall in love with  the relaxing smell of  their product but this May's product is not liquid form. It's POWDER! 

Oh. It's something new again. I guess it should mix with the water then apply it on your face. Am I right? HAHAHAAH If not I afraid I'm a white powder face's ghost! LOLLLL This special powder contains coconut and cinnamon botanic extracts. It can remove blackheads without DRYING your skin.

The most important is it have a pH value 5.5 :) I think you know what's that but so far I not really comfortable using the powder form of cleansing product because I feel weird. HAHAAHAH I don't know why but I tried on my hand so I don't know it will remove the blackhead or not. You can try it out :) I'm gonna share this product with my friends because they wanna try some product which can gently remove blackhead.

For those who dislike those blackhead remove product or those nose sticker mask you maybe can have a look on this. It's really gentle :) But it's powder form ya... So it's a bit messy when using it. The one thing I don't really like is I don't know how much water I should mix together with the amount of powder. I afraid it become too much of water or it become too many powder. Need to have a look on it :)

#5 Garden Of Eden JOJO E serum
RM39.90 for 15ml & RM63.90 for 32ml

Last two product is this serum. Which I think more suitable for those who have stretch marks or a very very dry & itchy skin. I love vitamin E product because I have my own vitamin E cream and lotion which use to reduce and whiten my stretch marks on both of my leg. HAAHAHAH 

If you finding something not in a cream form , you can try this serum because it contain 100% CONCENTRATED of vitamin E. Which works much more better than those cream of course :) The Natural Vitamin E & Grape Seed Oil can provide an effective antioxidant protection to the skin's collagen. 

I think I will try this out soon. I not really familiar with those serum but I put 2-3 drops on my hand and paste it on my specific stretch marks so that I can more focus on the result! But one thing I'm sure it work much better than the usual cream I have. Just that I feel oily on my leg due to too much stretch marks I had T^T But don't worry you just go ahead and do your task then soon it adsorb deeply by your skin

#6 Somang Danahan RGII Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle Line Cream
RM349.90 for 35ml

SHOCKED me with the price of this product! Lol it's one of the famous product in this korean brand :) This is a BOTOX-like cream (no wonder it's so exp la) & it have double function which can helps you on whitening your skin and deep wrinkles especially those expression line around your mouth , forehead and in between your brows.

I think I haven need this although I have many line in between my brows! but the price of this really exp T^T One bottle of this = to my every month's pocket money! HAHAHAHAH Why girls have to care and concern so much for our face?! OMG

I can't tell any result for this since I didn't try it on my face but for those who have serious problem about your expression line you might need to try this out :) Maybe you can google more about this cream or ask mivva where to get it because I don't see any shop selling this...You guys saw this before?? hmmm~

 #7  Claire Organics Handmade Soap
RM16-RM22 for 100G

Last but not least!!! the organics handmade soap!!!I got myself the Mulberry Yogurt Soap :) They have diff kind available on their store and each of them have diff function. My Mulberry Yogurt Soap is best for whitening & anti-aging

Some others like Aloe Vera Shea Butter Soap ( Antioxidant , Damage Repairing , Gentle Cleansing ) | Guinness Stout Soap with Organic Raw Honey (Revitalising , Anti-Acne) | Rose Hips Soap with Osmanthus (Nourishing , Gentle Cleansing) & etc.

The handmade soaps use fresh and natural high-quality ingredients so that it doesn't harm your skin in long run! I haven try this out because it wrote on the description there it required a CURING PERIOD. almost 3-4 weeks before it's ready to use. So, it's best use AFTER 20 May!! 8 more days!! HAHAAH

Will update my skincare routine and many many many post soon :) Stay tuned ya~ 
 Oh & this little cute flora cup! Thanks mivva for the surprise on this May's beauty box. As I told you I will never get disappointed on it . In fact, it surprise me all the way from the 1st beauty box until now!

I'm happy to try everything and this month have special powder form cleansing product , a lovely and meaningful card for our lovely mom , the amazing sleeping masks and Mivva's true heart! Thanks again and hope this review helps you :) That's all about today!

Love, xoxo.

For more information, click on Mivva to subscribe for this coming month JUNE beauty box :) Have a nice day!

Happy Mother's Day