♥ ADORE IMAGENE Contact Lens Review & Giveaway

17 May 2013

Hello Sweetheart  :) I think most of you start realize that my eye recently look brighter and larger. Did you notice that I start using a brand new Italy fashion lens?! How many of you heard about it before? I think I updated my instagram that I grab another 3 pairs of this ADORE IMAGENE♥ lens after I tried! 
I'm really happy and feel so glad that I'm one of the selected blogger to collaborate with this brand new contact lenses :) It's pretty awesome because you know that previously I had serious eye infection due to the contact lenses which not suitable for my eyes.

It's a very serious problem for me because I  never get problem with any lens until last year I got problem with one on the contact lens which I  bought from an optic shop. I'm shocked because I thought it was safe for me to buy lens from an optic shop but unfortunately it's really a bad experience EVER. The first day I wear my eye feel so pain, I take it off my eye become like the photo above until almost 2 week plus my eye can't wear any contact lens. The lens not expire, and i wear it for the very first time.

After that experience, FROM THAT DAY ONWARD , I can't wear any contact lens more than 6 hours. Once I wear it more than 6 hours my eye start turn red and slowly I feel dry even I'm not in air-con room. So I throw all my lens and change to the daily lens.(throw and used daily)

BUT i think most of you notice that the daily lens is really cost me a BOOM! One box (5 pair / 10 pieces) cost me around RM30-35 depend on what color I choose. Then I finished one box within a week so consider I need to have 4 box (RM30X4=RM120) per month. RM120 for me is really expensive but I have no choice because my eye really can't wear those other lens except daily lens.

I'm wearing the daily lens before I get to know this brand . At the same time the daily lens too I can't wear more than 7 hours. I calculate and note down everything because I'M SERIOUSLY AFRAID my eye gonna get infection again! It's really a bad bad bad experienced for me and I thought I gonna lose my eyes T^T  sounds scary. 

So now I'm going to intro this new contact lens which I started to wear it since last 3 weeks. I'm really happy and satisfied with the result & of course I did purchase it again with my own money. I even start to recommended it to my friends and ask them to grab it before the end of the promotion. So today I'm going to share this review to you , hope it can help you and of course I did summarize it with the pros & cons in this review.

Let get Started

 I really get impressed by the packaging of the lens. Especially this grey color elegance protective case. I swear this is my first time get to know this kind of packaging. It works very well as a contact lens protection. I'm really happy that such a reasonable price I can get this kind of quality. I'm just so happy 
 I think this grey case look nice. Am I right?

 It's not just comes with a style & elegance case!! The detail and quality is the most important thing that we need to concern about♥ because we wear the lens not the case :P Am I right? So here's some of the important detail which you need to look about it when you purchase any contact lens.

  • 14.5mm diameter for creating a natural & beautiful eyes
  • 55% water content for all-day comfort
  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Clear, unobstructed vision
  • 4 colour available

It come with 4 diff colour which design to be the most suitable contact lenses for Asians. I think the color and the design look is really nice. I personally think that it look really natural wont look so fake on our eyes. 4 color available - Magenta , Grey , Brown & Black.

 As you can see the design and color of it actually not really obvious. I think black & brown look almost the same just the middle inner part brown will be much more natural than the black one. I really love this Adore Image Series lens because I prefer natural look♥ rather than obvious kind of eye's color.

I wear and tried 2 color of it. The grey I haven't try yet because I don't wanna waste so much of it since I only have a pair of eye!! HAAHAH If tried all I will feel very waste ! But I can guarantee that for those who don't like obvious kind of colour and prefer natural kind of lens! YOU SHOULD GO FOR THIS! So here's some of the photo WITHOUT EDIT in diff place. I make it to show you what's the diff between Outdoor, Indoor or with/without Flash:)
With & Without Flash
This brown can create a very natural enlargement on your eyes. Especially it easy match with any kind of make up. Even a light makeup will do :) As I mentioned the color of the brown not really obvious when indoor but once you walk out to outdoor , you can slowly spot the diff of your eyes :D

No people realize that I wear a brown lens because they think it look really natural :P Like I'm having a brown color eyes! HAHAHAAHAH 

With & Without Flash
The black one did very well too. It brighten your eyes and make it look really BIG & Bling!! HAHAHA I don't need to apply a very heavy makeup , I just put on the lens with a eyeliner & pretty long eyelashes only then can create an attractive eyes! I'm really in love with both of the color. I think the grey one will works on me too!

I will soon try out the grey one and hopefully I get the Magenta one for myself too :) Then I will update and show you guys the indoor/outdoor/without & without flash photo to you again!! Teehee I just can't wait to show you and try those 2 color!! 

I personally will recommended this for you & myself because I really love the natural look of my eyes but for those who prefer to have obvious color or hope the color will be obvious on this lens, I'm sorry to say that it might not suitable for you.

I tried this almost 3 weeks plus , I really think that it's COMFORTABLE. I can wear it up to 8-10 hours outdoor while if  you're in air-con room I don't think it can hold that long but still consider comfortable than my daily lens! 

When it's comfortable it means that it's moisturetoo! Especially I can wear it outside for 8-10 hours without feeling any uncomfortable for my eyes! I never expect this monthly lens can be so comfortable!!! I'm serious! I just happy that it works on my sensitive eyes T^T 

It's monthly wearand it's totally cheaper than my daily lens! For me and compare with the daily lens I think it's consider cheaper but some sweetie I know you guys will think it's a little bit pricy because I know most of you purchase 3 month wear lens or maybe 1 year one but don't joke with your eyes. I know if compare with those 3 month disposable lens or 1 year disposable lens it consider pricy but it's still AFFORDABLE.

Other than that compare to the previous lens I wear I think 14.5mm is the best diameter for our eyes because it enlarge our eye in a natural way & at the same time it won't look so fake . I wear some 13.8 before the diameter isn't really enlarge my eye then my eye look really tired if I didn't wear any lens. Obviously, this imagene series features for bigger & radiant eyes!!!

Finding a right contact lens which suitable for your needs can be very hard and tricky.(Especially for me). I think I'm not really confident with any lens other than this and those daily disposable lens . But after I tried this, I can't never live without it I guess. It's really comfortable and moisture & THIS IS WHAT We are looking for & what we WANT! Am I right?

-Hygiene because it's monthly disposable
-Create Natural color on your pupil
-Level of Comfortable & Moisture very high even after many hours
- 14.5mm best kind of diameter lens

-Color not obvious enough because it look really natural
-Need to purchase and change it every month
-Pricy for those who prefer 3 month @ one year disposable lens but still affordable

ADORE IMAGENE lens can be found in :-
  • Focus Point Outlets
  • A-look Outlets
  • Pro Eyes Outlets

No online purchase for this moment :) All = offline business.They're now having promotion until this June. Promotion applied within all outlet, BUY 2 FREE 1!! Grab it now :P

Hohooo!! Now, is GIVEAWAY TIME IMAGENE now sponsoring a giveway  for all of my readers. OMG! Special thanks to them for this awesome giveaway. I get 2 boxes of contact lenses prepared for this giveaway in your choice power 0.00~10.00 . For you to participate, what you need to do is just ~ 
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  3. Winners will be contacted by Imagene (fb msg or email) by 1st of June 2013.

This is not an advertorial but a REVIEW and also blogger Collaboration with Imagene. This few contact lens have been given as a gift by the company who makes the product. I do not get paid for good comment/opinion or positive review on all the post. All opinions are my own and I tried everything and wrote my own thoughts & opinions too. 

Enjoy Reading, xoxo.