Umecare ♥ Umeskin Analyzer & Derma Roller

21 May 2013

Herloo Herloo Sweetheart :3 Finally I'm home! Just back from my University I have no idea why I need to attend that International Maintenance Audit. Woke up myself damn early this morning and wait for almost 30 mins . I wear spec with my messy oily hair look so noob and I'm so hungry :'( Meet one new friend today and I was quite shocked she can recognize who am I with my tired face. Lol

That's all for this morning and today I'm going to share some beauty stuff to all of you. Note that this is not an advertorial I just get the opportunity to share something I think it might be useful for all of us :) I'm using 2 product from this brand, it's umecare. I delay this post for such a long time , I think I took almost 4 weeks to come out this post because I want to see the result and see whether it's really useful anot. This two product it's not really expensive and not consider a skincare product but a beauty product I guess.

I don't even know about this brand before because I'm always outdated one :P So I'm here to share with you some of the product from umecare. I never get any commission if you purchase anything and I wont get paid for positive review.  I think it's useful for me so I guess it's useful to you too :)

Umecare = Your Skin We Care @ You & Me care! I can't remember the name of this brand until I realize that umecare is actually YOU ME CARE. Lol This brand doesn't have many diff type of product but two very useful beauty product I very in love with it the Umeskin Analyzer& Care-Roll Derma Roller

Other than that they got some additional daily skincare product which for special skincare needed. Will talk about it later  and also a big range of skin treatment product. The cutest thing is each of the product they actually gave it a cute and nice name. For example their skin treatment range is known as Strive For More. HAHAHAAH So cute right? 

I'm not doing advertorial for this brand but I think since it's a brand that worth for me to share I'm willing to do it BUT VERY SORRY I wait til so long only share this with you. Too much thing need to catch up that's why everyday updating my blog now. Lolx .I get this two main product (analyzer & roller) from sweetie  Lorraineas a gift for me last month. I think this post should be a review too. I'm totally surprise that she found my blog and she just ask me to write my own opinion without any payment for positive review. 

Thanks for the trust too. and and Finally this post is UPPPPPP! Let's get started

Have you ever think of whether you bought the correct skincare product for yourself?
Have you ever think of is that product really works on my face?
Have you ever think of you need a analyzer to test all the product you bought?

YEA!!! I'm always wonder am I purchase the correct mask for myself? Is that really works on me? I feel it's moisture but is that really moisture? and so on... I think I need a analyzer to test that ans at the same time it help me save some cost so that I wont purchase the wrong item for myself.

If you think you need an analyzer then you can have a look on this Umeskin Analyzer

One very important reason I need this because when I'm going out to purchase some lotion for my body or purchase any skincare product I can test and see the result IMMEDIATELY and wont get lie from the product HAHAAH. I got that analyzer I can always test it myself , am I right? But I think analyzer may cost me a boom but NOT REALLY. I think this maybe exp for us as a student but still affordable.
 Price - RM92 & Available in 2 diff color (White & Pink) I'm pink lover of course I choose the pink one :P
 You will get shocked with the size of the analyzer because it's so small. Half of my hand size and you can see from the photo later (I'm holding it).
 Very convinience analyzer you can bring to everywhere you want and test it anytime. Result come out within your finger tipsThis is an analyzer which can test your skin level of moistures , oiliness & roughness. You no need any knowledge about it and it's easy to use!

You need 3 step :
1. Turn it on
2. Then put it on surface of your skin until 3 second got a beep sound
3. After the beep sound & the signal of the result will be diaply on the screen

- Like a scanner in your pocket
-Convinience & SMALL (easy carry)
- Always with you and can get immediately result about your skin's condition
-Cost a bit for you but you can use it to save your money & time (as a guideline to purchase anything)
-Any time , Any where
- As a product management tool
 - Help determine the right skin products which work best for my skin

♥ Cons 
-Hard to get if I carry big bag. 
(it's because the size is so small when I carry huge bag I need to like throw everything on the floor and find it :P Too small and mini)
- Can only test on your moisture lvl , oilness and roughness , Can't test other than that very limit.

What I think
I used this as a guideline to save my money & time. I can understand my skin within few second and know how to improve my skin using the correct skincare product for myself. After that I can see the real performance & effectiveness of the products so that I wont simply waste my money buy the wrong one. For examply, I bring this analyzer together with me. I tried on xxx lotion then I use this to measure my before & after applied. After like 1 hour I measure it again . If my skin profile get improve after the tried on the product I will only purchase it, if not I wont buy . From it I CAN SAVE A LOT MONEY!! It's so small and easy to carry :)

The cute smiley face made my day everytime I test on my skin. I don't know why my oilness > moisture. I guess my product maybe too oily for my skin I should improve my moisture lvl. 

Taiwan popular artist also using it to test the result after applying the foudation. 

Woohooo it's the 2nd part of the post! This Care-Roll Derma Roller is using the micro needling Theraphy
What's Care-Roll
 Care-roll is actually a roller type of tool which contain of a polymer roller which use for needling therapy but this wont cause any allergies. It means it's suitable for sensitive skin as well as allergie skin type. This roll is special than other's type of rollar because normally others using stainless steel or gold needles while this is made from patented biocompatible & biodegradable.
 When you heard of needles I think most of you must shock! Me also afraid of needles or anything which make me feel pain !! I never think of this could be one of my beauty tool! HAHAAHAHAH But of couse the needles tips is only 0.5mm which is really really small like the photo above.
 What so special about this? (Pros)

- It's 300,000 micro hole which this roller can help to increase the absorption up to 75%-90%. Used this after you applied your serum skincare product but please make sure that it's liquid type of serum can't oily type ya. Because your skin is enough of oil if you increase the absorption of oil serum your face might getting and feel OILY. Lol

-Induces collagen synthesis. Because it's a micro needling theraphy when it 'poke' on your skill it actually induces collagen synthesis so you can reduce your wrinkles , scars , pores , marks on your face even give a solution for you hair fall problem!

-it's an easy handheld treatment ,you can save more no need keep go to facial because this is easy to be use even at home. You can do it by yourself to get a good looking skin!

-Ease of use , Safe , Convinient , fast healing

-Easy to clean
*This can be use at night only before you sleep because it will make your face look abit redness and need to be clean with hot water equal or more than 75 degree celsius.

-redness after applied it but after few week used your face wont get redness already 
-Sounds scary because the needles , I personally very afraid of needles stuff one but this so small so end up I'm ok with that
-Need to sterilize after used 
-Must use with liquid type serum

What I think
At first when I heard of needle I'm really afraid but you know girls... I want to have a good looking skin I give it a try since the needle just so small n tiny! AHAHAHA So when I applied it I keep telling myself it's not really scary. The first 3 time I applied my forehead and my cheek area can feel like got ant walking on your face because of the tiny needles. After 2 week, when I apply I didn't feel anything ! HAAHAH So happy girl right now I just hope my skicare product really get improve in the absorption part you know sometime we pay and buy so exp skincare product I really dont want it to be a waste of my money! 

That's why even I'm afraid of this but end up I'm loving it! I'm so lazy and can't everyday use the roller better 2-3 days use one time then you can feel the diff slowly slowly. One thing I don't like is the serum part. It must use with liquid type or form of serum my serum all is oily type one. I think so far all the umecare serum = liquid one. So that's mean i'm gonna purchase after I finished the sample size of serum. Or else you can just use this without any serum after your daily skincare product.

Huge range of their skincare product. They provide diff type of skincare to meet diff needs for their customer.
Skincare Product :- 
(4 series , 1 series of treatment and the rest is sunblock)
For Acne (Be desirable again)
 For Sensitive (peace of mind)
For Whitening (You can Shine)
For Anti Aging (Never too late)
Special Skin Treatment (Strive for More)
Sunblock product (Shine with Shelter)

 I didn't get to review all because Most product I used is main for whitening & also moisture but this one I just tried their whitening. I can't tell the exactly result on their skincare product since I just tried their whitening , sunblock and also the special Skin treatment set with sample size. When it come to sample size item I can only use like 2-3 time then it may be slightly diff with if I use it for long term. I'm just prefer their skin treatment procduct than the whitening because I can't feel anything maybe i used the sample one really so tiny bottle! Lol

For those who want to try on their sample set which is bigger than the size I get for the first try one. It's 33ml each botthe, So total 4 bottle in diff 4 set only for RM99. For those interested with this brand can get the link on the bottom part of this post :) 

The sample size I received is kind of small so honestly I can't tell any result but what I can say from it is 


What I think♥ (pros and cons)
When it's natural color the cleanser is transparent and not much bubble create when you cleansing your face. Their sensitive series even test on baby skin . I'm really impressed by that and the sensitive series can suit everyone too. For those who don't wish to get whitening series or anti aging or acne then you may go for sensitive type because even BABY can use for that of course we can use it too :) 

I just introduce this brand skincare range for you so that you can have an idea on what are you looking for. You might use this for your guideline and for me I prefer the skin treatment seriesespcecially the neck cream because I think most of the skincare product don't have special one for our neck. We always ignore neck part but actually it can tell your age from your neck. That's why umeskin care about us and at the end they came out with this neck cream too.

Their Sunblock series I'm not really satisfied not because it's oily or what is because their sunblock just PA..without any +++ . Most of the sunblock product got like PA35+++ but they only offer sun screen SPF 50 and SPA30 without the +++++. 

Oh yea and a very special thing about this skincare product.Usually we apply serum after moisturizer but all this series brand's skincare product apply serum before the moisturizer. I guess it's because the form  of the serum is liquid form not oily kind of serum.

This is the sample size I get. Each color represent diff type of series for diff need

Whitening Series

Renewal Cleanser > Brightening Toner > Spots Care > Whitening Moistutizer

It fairer & even up your skin tone and at the same time keep away from pigments , flawless & keep your skin looks radient. I just feel very fresh after using it and because it's small size I can use only 2-3 time (means 1 day and the 3rd time it finish) So I can't tell any long term result of this. I think only whitening series have the spots care product while others have their serum just whitening no serum T^T
Acne Series

Deep Cleansing Gel > Purifying Toner > Scar Treatment Serum > Anti Acne Moiturizer > Spot on Acne Gel

It helps in clear blemishes present breakout & infection . Well in heal damage skin.
Anti Aging Series

Rejuvenating Cleansing Milk > Rejuvenating Toner > Wrinkles Serum > Rejuvenating Cream

Antioxidant , improve elasticity , reduce wrinkles & fine lines
Sensitive series (Can use for normal range)

Gentle Cleanser > Calming Toner > Desensitizing Serum > Desensitizing Moisturizer 

I'm surprise that they actually taste this series on baby skin. Even baby also can use so that's means it works very well on those who have sensitive skin type and also for normal range skin type. It anti -inflammatory ,heal damage skin as well as reduce itching , burning , redness & stinging .

Skin Treatments
Product available in this treatment series :-
Neck cream
Repairing hand cream
Body Pigmentation serum
Exfoliating Gel
Soothing Gel Mask ( Sleeping mask )
Eye serum
Hyaluronic Acid (HIA) Serum ( in chinese it's 玻尿酸 mainly works for moisture our skin)

 I tried their sleeping mask I think it just make my skin feel so smooth and fair on the next day morning but after that No more feel on that. Maybe I used this little amount so the result might be diff for those who use more amount and also diff skin type have diff result/ outcome. The eye serum is transparent liquid form not like those eye cream since it's a serum I think the adsorption not bad just that among all I <3 the neck cream since not much brand have this kind of product :D

Oh yea the exfoliating gel acne skin type can't use ya!! Remember & pls take note :)
This is the price of each series and if you buy whole set the price is slightly cheaper or else you can buy the trial set (RM99 each set)

Sun Screen Series

Sun Screen SPF 50
Sun screen SPF30
Body Sun Screen SPF30

Last but not least this sun screen series. As I mentioned previously this sun screen series without any +++ Then it have its limitation on helping us to act as a sunblock. I prefer my usual sunblock which not that oily too and with additional +++ . This not oily or sticky but too bad without +++ I don't think many people prefer this. 

For those staying at Penang can purchase straight from the pharmacy I'm not sure the address but you can pm the link below to ask for the address or else you still need to purchase online at 
E&L Healthcare

Detail & Official website regarding umecare product :

That's all about their umecare product. Love, xoxo.