Taiwan Near Ocean Mask ♥

14 May 2013

Hello, my lovely sweeties :) Finally I'm done 20% of my blog post's photo! I still got 3-5 post about some skincare review & I know most of you wonder what's my skincare routine and skincare product I used! Will update you soon because I need to snap the photo of my messy vanity table >.< Give me some time I swear you might gain some knowledge from that Lol :) 

So what am I doing here? Today, I'm gonna share with you guys a taiwan mask which I updated the status on facebook few days ago.Surprisingly ,this mask works on me. Few months ago, I get to know about this mask which imported from taiwan. At first I thought it was just a normal mask for me and you guys know that I'm always crazy about all beauty stuff. I willing to give them a try so I get tried on 4 type of mask within this 2 months.

Before I start you need to know that this mask might or might not works for you but it works for me. Diff skin type may have diff kind of result or outcome. My face is a combination skin type and this mask have various type which suitable for a big range of diff skin type. Before purchase I would like you to get in touch with them and ask them to recommended the most suitable type of mask for you. They are participant in IBE beauty fair 2013 in KLCC from 18-21 May 2013. For those who interested you can have a look on their booth during the period.

I will be there on 19th May too :) Spot me on this weekend and I will be attending an event on that day too! Teehee♥ All opinions is based on my own and I do not do for paid positive reviews. Some of you asked me that am I still using all the product I mentioned in my blog after I reviewed it? My answer is YES , OF COURSE. Every product have their own pros & cons I can't promise that I can hold or repeating using it for more than 1 years (except some of those AWESOME PRODUCT lolx) but all the product I mentioned means I had tried & used it currently maybe in a period of 2 month-8 months. If it's really nice I will purchase it myself for long term use:)

Stop crapping around I think it's time to talk about the mask!! I just can't wait for it. So basically why I'm in love with this mask is because the price is REASONABLE , CHEAP , NICE , most important it works on me & I'm satisfied with the result
This is the mask I have been talking to my friends and on my facebook. I'm surprise with the price of the mask maybe it's expensive for you but overall I think 3 for RM10 is really a good deal for me.Plus, they having a promotion now RM2 per piece only!!! OMG That's why I grab la~ xP

As you noticed that I actually bought some expensive mask previously but I think this mask can be compete with those expensive marks in the market. I never heard of this brand until I personally tried them. Who say cheap and reasonable things never work on us

I say YES, SOMETIME IT WORKS! Previously I always think that cheap mask will spoiled my face la and I never have the brave to try it on lah. this lah that lah. Especially those pasar malam RM2 per piece mask or those china marks. That's really so scary because  last time I bought few piece and once I open it -.- ALL water inside the pack I can't feel anything on my face! Luckily my face got nothing happen! I swear I wont simply try cheap thing again after that time!!!

 Now I'm happy that I tried this out. It changed my mind ♥ :) I tried on it and I personally love the left one on the photo below the most. I used it 2 hours before I sleep / after I bath. I put it all over my face for almost 30 mins then use the remaining to put on my neck. After that I thought it was so normal then I just massage my face. The absorption of the mask is on average speed but after I take off the mask my face feel DAMN TIGHT! I'm so surprise of it because I never thought that a mask with this kind of price can compete with my exp type of mask. 

The feeling of tightness long lasting until I sleep on my bed. I feel my face so fresh. Lol Maybe I'm too happy because my face feel so tight and I everyday sleep so damn early (11pm-12am) I think maybe I need to sleep early so that my skin condition can  be better + this mask = BETTER ME! AHAHAAHAHHA

I get those mask from 台湾热卖面膜-Ocean沙貨網 & I mentioned that I love the lst one the most then the hydrating mask on the right is my 2nd favourite mask currently. Normally I can't feel if I used the hydrating type of mask but after I used this mask until the next morning I wake up , when I touch my face....IT'S SO SMOOTH!! I can't believe that because I tried those beauty dairy & the next day I can't feel anything. The result just temporary but THIS WONT! 

You must complete your masking process lah. After mask you need to put on your toner, moisturizer & also serum! So that all the water will store under your skin wont running out from your skin again :P 
Then my stupid naked face was act like " please give me more pleaseeee!!" I personally think that having a good skin condition and taking care of it is girl's job. Make up can make you look more pretty but don't tell me that you never remove your make up. Sometime ,my skin will turns bad too. The only way I turns it back to a good condition is keep give 'food' to my skin! FOOD= MASK! 
This masks is kind of special, they got a mark on the top of the mask so that you know wont keep on finding and looking through the back side of the mask since the mask front's design all look so similar :)
So here's all the mask I get for myself!! HAPPY GIRL RIGHT NOW. I'm going to use twice a week. No more , no less! Except the two I mentioned previously, they still have many diff kind of beauty product you can check it out on their pages but now I'm going to remove my blackhead using their BLACK MASK!
YEAHH!! This is the black one! I think it's a little bit disgusting once I open it out and put it on my face. Previously I'm using the sexylook one now I tried this out! Let's see how it works~
 Before applying any mask remember to clip your front hair or tie it up!!
 Crazy look and WHY MY FOREHEAD SO TALL?! I want to have a normal type of forehead lah!! Macam botak eh :'(
 Let's start! Before using the black mask you need to apply your toner on a cotton then put it on your face for 5 mins. After that slowly remove it and apply the black mask on specific area you want. I put it on my forehead , nose area & the bottom part of my mouth.
 Squeeze it out and apply on the area you want it to be.
 Then wait almost 15 mins to let it dry. MUST ALL = DRY only can tear the mask off ya!
 omg! can you see the result? Let me enlarge it for you :X
 OMGGGGGG! -.- I don't know what to say about my face. After tear it off my nose are don't show any redness but my forehead so red ! Lol I guess I should slowly tear it and remember to tear from bottom-top ya:)
For the promotion of masks is RM 2 per piece, detail as below :-
You have 3 choices : 
1.) lavender collagen mask - for sensitive skin, hydrating and firming 
2. L-ascorbic whitening mask -For Whitening and skin brightening
3.) Calendar balancing mask -For Oily skin, oil control can regulate the acidic level of our skin,and reduce the pimples.
Promotion valid from 11st until 21st May 2013 only! You can either purchase online from them like I do Or come and visit  their booth and grab your ocean masks and products in KLCC IBE beauty fair on 18-21 May!!! Their booth number is 2006, TAIWAN NEAR OCEAN COSMETIC.
For more information you can visit their page:
Or Contact Gwen at : 014-9036177. (whatapps or line)