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22 May 2013

Advertorial Post
Hellooo Ladies  I'm here again~ Feel so good since I updated my blog quite frequently this week :P I think I'm totally in love with it and today I'm going to share my favourite pick of the month from a online shop  - Vogue Fashion House   This seller is one of my friends last time but we lost contact with each other until last month she told me that she's interested to be featured and advertorial on my blog. I'm quite surprise for that and she's now a hot mama who born a very cute baby recently :)

So total I picked 2 diff kind of outfit for myself. The first one is the stripe legging  You can match with any Simple white top or even a dress (like how I match on the photo above) I actually wish to get an stripe jeans after I get this legging because that stripe actually can make your leg look longer and look slimmer! Am I right? 

One thing I very in love with legging is it's easy to match , convenience to wear and most important thing for me is the level of comfortable. I can sit down and do whatever pose I like to do, jump from the left to right , up and down . I'm really surprise to get this kind of quality stuff from Vogue Fashion House   Most important is the price is so cheap! I must get myself more stripe kind of outfit! It's a trend now.  

My face too ugly that's why I need something cool to cover it. lolx
 I think you can know from my photo below. I didn't really get this outfit just for the purpose of this post, I even wear it out to the previous Food Of The Week's post . The best moment is even I wear like this the interior design really match with my outfit very well. No need to mention the quality of the legging I think most of the legging quality is the same one. But the most good thing is this online shop actually having all READY STOCK.
 When you heard about READY STOCK , it means you no need to wait. For those girl who lack of patient (just like me) I'm totally recommended this shop for you because they promise BANK IN TODAY , POST IT TOMORROW. Which mean you no need to wait 2 weeks like those normal pre order period. However ,if you bank in on weekend then will be reach your doorstep on the next working day la because postmen no working on weekend ma :)

[Some ready stock sold out very fast so once it's sold out you can ask seller to pre order again for you]

After you heard about it you might be worry about the size, quality , color & etc of the item you purchase. In this case, since this is ready stock which mean the seller actually get to know the item very well so maybe you can ask them about the detail part of the stock.

The second item I get from myself is this kitten sweater.

I don't know why I very in love with diff kind animal print on my outfits even my bag also have a cat eyes and the cat shape. Lol But I think it's really cute. I'm a kind of ppl who love to play with colorful outfit but you know sometime I just wish to have something to make me happy or maybe you.

I have to attend my class every weekday and previously I always prefer black , white top with dark color jeans. I feel really boring with that and I start to purchase diff kind of sweater or long sleeve top then match with tights or leggings. Some friends will laugh on me because they think I'm kind of weird person since our country so damn hot HOW can I still be able to wear sweater to my class. Idk, but I just love it. 

I went out with sweater my friend told me that I look like wearing on a sleeping clothes. Lol but I love it because it's so comfortable. Most of the time I get my sweater from forever 21 but sometime I think it's expensive and I think less online shop selling nice sweater too..
See what I found on  Vogue Fashion House A kitten sweater!!! The quality a little bit thick but I can wear inside an air-con room or wear to genting! HAHAAHAH So cute right? The back part of the sweater more cute!!! Let me show you~
 SEE THE DESIGN !!! So cuteeeeeee
 The eye of the kitten is really cute! So innocent...I just can't believe that with that cheap price I can get a special kind of sweater like this. OMG Please say this is cute. I means the sweater not me :3

So this is my favorite pick from Vogue Fashion House For those who interested with ready stock item & fast service seller you may have a look on their ready stock album . The price range of their item is cheap but remember to see the quality clearly and I feel I'm really a pro because both pieces I choose from them , the quality is really nice leh!!

Ok that's all! I'm done with this post!! For more information you can click on the link below :)  HAPPY SHOPPING~

Vogue Fashion House 

Love, xoxo.