CANMAKE Blogger Event , IBE 2013 ♥

20 May 2013

Herloo Lovely  :3 I'm really really so excited & I just can't wait to share my experience on today's CANMAKE Blogger Event @ International Beauty Exhibition, KLCC. I get invited to be one of the exclusive blogger since last month before I end my final exam. Then, I date my sweetheart Vinny out too :P I'm really so glad to be there because I learned & get to know more current & latest Japanese trends.

The beauty consultant & the sensei, which introduce and show us all latest makeup collection are from Japan! But they communicate with us by English and also a little bit Japanese Language! They're so cute. Besides all the demo , they actually let us try on all the new collection product! OMG! Such a great day spending with all the CANMAKE new collection.

I know some of you might be interested on it :P That's the reason why I update this because I'm afraid if I update this post on the other day I might forgot what I learned today!! HAHAAH My brain still so fresh right now & I will try my best to show you about today's event. 
 I'm not familiar with the place & that's why we arrive there quite early. Once we arrived, we slowly sit down and start looking around & waiting. WOW I just can't believe myself because everything is so PINK! I'm just so happy and keep laughing when I spot all those pink stuff. I WANT IT ALL :'( But I just got one face!! AHAHAHAHA
I Start looking around and I saw the wall behind have two big big pretty girl's poster shows the latest CANMAKE makeup collection. I get more & more excited!! I just can't wait for it~
Stop crapping here!! Let's get Started   ~
 Before the event start, they gave everyone of us a cute pink & white polka dot file. Inside the polka dot file got some detail and brand history. I think everyone actually heard about this brand, CANMAKE. I bought CANMAKE product from Sasa Shop and I'm so sad why other country have their own store but in Malaysia CANMAKE product only can found at Sasa Shop. :'( Their store is so cute and pinkiiiii!
CANMAKE is a popular cosmetic brand from Japan. I love the CANMAKE's model (Vivi Magazine Model, Lena) and this is the reason why I noticed this brand. Everyone just hope to be as pretty as Lena !! It's not just used by teenagers or young office workers but also by professional makeup artists in some other country. 

The concept of CANMAKE = CUTE (Kawaii) , High QUALITY with Resonable Price
Sensei & the beauty consultant demo and introduce us with two diff trend. Japanese trends change from every 2-3 years. I'm one of the japanese magazine lover. I love to read Popteen & Vivi too :P But I just can't be as pretty as those magazine's model & that's why I need japanese COSMETIC product to make me feel like them! HAHAHA syiok sendiri now. #GirlBeingGirls

The japanese trends (currently) very prefer sweet & natural look. Previously you can see those magazine's model wearing heavy makeup with thick black eyeliner , black & sharp color brows ,thick fake eyelashes , very heavy color on their lips & etc but now, it changed.

They prefer to have light or copper brown kind of brows (even the browns color lighter than your hair color) , brown eyeliner to look more natural and create a feminine look , light pinkish cheek , natural color lips & a very light color eyeliner on the bottom part of your eye

 Sensei trying to explain and tell us what's the diff between two current trend. Pink color kind of cosmetic can be used to create a more sweet lookwhile the natural lookused more Orange & diff neutral color. 

 While the beauty consultant doing the product demo , sensei explain it slowly, one by one & sharing some beauty tips to us.
 The color of the latest eyeshadow collection is really so glitter as you can see on the photo above. Especially the pink color and it actually help you to create a natural eye look at the same time brighten your eye. Make it look more feminine and lovely. Before applying this eyeshadow , they introduced the previous collection of CANMAKE eyeshadow base.
 After the demo, their model actually walk toward us and show us her make up. She look so pretty with the make up and the second model show us the 'natural look'.
I love the peach color cream cheek on her face. It look so natural and did you notice her brows? It's look so natural and look nicer than black brows. Other than that, her lips color is using the (new) Stay-on Balm Rouge 02. The new collection of this is actually a combination of lip balm with lip color. It's so moisture and works very well on her lips (before her lips is quite dry). 

To make it short, they actually summarize this two diff look with product used on the list below. It's so nice because I can keep this for my reference :P They also insert the product picture & name for us! OMG they're so sweet. 
I love their cream cheek blush& the smooth skin primer which make your skin sooooooo smooth & most important thing is , the form of the primer is so easy to blend with + cover almost 70% of your pores. OMG! 

Pink highlighted name of the product is the HOT SELLING ITEM in Japan. Always out of stock!

 To experienced it they actually gave us some time to  try & test each of the product mentioned above. OMG! I'm so excited!!! I  really can't stop and control myself. Everything is just soooooo cute & Everyone were so happy. Vinny busy taking photo of me, I'm so busy :P trying & testing each of the product. HAHAAHAHAHA It's show time♥ :3
 This is the new Stay-on Balm RougeI mentioned just now. The color you see is much more darker but when you applied it on your lips the color look so moisture and natural. You can choose to apply directly on your lip or using the lips brush.

 *BIG EYES* I want both , I want both color
 ♥ Smooth Liquid Foundation come with 3 diff color
 Smooth Skin Primer
 I tell you , this is amazing. It make your skin look super fair and when you touch your face it's SUPER DUPER SMOOTH. As I mentioned , it's very light and very easy to blend all over your face.
 Muahahahah I can try EVERYTHING!!!
 ♥ Fourshiny Eyeshadow (main)

The pink color T^T It's so nice & I plan to grab one for myself!!! The white you can use to highlight your front part of your eye and apply the purple on the bottom part of your eyelid. After that apply the pink above the purple eyeshadow. Last but not least, use that brown color and apply it as your eyeshadow liner :P I'm gonna try this out!!
 Marshmallow Finish Powder

 The design of this packaging is so lovely. Like those princess mirror :P
 You can used this after the liquid foundation. Then, you can complete your basic makeup for your face.
 Creamy Touch Rouge 
 Among all , I prefer the right one I think it's color 01 Marshmallow Pink
 HAHAAHAH If you noticed my previous makeup tutorial and also youtube video you will know this product!! Yea I'm one of the user of this CANMAKE Volume mascara :)

My previous makeup post :P
 This mascara is so easy to remove, you even can remove it with warm water!!! So convenient right?
 ♥ Eyeshadow Base
 ♥ Eyebrow
 Other than the fourshiny eyeshadow their new collection come out with this neutral color one - 
 Perfect Brown eyes 05
 Powder Cheek
 Pose #1
 Pose #2

 What can I say ?! EVERYTHING is so nice , even their packaging. WHY YOU SO PINK?! :'( I WANT IT ALL! Especially their cream cheek!

Sad to say :'( the event almost end. Everyone just walk around and take photo together!! I'm really happy and Thanks CANMAKE for everything. I learned so much today and of course I can't wait to show you guys the final makeup of myself by using all the CANMAKE product above. It's really fun to join this kind of event. Looking forward on the next collection and I hope to join you guys again next time!! *wink*

 Last but not least, Thanks again!!! Thanks CANMAKE for making this happen , Thanks Joyce for the invitation , Thanks Vinny for the accompany and Thanks everyone who currently reading this 
 That's all for today! Enjoy reading, xoxo.