日本藏人美肌魔法水Kurahito Skin White Lotion ♥

07 September 2014

Hello Hello Peeps  *blush blush* Something wrong with the photo above lolx. How come my leg pose like this  but it's okay la you just have to ignore that because it's the best photo for me to be this post cover. HAHAHAHA So I'm here again for this special post about this 日本藏人美肌魔法水Kurahito Skin White Lotion  that I tested more than 4 weeks so I guess it's time for me to review this as well. I changed my toner to this since last month after I done my bazaar because RosyRain Malaysia's owner is one of my friend. 

So I actually quite addicted to youtube since years ago and I know that it's the best selling item throughout the whole Asia for this lotion. The founder of RosyRain is also a popular youtuber and this lotion quite famous in Hong Kong. Hana Tam & the founder (the girl on the image below) always mention this on their video. 

So they brought it to our country and now I no need to ask someone help me grab from HongKong. I never try their lotion and it's my first time but I tried another small brand known as Bunny&Bunny under RosyRain. Remember my makeup during 21st birthday last year? The tutorial I posted was using both of the product from Bunny & Bunny. Loving their cream blush and the eyelashes. Now I'm using Bunny & Bunny no.2 false eyelashes.

Lolx out of topic again so...LET'S GET STARTED!!! shall we?? 

日本藏人美肌魔法水Kurahito Skin White Lotion  

This KURAHITO Skin White actually is a whole basic skincare range that specially make for skin whitening but throughout the whole range more people prefer this lotion and they also known this as a cheaper version of SK-II toner. Because both of the toner also enriched with Junmai-shu (also known for pure rice sake).  

For me I would say SK-II better let my mom use then this is more suitable for me in term of the price was half of the SK-II and also the scent of this is slightly lighter than the SK-II one but I really feel so surprise that whole internet was actually comparing both of this high end and middle range toner. Even male also can use this because it's not just whitening but it helps minimise the pores around the nose.

 My Review & Opinions

 For me I think compare with my previous toner this lotion has a slightly thicker texture and the moisturising level is slightly higher. At the same time I can see the result of the pores around my nose getting smaller which bring to my next point that I feel my skin become smoother than previous. 

But I think it's best IF you can use your bare hand to pour it out and apply on your skin. I tried both of the method and I feel that using it with your hand will have a greater result because the cotton pad might absorb the important ingredient before your skin absorb it. So it's more recommend to use without cotton pad.

But it's still depend on your preference. I still prefer using it with cotton pad because I think it can help me to apply faster and apply to every area of my face included the sensitive area around my nose and to minimise my pores too. Which would you prefer? 

  One thing I really have to praise on this product is...I really feel that it can help me to minimise my pores then whitening. Because you know my face really white enough but I hope to look brighter with my white skin tone. So I think for whitening result I don't really see this on my face but skin really become smoother :) Maybe for those who are slightly darker skin tone or who prefer whitening toner you can try this out and let me know whether it help you anot.

But after that I tried this on my arm (because my arm is darker HAHAHAA) I found that my arm turn slightly lighter than previous. So I think it really mean to be a whitening lotion one lo!! I never experience thing like this before!!! Not bad le~

Loving this! I finished half of it and damn fast hor..I apply this every morning and night after my normal cleansing routine.
Oh yea for a better result you might need to finish the whole bottle within 6 months after you open it because it's preservative FREE, fragrance FREE, colorant FREE and MINERAL OIL- FREE.

So it's personally tested by me and all opinions are based on my personal observation. I didn't get paid for any positive review! For those who wish to try this 日本藏人美肌魔法水Kurahito Skin White Lotion ♥ You can email them  or contact them on :

Facebook : RosyRain Malaysia


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