My Own Daily Outfits #OOTM (April)

29 April 2013

Hello Hello Sweethearts :3 It's me again!! HAHAHAAH I'm having my study week right now and assignment submission week so you know why I'm free now~ So this post include some outfits which I wear within this month! Guess most of you know that I'm kind of budget girl and also I got limited money but unlimited wants! But I always try my best to dress up myself nicely and just something make myself stand out more..

I really thought that I don't have any fashion sense. In fact, I just prefer something which comfortable , simple and nice to match with. I'm not really tall (so sad I'm just 160cm), I don't have very nice body shape (Seriously , I'm flat) so most of the time I just think that my outfit just suit me because you know... My outfits all really simple..Until I feel so shy to show you guys what I got in my wardrobe or when i need to attend event, everyone is just so perfect. Except me..

Who hate beautiful and nice body shape?! I hope to have a nice shape body and blablabla but unfortunately it doesn't appear on my life after so long! Lol..So I told myself that I should change myself.. I should know what I like OR prefer. I just wish that I can get something which suitable for myself not just because of some trend or things that people like but not me

Then I standing in front of the mirror like so crazy. Keep on looking myself and my messy wardrobe. Everything I get or purchase last time is those I like the clothes or pants but I never wear it because it doesn't suit me well. It doesn't matter that you follow the trend or not but purchase something which you never wear after so long is totally wasting my money! Lol

I waste few hundreds or  maybe thousands on that I guess. So I tell myself again stop buy things and wasting my money. I clean  my wardrobe and have a look on my room, standing in front of the mirror... but still I can't figure out what STYLE suit me the most..

Until one day.. I saw everyone start to crazy with those #ootd photos ♥ and things like that.. I also go & pick some 'NICE' outfits and capture it as my ootd. Slowly & slowly ... Day by day I start to have some comment and feedback from all of you that you really in love with my style. Then , some of you start asking me about where I bought it. 

I scroll all of my ootd photo. I can actually analyze from those photos and FINALLY...I noticed that my style is something more on sweet style! LOLLLLL So funny that praising myself that I'm sweet but you know what I mean by that lah! Not I'm the sweet one but all of my clothes or outfits mostly match with simple top + shorts/skirts. Very less to see me wearing one piece or bodycon type of dress unless it's wedding dinner or BIG BIG BIG event! Lol because usually those dress or one piece only wear it once unless it's really expensive until you don't willing to sell then keep it yourself.  

While those top and skirt/pant can actually used to mix & match with diff kind of outfit. So I think it's worth for me. One thing that I need to say is I won't let my wardrobe full with clothes..Once it's full and looks messy I will always pick some for donation and the rest will selling off as my pre-loved stuff. It was so fun when people actually love what you wear and the way you dress.

The only things i keep in my mind is all of my outfit (everyday) will never more than RM120 or sometime RM100! Lol I will never get myself a top or a shorts which expensive than RM65 except baseball jacket and jeans! HAAHAHAHAH I love baseball jacket a lot I remember that the topshop baseball jacket is the most expensive top I had! Lol RM233. So expensive leh T^T 

Then slowly I realize that online shop is getting better & cheaper. I can purchase when they're having sales or discount with voucher. That's why I'm always share the voucher code for you♥ HOPE YOU ALL SAVE MORE from that. Most of the time 15%-20% which I think it's really help me on saving more $$. Other than that, when you 1st register some online shop you can actually have some cash voucher which like RM20++ can minus from your total purchase. Some tips for you to save more!! HAAHAHA

Once I purchase from the online shop I will be a loyal customer because I think good service is what we're looking for. We pay for it including the shipping fees. Malaysia shipping fees is really expensive I think! Lol 

Totally out of the topic -.- but hope you know why am I sharing this to you :) Just because not everyone know how to spend money wisely ..maybe you're rich so you don't have to worry about it but I'M POOR. Every ringgit or sens I need to calculate it before I spend them. You will get disappointed when you purchase the thing which is exp and not suitable for you ..Am I right?

So I will always calm down myself when I decided to purchase something..Think twice ..until I moody but don't regret that why you never get it ..It's the most bad feelings ever! LOL #Girlbeinggirls! 

Back to the topic, so I'm always hope to share with you all things I love and of course some outfits I love. Not all suitable for you guys but at least I know which suit for me so you can take it as reference and slowly find your own style. This is what I mean la because I really get some question like.. chanwon what criteria or things you looking for when you purchase your daily outfit..& etc etc

I just looking for something: SIMPLE , EASY MIX & MATCH , COMFORTABLE , PASTEL, COLORFUL & Of course LOOK NICE ON MY BODY. 

I share this not because I think myself is really stylist until can ask people follow my style but I'm happy that I get to know myself more and found which looks good on me :)

When you feel it looks good on you then you can realize that your confidence level increase , when confidence level increase you can capture many nice photos and HAPPY MOOD. After that , all positive things will happen on you! Trust me :) It's help because this is what I have been gone through for this few years! 

The most important thing is, You love yourself more with that outfit. It might change your life after that! Lol Sounds serious?! :P

Stop crapping again I wonder why am I always out of the topic.. OMG if I'm still having some essay test I might get FAIL on that paper -.- So here's some outfit which I hope to share with you all and most of them I get it from , Outfit Online Boutique , Double Beauty (my online shop) & some cheap cheap shop which I stated on my instagram. For those who missed it you can actually check on my every month's blog post about my outfits :P

& Of course all of the outfit will never over my budget! Lol I love online shopping, I love discount voucher, I love cheap outfit which look expensive on me LOLLLL! HAHAHAAHAH Hope you enjoy this post as much as I do :)

Let's start
Top:Viva la Bazaar 
Vintage Lovely Skirt : Sam'90 , HK Station 6th Floor Sg Wang Plaza 
Vintage Wedges: Taiwan 
I love this skirt so much :) 
You can match with simple top or colorful top 
but make sure not neon color top
You can either wear it as normal waist 
or wear it as a high waist skirt 

 Off shoulder top : Outfit Online Boutique
Pastel Pink Jacket : Topfashion
Pastel blue pants: Double Beauty
Flag Clutch : Outfit Online Bouttique

I very in love with off shoulder type of top/dress
So I get the purple one and 
after that whole outfits become so pastel

Top : Sam'90 @6TH FLOOR ,Sg Wang Plaza
High waist Shorts : Outfit online boutique

Now it's turn for shorts!
I love high waist shorts because it make me look


Shoulder off stud black top : Fblock 
Vintage Skirt : Sam'90

So simple :) 
I love the skirt so much until wear it twice within a month
Wear it as high waist so that my leg looks longer

Boom! Top : Kitchen 
Pastel Light Green pants : Double Beauty

I remember than the top I get it for 
like RM20 or less than that!
the top actually in front shorter than the behind   
 shorts not allow for my university T^T Damn it

Ombre Denim Top
White Singlet : Every place can get so no need mention 
High waist shorts : Romp 

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That's all for today! Love, xoxo.