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06 April 2013

Hey sweeties :) So today title is little bit about how to save our world. I think it's an important topic to all of us. No matter who you are , as a human in this world , we have the responsible to save our world by doing SOMETHING. 

I was thinking what can i do to save our world.  As a responsible human :) What you think? What can I do to save our world?!

1 Stop the waste and destruction of natural resources must be supported and enforced

I think this is an important issue. Government should enforce everything regarding this to protect our natural resources. Although this wouldn't help so much but at least with this action is better than do nothing! Right?

2 3R - Recycle , Reuse & Reduce / use both side of your notes or paper

I think everyone should be familiar with this words.  Don't need to explain one by one but as a student we always prints a lot of notes , do a lot with paper work. Don't throw all paper into your rubbish bin! Like me I always try my best to reuse the notes before I throw away. I will reuse the note on the page behind when I printed it for my lecture slides. After wrote all things on both side of the paper, I will choose to recycle it on recycle bin which available inside my university . When you try practicing both recycle and reuse then you might be reduce the waste too. So i think this 3R concept is actually works :)

3 Conservation

The proper conservation of these natural resources is a key concern in maintaining the balance of nature in a world with a large population. 

4 Bring or use your own recycle bag

I always bring my own paper/recycle bag more than using plastic paper. Imaging one day you used one plastic paper. 1 millions people in this world having the same habits! OMG it's really so scary. Reducing the plastic bag is another way/method to save our world. Keep in your mind about this :)

5Buy organically-grown foods.

Many place or stores start to have some organic foods which you can buy it. Although organic foods is slightly expensive than the normal one but I think it's worth for that because it's without any chemical added and 100% NATURAL. Too much things can affect our healthy life. To have a more healthy life I think everyone should start to support/buy organically-grown foods.

6Stop buying product with a lot a lot of packaging.

I think I should start to practice this instead of buying too much  nice and thick packaging stuff. I think most of the girls having this problem :P Especially me! LOL this is a good idea because the more packaging of the product the more expensive it is . :) At the same time you can choose the other similar item with less packaging one.

7Turn off the water tap when you're washing your face or brushing your teeth 
    Close the light when you didn't use it   
    Close the door of the fridge when you didn't use it
    REMEMBER to turn everything OFF if you didn't use it

8Turn your air con to 25'c 

I think this is the best temperature which save your cost and save our earth :)

9SELL or give your pre-loved clothing or items to people who need it

I practice this since long time ago. I always get some pre-loved things to people who need it but sometime I was kind of sakit hati </3 when all the clothes is still nice and new which I never wear it before So i will consider to sell to those people who interested with my clothing or my style. It was great and fun when someone like the way you style and the way you wear your cloth! 

10 Buy energy saving Bulb

Oh yea!! This is what told by my dad. My dad always choose to buy the energy saving bulb rather than those normal one. AHHAAH Now I know why because it might save the world and show more appreciation to our earth.

People have been made increasingly aware that their continued existence  and even sloggi have their own way to save our world!!! OMG
In this March 2013 sloggi has 2 new collection which best suit this save our world concept. They launch two collections of it which are 'Love weather' collection & 'Weather Girl' collection.

Each vivid, vibrant ‘Love Weather’ and ‘Weather Girl’ garment is alive with sloggi’s hallmark playful design motifs and is made from high-quality organic cotton and Italian Sensitive® Fabric.

‘Love Weather’ and ‘Weather Girl’ collections both deliver the comfort and design features for which sloggi is renowned for in spades. Manufactured using technologically advanced eco-friendly processes, Sensitive® Fabric and Organic Cotton have the characteristics of natural silk, offering a supreme level of comfort that is also lightweight, silky-soft and breathable. 

Even sloggi can have their own way to save the world. Why not you support it and find your best way to save our world too? :) It's really important to learn how to appreciate and protect our earth from pollution no matter who you are.

Am I right? :) Start save our world FROM NOW!!

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