Tamagotchi P's ♥

29 April 2013

Hey Yoooo Sweeties :3 I'm very very exited now !! I can't wait to share with you this little cute stuff which I can't resist it and of course I LOVE IT ! I don't know whether you interested with this little toys a not but this is just more than a toy! 

I know some of you might looking for this and me too. I looking for it so long and sad to say that it haven appear in our country, Malaysia :'( I'm so sad to say that and of course i'm here to thanks Babe DaphneFroggy for the help. You know what, I actually quite surprise that I can get this (my dream come true) because I got no friends can help me until one day I upload the latest tamagotchi p's which is the latest version of it at facebook and Daphne told me that she can help me to purchase and send it to me!!

OMG! That's so sweet :') Thanks so much for the help I know I'm very long gas keep saying thankiu but you know what I mean and I can't describe the feeling when I received the parcel! It's just freaking cool and of course it's a little bit expensive due to the shipping all the way from Japan to Malaysia~

But anyway this is freaking awesome!! I snap many photo once I got the parcel just to show you guys how it look like because I know that not everyone willing to spend so much money on it :) For your information this little tamagotchi plus the shipping fees which took 3 days to reach my house = RM200++ It's quite expensive for me I think but I just can't stop myself to purchase it and millions thanks for the little note and she wrap it all with her hearts!! I just feel so touch :')

Want to cry!!! Seriously , I really think that I don't deserve it but I really happy that sweeties around me just help me without asking for any return. Thanks so much x100000. Malaysia really so outdated , if I didn't get to contact with her I think I need to wait 3746237843 years to get this! 
I should stop crapping here. Let's start!

 I'm really so dilemma in choosing the color but at the end I pick the pastel pink for myself. They actually got a limited edition one which is pastel purple + pastel pink!
So yea , this is the limited edition color with the pieces melody land version :) So cute right!! The best combination colour ever~ This version is much better than the previous version because it's new feature and also the bling bling diamond things design beside the screen!
I'm totally no regret on this! Maybe I'm really too bored until I need something to play with. HAHAAHAH As you know that I don't have a pet because my parents not allow me to do so :'( So i just got a chance to have a digital pet in tamagotchi! LOL 
I know what you thought! but it's something worth for me to share with you guys!

This version much more fun and I would love to share with you their unique feature one by one but too many photo and the photo look unreal so I make a video for you guys. Sorry that my sound is really bad so I tuned it to chipmunk sound which is my favorite sound too xD 

Something which surprise me :-
More than 20 characters you can achieve and from baby > toddler > Teen > Adult .

Each of the shop have their own design & diff character & diff item which you can purchase and after purchase the things come out can surprise you. Especially each item when your pet use or wear it the things she did is really damn CUTE! 

You can change your room's wallpaper!!! OMG THIS IS SUPER NICE not only room , your sleeping room , dress room , toilet , shower room & etc .

You can purchase clothes / hair accessories for your pet and each item may result in diff expression on your pet.You can choose to take a bath or toilet pee pee :P You an buy some item for you pet like some music book , ball , mop & fun items. 

Have restaurant and also a MUSIC cafe which your pet can high tea at there :P enjoy ~

Can walk outside of your house, diff weather have diff kind of effect and can meet diff seller outside your house + diff event appear when you step outside your house.

If you're not free to play with your pet you might ask her/him to go to school . Diff stage of grow have diff school n teacher.

If you reach the enough age you can find match lover to get a bf or gf for your pet then they can go dating , born babies & etc.

Can give your pet a personality like fashion, charisma & etc which may influence your next stage's character

Can key in your own favourite stuff and hobby , movie ++ but I don't know how to write my hobby in japanese word! AHAHAHHA

You can adjust the brightness of the screen or mute it

♥ still got many many I show you some of those on the video k?

Besides those still got few feature which I haven figure it out because I don't have friends who got tamagotchi and we can connect to each other to have fun T^T plus with that they actually launch many diff kind of pieces which you can insert it on your tamagotchi so that can unlock new items and characters! So many many awesome feature! 

You must be happy to know that. I'm quite impressed by the feature inside this + color version is always BETTER THAN WHITE AND BLACK one ma!!! am I right? :P
Cute or not?!!! I DIY my own hand craft :P Knit it my own and the front look very pretty but behind..ermmm... a bit cacat behind but it's ok i'm not pro just want a case to protect my lovely tamagotchi!! HAAHAHAHHA

Maybe I should make a knit video soon!! Would love to share if you don't mind :3 So here's the video show you exactly how the tamagotchi works :D

It's 2am now I guess it's time to bed :) Night Night <3