WeChat Party 2013♥

08 April 2013

Herlooo Lovely :) How are you doing and finally I can have some extra time to update about the WeChat Partylast week. Guess most of you know that it was held on last week and I'm a bit tired before & after the event because I straight went to the event after my class! Lol It's really sad that most of the time I couldn't make it & I heard about this event gonna be so fun so I just throw everything off and rush to the event straight after my class :P   *Big Clap for myself*

This was the first time I join event at night and I feel so nervous for that. Sometime I feel like I'm really so weird when suddenly jump into the club. Honestly, this was the first time I went to a club (Don't laugh) Doris & I both standing side by side feel weird too but luckily Bobo keep talking to us and 4 of us -Bobo , Doris , Kim & I got nothing to do than just snap photo and having some chit chat time!!

So I guess most of you know what is WeChateveryone have download on their smart phone including ME! HAAHAHAHHA Even my mom always use WeChat to contact my bro and I. I feel so outdated if I still don't know what is WeChat! I love the part when you can sending voice msg just in one click with those cute cute emotions! Even you can add your own emotions !! How awesome and it make our life easier & simple :) 

Back to the topic, I really so shocked when I'm invited to the event with all my girls! Thanks for the awesome invitation because it was a great experience :) Meet a lot pretty bloggers and some friends. How sweet of them when they shout my name behind me and give me a hug Maybe you know what happened on that night. My bracelet gone :'(  But luckily I'm still able to enjoy as much as I can! Thanks Kim for the help on searching my bracelet although I really hope that it can suddenly appear on my bag or somewhere else. 

Skipped the sad part !!! Continue for the party part~ So during that night we finally get to know both WeChat Malaysian Ambassadors- Lisa Surihaniand Shaheizy SamOther than that , we spot one photo booth machinefor all the guests!!! All of us can just simply pose like superstar and they even print out the photo for us straight after shoot :P 
 Besides the photo booth , we spot cupcakes!! All cupcakes with WeChat Icon there and we get our cute little pillow in our goodies bag! OMG Thankss WeChat All of us took the white tiny pillow while Doris is the most lucky person because she got the green huge pillow inside her goodies bag!! awww~~
 See the cute little WeChat Pillow!! So cute right
 Other than that , on the stage have a HUGE Screen show a WeChat group chat! HAHAAHAH So cute especially those ugly ugly emotion they sent and all of us laugh so hard for that moment.
On The Stage - Some dance performance, games and performance by some Malaysian Singer (Vivian & Henley). We were too enjoy until forgot to snap more photo!! HAHAHAHAAH
Seriously, I can't stop myself from selca! AHHAHAAHAH Still have many photo haven collect from them :) Feel free to add my WeChat and send the photo to me :)
 Ahhh!! Met Jacklyn and her 8 month baby~ Really can't wait to see her baby because this hot mummy is so lovely. Can't imaging that moment!! I feel like I'm getting old because friends around me slowly turn to the next stage of their life, some married , some have their own baby , some planning for their future, some getting her/his first home or car , some prepare to get into a relationship , some have their first working experience while I still have 3 more semester to graduate & next semester will be my internship! OMG

Everything passes so quickly?! and now I'm starting my 4 month working life :'( Still searching for some good company & it's really tired to have class as usual and at the same time having interview straight after my class with my friends! Arghhh!!

Good Luck and all the best for you and me!! I really so enjoy my current blogging life and meet you guys from the beginning til the end of my life I guess :) Were going through some hard time and changes but you sweeties still here and non-stop cheering me up ! I really so touch and you melt my heart ♥ Love, xoxo. More post about skincare product and videos soooooon! Stay tuned

Last but not least! If you haven download WeChat please do it so because it's FREEEEEE and don't forget to add my ID : Chanwon92 ♥ Ciaoz