Favourite x of the Month♥ April

02 April 2013

Hey Yooo Sweeties :)  How are you today? I purposely blogging after 12am today because I really dislike April Fool sometime. Especially when things suddenly become real! Lol Seriously, I experienced it today which I joke with my group member that our presentation changed from tomorrow to today. I thought it was a joke for him but end up lecturer really changed our group sequence -.-  It's soooooooo .... Then,  of course we never get prepare for anything even presentation slides and report didn't bring it -.- I was like OMGGGGG!

Luckily we able to make it to the usual sequence! Thanks god I'm going to present it later. Good luck for all of us and having an Interview this coming Wednesday! Please give me a lot a lot LUCK! I need it especially I can't really stay calm during the interview :S I guess

So back to the topic!!! I received a lot a lot comment on the previous post regarding what you want me to blog about and I did a summary for that! Will let you know all the giveaway winner on the next post!! Sorry that I couldn't make it on time because until now I still rushing for my assignment and report :'( 

Every month I will be blogging about my favourite item or product once I satisfied and wish to share with you sweeties!!! So here's the next item which I'm going to share it here :P Many sweeties asked me about the clutch I get. I actually tagged & uploaded the link to my instagram but just need this post to show you how the clutch look like and the detail part of it.

So let's start! I get it from 

Outfit Online Boutique

Detail photo of it :)
 As you can see the quality of this clutch is really amazing. At first I was just supporting my lovely friend's online shop but end up I just keep on purchasing their product!! HAHAHAH Of course everything I recommended and sharing with you sweeties have special OFFER!

Like their page and wait for for the status special for my reader. Quote: Chanwon92 by pm their official facebook page and the first 10 sweeties can get 10% OFF for this item ! Say this first arrr :P don't regret if you didn't grab it because it's really unexpected good and nice quality! I thought it was so hard to match with my daily outfit but surprisingly it match perfectly.
I don't think I will get enough of this clutch because there are more pattern and design available!! OMGGG Are you kidding me! & This is not sponsored item or advertorial for her shop! I purchase this with my own money(All post with this labels is purchase with my own money) & I can confirm that it's exactly what you see in my photo! :P 

They selling some pretty sweater and the owner is my friend! HAHAHAH Get contact with her and grab your own lovely clutch make sure you get the special discount :P Special for you <3 HAHAHAAHAH 

Gonna grab another galaxy prints one :P

The next item which I got it from Instax Pelangi was the Wifi Card & Instance Film!! Actually I found quite a long time and I still stick with the usual seller which is kenny from Instax pelangi. If you had ordered or purchased something from him, you will know why he got so much customer or buyer.

One thing make me choose instax is because of their service provided. He answer immediately after you pm him on facebook and his price is really reasonable :) Seriously I know how important nowadays to provide a good customer service and maintain a good realtionship with your customer. 

Don't wanna talk too much here but what I want to say is.. His service is really good. Everything I order today can get it tomorrow. He wont don't reply your private msg :) As I told you , even compare to others which provided cheaper price I will still choose instax because of their service. & I guess you all pay for your own purchase item so should have this kind of good service right? Think twice before order with some irresponsible seller!!


So I guess it's all for today♥ Love, xoxo.