A day with Fairy Beauty ♥

31 March 2013

Herrrrlooooo Sweeties & Babies :) Guess you know why I'm here today.  I think I make some live update on my social media about this I guess! So most of you know that I'm having a great period or time with Fairy Beauty. For those who don't know what's fairy beauty is , you can refer to this post  Fairy Beauty♥ Fairy Whitez & Fairy Blossom

Seriously, I really love their product and guess what!! Scroll to the bottom part and spot the promotion code which you can save more when purchase it online!! 20% discount:) Special created for all my sweeties & readers!!

So after few weeks I get invited and received msg from Fairy Beauty:P I get invited to visit their company and look deeply on how their company look like & the places. You guys know I'm totally road stupid and I used 1 hour to reach the location!! Sorry if I'm a bit late :P I think the working place will reflect and gain some confident from buyer. I'm really interested and I guess this is the very FIRST time I get invited to visit a brand's company.

A little bit like during our primary school our lovely teacher will bring us to visit some place or some manufacture company! HAHAAHAHHAH *little girl start dreaming* At the same time I'm so worried and a bit nervous because I'm alone! Lol
Thanks god it was so fun to be there. So first thing I reach on their company I feel so comfortable with the surrounding. I get into their office & one of the people there bring and point me to the second floor of their office.
This is their second floor's look. So clean and feel so comfortable. Some brand products, poster , product showing here and there , comfortable chair , glass table & so on! Lol I'm there alone and my heart can't stop beating HAHAHAHA cause their consultant coming down to meet me. I get prepared and keep setting up myself to be a bit PRO! Lol     
Some booklet and lovely card here :) Love the drawing on the card and the blue one is something like thanks note for customer which purchase from their official website. HAHAHA Seriously, I'm fall in love with the fairy tales drawing. Few mins later, their pretty consultant start some basic introduction and we do chat and discuss about their future plan , promotion , product's ingredients , detail & etc

I guess it's so fun and after that I understand more about Fairy Beauty :) It's not that scary to meet them because they're so friendly and they understand what girl's need. After a while of course need to snap some photo for this special visit day:P
Ignored my sleepy face because I'm really sleepy in the early morning & traffic jam from my house to their company :'( Luckily I'm still able to do some light make up on my face! HAHAHAHA If not you wont see any of my face appear on this blog post .
The huge huge 'V TWO O SDN BHD' ♥ behind us and so proud of all of us because we standing and sweating like hell under the hot weather! Lol the right photo I look so blur !! x)

& Some photo I snap on that day :)
 Seriously, I feel thankful and glad that I'm one of the customer for their product. I'm really thanks to Carmen because she's the one gave me this opportunity to try on this product because I'm really suffered a lot on my dark spot and although my face is white but somehow it look pale :'( I had tried both product it works so well on me. Saving so much money for this supplement! AND thanks for the Hot & Cold Mask sponsored by them! Can't wait to try it asap :P

Oh yea! Their new packaging added with a cute fairy tales's sticker on it. Which you can win the prize from them just fill in your 4 week's result on the booklet available inside the box. For those who want to get SPONSORED  3 MONTH up to ONE YEAR FREE FAIRY BEAUTY PRODUCT you can go ahead and join their contest! I guess it was a great chance and news for you all :P
 Basically this is what I spend my Friday with Fairy Beauty. It was fun and a great experience for me. I now understand how it works and of course continuous support them :) Have you tried their product?

I started my Fairy Whitez last month and now I finished 3 boxes of the Fairy Blossom too :P How fast is that !!

So yea! After the blog post I received some of the question asked by my sweeties. For instance, like :-
1) Can I drink both bottle together every day? Or I need to separate each day with diff time?
2) During period can I drink it ?
3) Promotion 3 box for rm188 still available?
4) Drink it separately? or?
5) Other than Caring Pharmacy and online purchase at www.fairy2u.my , are there any others place can I get it?

HAHAHA I get prepared to answer every question you asked now! So I'm here to reply all of you and if you got further question you can left comment on Fairy Beauty official facebook's page ya :)

Let me start from the first question ya :) 
1 I drink one type either fairy whitez or fairy blossom each day. It's actually depend on your body absorb's range. Some of the people can absorb all the great ingredient even they drink 2 bottle per day but some maybe will absorb less due to their own body issues. For me , at first I started my Fairy Whitez on the first month (everyday one bottle) and then after finished the 1st box of fairy whitez I tried the Fairy Blossom on the next month (now).

Besides, some people wondering that both bottle need to drink it on every morning / afternoon or maybe separate it?! Still the same on the previous :) Depending on what you want because most of the supplement recommended to have it every morning because on that period our body absorb is much more greater compare to other. But there're still some additional information which is looking to your own's preference that which timing you like to consume more. So it's all depend on you :) But you don't worry because this drink is 100% natural and no others chemical added so even you period that time you can still drink it! How nice :P

2Yea , you can :) Cause it's natural and also some people during their period time they body absorb is weak but some is greater. So you can try it out. For me I just drink it everyday and it had become my daily supplement. So far I'm really satisfied with Fairy Beauty's products.

3 Sorry to tell you that promotion 3box for RM188 only is currently not available but then they will have more & more promotion coming soon! Now they have promotion 20% discount when you refer to the promotion code : chanwon8866 :P Special promotion to all of my reader or else you can get the voucher (20% discount) from this link: http://vouchfor.com/V-TWO-O-Sdn-Bhd/offer/4494229 

p/s: Special thanks to fairy beauty that give me a chance to let my readers and sweeties SAVE MORE !! HAHAHAHAHAH grab nowwww liao :3

4I think I had answered you on the first question's answer above. Lol you can either drink both on the morning or one morning & one at night :)

5 Yea! Great news that you can purchase it from Watsons and AEON Pharmacy from next month (April) I guess it will be much more easier if you purchase online :P 

Teehee :) So that's all for my post today!
I need to maintain my blogging passion. Will have my update every 3-4 days! Will talk to you soon :) Love xoxo.