About my New Pastel Blogger Template ♥

04 March 2013

Hello Lovely Sweeties :3 I'm here again! HAAHAHAH I'm really feel like removing my previous video on the youtube channel because it's really funny on the chipmunks part! Lol it's an audio effect & I feel so fun  when editing the video too! AHAHAHAHA I still  need to train by my own and find a best angle to film a make up tutorial with the new make up products I bought last few weeks. 

So I keep on updating my blog almost forgot about this post! I'm going to share my own experience here about my new blogger template. I received quite a number of feedback & asking about who did this for me/how much/is the designer nice with me/how to explain what you want. I actually did shared about who did this for me on both of my facebook page and facebook personal account but maybe some of the reader never check up my facebook :) So I'm here again and hopefully don't ask me who did this for me because everything wrote in this post yea :P

I'm gonna share why I got so many choices but I'm always prefer Kim for the help to design because she's responsiblealthough sometime she might take few days only reply my msg but she always did and done everything that I WANT! But i know she will reply me within that 48 hours :) I trusted on her because there're so  many reason for me to choose her.

First thing, you need to find a trust person to design your blog layout/template because at the end of the draft when it come in real you need to give you ID & your personal PASSWORD to them for applying the new template html. It's so pity if you found the wrong person and gave that person your ID & PASSWORD then you might know what will happen on the next. *evil smile

Next thing, I guess most of the time I did meet with some nice designer too but they always can't get what I want! I'm serious. Talk is really easy but when everything come into the real thing especially when you keep on telling what you want and what you like but end up they can't get what you mean or what you want. Maybe some of them is male so they don't know what i means of 'sweet/pastel theme' . It's really hard when you telling them like I prefer sweet theme? romantic theme? &etc . 

Kim know me well maybe she having the same thoughts with me?! :) She know what girls want, she know what you need , she know what I mean. I'm not keep on promoting her because she didn't ask me to promote or pay me for that. I share this to you because I think it's worth for me to share that. 

Last year I pay a designer to do my template at the end I give up for that (I pay 50% deposit & end up I still using my old template). Everything is a nightmare for me. When I keep on telling what I want but that person can't get what I want. Seriously my design seems better than that because I got a little bit knowledge on html code (I got take some course on my university) but I'm really boring with my style so would like to try new things and pay for someone to design for me.

Every single sens I spend must be benefit for myself because I earn every single sens by myself :( It's not cheap to ask for a person to design your blog and so far the price range is RM300-600 depend the situation. Yeap! I wasted that money and I'm so sad & disappointed on it. Telling myself not to waste my own money again </3 Heartbreak x10000 

Until Dec last year I saw kim helping fourfeetnine to design her blog. my eye was like OMG!! I'm going to give myself a chance to renew and design my blog! I click on the link and saw her website / check everything . Scrolling her blog and read her blog post about how lovely she is and happy live with her hubby. LOL I'm out of topic again but basically everything she used and design on her blog is WHAT I WANT.

Tips : Before hiring any designer you may check their own website and see their detail. 

Surprisingly, she graduate from MMU Cyber too! Consider my senior *wink wink* Lol So this might be another reason for me to trust on a stranger to design my blog. My bf say I'm wasting my own  money again and how if I not satisfied with the design?  (I'm totally not going to hear what he's telling me) I'm just Go ahead and email kim:)

She replied me on the other day and I can't wait for the final design on my blog. I totally have no idea on what I want. Just telling her what I prefer /color series/ theme and some of my story. Sharing it caring ma~ But I'm afraid I talk too much until she's tired of me :S Luckily she wont! HAHAHAHAH I'm really sorry if I really talk too much sometime :'(

So few weeks later I receive a draft on the header. OMG! A Rabbit on my header! HAAHAHAHHA If you know me you will know what's that mean :) I got rabbit teeth which I'm still thinking whether to brace it or not.

And Kim always help me to make a decision. I can't decide and quite dilemma on which photo to use and I talk too much on that again. So at the end I just ask kim to help me pick one of the best photo to represent ME! HAAHAHAHAH but the title I suggest myself one! The only Chanwon! LOL Used it since the day I start to blog here. *wink*

No matter how many time I ask her to edit the font , the header , the sidebar and everything. She will re-edit again and come out with the things I want. I'm satisfied with everything she gave and of course a good service. I really ask her to change the draft for so many time because I'm so many suggestion and opinions. Hope she don't mind :)

Other than that, the most important thing is RESPONSIBILITY. I hate people who's not responsible. I'm serious & I'm totally mad with it. I met those people and now I'm still need to deal with them. My online fb shop double beauty going to expand it to a official online shop but that IRRESPONSIBLE person received my money and only teach me how to log in the open cart website. I don't even know how to manage the open cart thing. I just asking her like how to change or make the slides show appear or make the photo more clear. 

I emailed , fb , wechat , inbox << repeat this few step every day before CNY until NOW! She still haven reply me and I feel like slapping myself for being so LONG GAS keep on inbox her. You might think i'm impatient but I'm been dealing the same thing for twice. First time I forgive her and she said sorry to me. But this was the second time. I'm not going to do anything and not going to angry I figure out myself. I click it one by one. Try and error.

That person at the end reply on the wall post say she's busy on her exam. So yea! Her exam paper was so long almost 1 month 2 weeks. Remember this is the second time. The first time I did the same thing but ask for diff thing while she give me a reason that she didn't receive any msg from me! OH really?! Feel like slap myself or BANG WALL. 

No matter how angry am I. I'm consider good enough to protect who is that person.  I never tag her or publish her detail because it's wasting my time but I'm still will angry at first. Now I'm already </3 ! & I have no idea whether I should continue the official website / publish it / or find another company to do again. But again I'm wasting my money if I find a new company to do that to me. Aihx 

So this was my own experience and story. Really...Most important is responsibility. No matter how she still not replying my email and everything. Everyday check in starbuck and say EXAM. WHY EXAM CAN'T TELL ME EARLIER WANT ME TO INBOX YOU EVERY DAY EVERY WEEK. CAN'T YOU USE 5 MINS TO REPLY ME?! You are driving me crazy. 

I swear, after this I wont be angry of that again :'( Hopefully. Peace
Almost out of topic & I'm angry here again. Seriously thanks Kim !! I didn't meet a irresponsible person again but Kim show me that it's worth for me to find her. She's so responsible , lovely and cute :3 If you realize that I got additional things on my blog again :) Thanks kim for your time and thanks for the outcome. I love it :)

Thanks god and thanks for everything :) I hope my future wedding photo will snap by kim too :D Her works is so nice I love her room design. She changed it every 3-4 months. Hope to deal & contact with Kim in the future for my future lovely template again!

If you're interested with any design things on website , blog shop , name card & etc. Email her on kim0921@gmail.com or inbox her facebook https://www.facebook.com/kiM0921?fref=ts :) Hope it's help :) 

Fall in love with my current template. How about you   ? *blush blush  Love, xoxo.

P/S: Finally some good things happened on this year already! I'm really hope that you wont be able to meet those irresponsible person in your life because it's suck ! I hate it and hope this help you on getting a new layout/template ya