Mary Kay ♥ One Woman Can Beauty Contest

23 March 2013

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Hello Sweeties :3 Doesn't mean to scared you with my super duper big head. HAHAHAAHAH Sorry for the delay was busy with my studies recently. So yea!!! Here's a little post about some cosmetic products from MaryKay. Just manage to try it out and seriously the photo above was using their product :)

I was so surprised by them because they actually invited me to their One Woman Can- Beauty Contest in Celebratipn of 50th Anniversary but I couldn't make it due to my class. I heard of MaryKay this brand before but I wonder where can I get their product after I finished this?! HAHAHAH 

So back to the topic I can't attend the event but the person still keep all products for me to do some review or sharing with you guys. Thanks so much and I'm really lucky that I can try their new products too!! Love :3  Let see what they keep for me. My very first time get beauty product from Mary Kay.
 Product Included 
Powder Eu Sheer Pearls/Oplscnt
Fragrance-Dance To Life
Travel Size AP Miracle Set N/D
Lip gloss-Pink Luster
Mascara- Black WP Lash Love
 Can't wait to try on their products! OMG They even gave me a fragrance!

The first photo in this post was using their mascara , lip gloss & powder. I just need this 3 products then can create a natural and lovely girly look for my dating later. *wink*
Powder Eu Sheer Pearls/Oplscnt
 So, first try on this powder. It's a powder that can create a subtle veil of sheer which add you can lightly apply all over your cheekbones , forehead , temples , chin , neck. It help and designed to add dimension , accentuate & complement every complexion.
For me I prefer to use it as highlight on my nose and above my upper lips. I zoom in the photo you can spot that my upper lip and nose highlighted :) 
Simply swirl the Cheek Brush in the powder and tap off excess. Start at the center of the face and work out in a light, circular motion diffusing the powder as you go. Build color in areas where you want extra warmth or highlights, like to the apples of cheeks, along the copy of cheekbones, to temples, nose or chin.
Total got 4 diff type of Sheer Dimensions™ Powder :) I get the first one I guess it suitable for our age and you can choose your own which best suit yourself to create your own look on that. It's pretty much like highlight on your face for the first one. Next time photo shooting session I guess I should apply all over my face :P
Dance to Life Fragrance
 Next is their Fragrance- Dance To Life. This is the first product that I opened once I got their parcel :P Because the size and the packaging was so romantic. At first I thought what is this for.. LOL
 I tried it I guess it should be great to match with a candle dinner. The smell of this fragrance gave  me a romantic scene that I never had.(HAHAHAHA Think too much)  It's time to put a little bit on my special date :P I didn't buy myself any perfume or fragrance before because I think I don't need it. I very outdated I just care about my face but never think of the smell of my body.

The smell of this product is slightly mature I guess. Not fruity smell or flora smell. I love flora smell because it make me feel girly (I'm act like a man in real life SO i need something which make me feel like a GIRL LOL) My  mom tried on this and she say it's nice just I think the smell is slightly mature. I guess I can try it soon..some day or one day!! How about my 21th Birthday Party? :P

Mary Kay - Black WP Lash Love Mascara
 Wooohooo Mary Kay - Black WP Lash Love Mascara. Don't wanna talk too much because I'm gonna show you the before & after photo. Don't be shocked by the outcome of this product ya .
 So this is how the mascara brush look like.I think this design was normal and the mascara is slightly dry than other mascara I used but the outcome of this is really damn NICE! A good mascara can always enlarge your eye and make your eye look more great even without any eyeshadow or eyeliner. Let me show you !
 OMG?! That's me?! That's my eyelashes? HAHAHAHAHA It's my real eyelashes I didn't put any fake eyelashes on! You can see especially my bottom lashes it become one by one and more obvious. OMG I'm loving it :3
I know I look weird but just want to show you on both of my eye. See the enlargement ? No eyeliner,  No eye shadow but you just need a MASCARA then can create a larger eye :) Like Like Like
Some tips on how to apply to the bottom eyelashes. When applying the mascara on your lower lashes your brush need to be like vertical / straight instead of horizontal then move from the left to the right  :)
Lip gloss - Pink Luster
 Besides their mascara, I love their lip gloss (Pink Luster color) too. My lips is so pale :'( .Before I apply this lip gloss I will put some lips base like this....
I applied Yadah Natural Lip Balm as a base and then wait for few second I apply this lip gloss. The color is so obvious and seirously it look exactly like the color inside the packaging.

p/s : Sorry ya I got mustache :S I want to remove it but my mom told me that it born more & more obvious after you remove it -.-
Travel Size AP Mircle Set N/D
 Last but not least their Miracle set which can turn back your time :P Hiak Hiak*
This collection is an age-fighting products for younger looking skin. It used together with the Time Wise 3-in-1 Cleanser , Age-Fighting Moisturizer , Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 35/PA+++ & Night Solution.

The 3in1 Cleanser is just works like normal cleanser product except it really help to reveal younger looking skin & of course it combine age fighting benefits while their Moisturizer utilizes the combined action of 10 hours hydration with a parented complex to enhance skin's natural renewal process- revealing firmer , smoother looking skin while reducing the appearance of find lines & wrinkles.
 The Day solution sunscreen shocked and surprise me because the form of the sunscreen is so liquid and when you massage it over your face it's wont be that oily. Together, DAY SOLUTION AND NIGHT SOLUTION deliver the exclusive Pronewal treatment around the click with crucial protection during the day and boosted renewal at night :)
Night Solution
 This night solution suitable for dry to oily skin. It's Oil free and wont block pores. This help reverse the signs of aging by enhancing your skin's natural renewal process while you sleep and help the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles fade away.
Miracle Set Order of application:
Every Morning : Cleanser , Sunscreen & Moisturizer 
Every Evening : Cleanser , Night Solution & Moisturizer


Last but not least , HAPPY 50th Anniversary for Mary Kay and I'm very happy & satisfied with all your products. 

What about the One Woman Can beauty contest I say just now? I guess some of you might be interested about this too. It actually is a part of Mary Kay Asia Pacific's region collaboration for the Mary Kay global 50th Anniversary. The beauty contest starts from 8th March to 10th May 2013. You can see and spot the beautiful transformation of women in Malaysia . Transformation to a mature butterfly I guess? :)

In addition, this contest will make 5 women's dreams come true as they win a trip to Hong Kong to attend the grand finale star-studded event. WOW!!!

5x Grand Prizes 
-4 days & 3 nights trip to HK
-Professional styling & shooting in HK
-Cover feature and story in Mary Kay Publications
-Charity donation in her name 

For more information about contest entry and how to take part kindly visit


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