ZR1000 Review ♥ Q&A about camera I use

22 March 2013

Yooooo Sweeties  :3 Oh yea!!! I know what are you waiting for :) It took some time to finish this post because it require some extra time to combine all the photos together if not I'm afraid this post gonna long til drop! HAHAHAHA I'm just joking but Thankiuuu so much for being so nice , lovely and true to me. I received so much comment & inbox msg :) I replied all of that because it really melt me. Seriously thanks :) Love you all, xoxo.

So back to this post, I promised you for this review since last week. HERE YOU GO! I will slowly explain one by one with the additional photo to show you how exactly the camera's filter. I hope you wont just read and scroll the photo only because if you really wanna grab yourself a good camera, you should get to know whatever information I wrote here. 

First of all, I purchased this with my own(although i hope someone or one day get sponsored :P ) so I didn't stand any side to do this review just for advertorial purpose. All the comment is my own opinion you may just view this as a reference & I hope it help you too. For your information I have only two camera now which is Nex F3and ZR1000. Most of you must wonder / ask : 

Why should I get this? 
Which one better? 
Which one is the best? 
TR150 or ZR1000 better?

Actually I was dilemma too. I wonder did I invest the right camera for myself? Should I get TR150 or this? What color should I get? I wonder who can help me on that. But nobody and at the end I received most of the girls asking me to get an TR150.

I can't admit that TR150 really nice. It's small size and best SELCA (Self Capture) camera ever. But have you ever think of RM2K just to get a camera with just SELCA? Maybe I'm too poor or should I say I can't believe that it almost same price with my dslr Nex F3 baby. 

Plus, I not really think that I could hold a 2k camera just for selca not other purpose. Because I love travel , I love snap people or environment around me , I love to record and remember all the fun time I had with people around me.

To solve your problem what you need to do is understand what you need. For example if you really look for a camera just for SELCA / CAMWHORE purpose then you  may go and get yourself a TR150. If you looking for a camera with all advanced function , filter and mode included then you may get yourself ZR1000

Both TR150 & ZR1000 have beauty mode but have to be clear that ZR1000 beauty mode is much more natural than TR150 while TR150 have the more nice outcome of Selca with the blush blush pinkish color on your cheek. 

Before making any decision to get which you must let yourself clear that TR150 seriously just suitable for selca purpose because when you snap whole body photo , place , trip and other purpose it will show the disadvantages and weakness of TR150. 
So before I start this review I seriously recommended this because TR150 have it own limitation and expensive but if you have additional money and hope to get a nice selca photo outcome you may go ahead for that :) It doesn't mean that I dislike TR150 but the limitation of the camera is not what I want. Then, I make my own decision by choosing ZR1000 in black color.

I know you will still ask why I need this since I had my NEX F3 baby. Yeaa even my mom & Mr.Kitty always think I wasted money on this. As you know NEX F3 is like dslr and I used pancake lens for quite a long time when I go to some event I need to carry both lens together is really tiring :'( So I heading to some camera shop asking for the price of the lens is really DAMN expensive. 

I wanna get myself a small compact camera size's camera. So I get this :) Nex F3 of course much more nicer compare to this ZR1000 but both of them got their own unique point so stop inbox me asking am I gonna sell my NEX F3. 

Answer is NO! I still need Nex F3 Baby to film some video on my youtube channel in future! Lol and of course the filter in NEX F3 !! Both filter and effect of it is totally different :) So if you ask me which better I can say if you just look for a camera which is not much setting and additional knowledge , no need lens then go for ZR1000. If you need a dslr and hope to deal with all lens and things like that you may go for NEX F3 with a more nice quality image and filter too.

Now ZR1000 I will bring for some outing & event while NEX F3 baby will use for filming and travel. Girls never get enough with this all. I always spent my money on digital product rather than beauty product maybe I should say ONCE in a while. LOL 

After I get myself a black ZR1000 many people asking why I don't get myself a while color. Seriously, to be honest white is really nice but hard to take care even now my NEX F3 bottom part start to turn a bit yellowish and I need to take care it all the time. For this reason I think I should change my mind to black color. I have no idea how much I love black :) Long lasting and I can used like what I want no need sayang sayang and take care so much because I always so careless.

Ended Part 1 and now Part 2 is all the function and review on ZR1000.

hmmmm..Guess I type it too long but whatever I just hope you guys understand it because you're the one who buy and use it yourself don't buy anything that wont be useful for you ya :) Let's start the review part of ZR1000.

Let's see how ZR1000look like :) Some detail photo of the outlook beauty of ZR1000 :P
 The size is like normal compact camera's size :) See it fit my hand and everything is just fine for me :)
 User Friendly design. The setis the button that you can adjust all the brightness , flash , the type of filter or effect you want while the ring button is you can choose to adjust either the level of the filter (lvl 1- lvl 3) or the level of beauty mode. Menu button just like normal camera which you can change the camera setting as well as language & etc.
 What make it so special? So diff ?
The unique selling point is if you see carefully it actually can stand by itself (1) with the little tripod stand behind the screen :) I forgot to shoot the photo on it but I guess most of you know that from the youtube video from taiwan. Other than that , the beauty mode (2) is the second hot function which girls loved the most. Besides of those amazing and beautiful filter this camera have up to IOS 25600 (3) when you switch to the night mode which available on the BEST SHOOT switch on the top right button above your camera. Continuous shooting photo 30fps (4) & 0.99 second once you switch on the camera (5). Full HD (6) recording , the f/3.0-f/5.9 12.5x optical zoom (equivalent focal length of 24-300mm) (7) & ofcourse more than 40 diff mode and filter/effect (8) !!! Forgot to mention the Hand Wave Mode (9)

I can't explain how much I love to play with those filter and effect of the camera. I'm abit stupid in adjusting the setting one by one with the dslr so I guess this camera help me a lot. You just need to know what you want and push on the button to get the effect you want. The filter which I love the most is the Light Tone (ART) , Toy Camera (ART) , Fish Eye (ART) , Best Shoot Mode and BEAUTY MODE!

hiak hiak!! Each of the diff mode or filter can adjust the LEVELof the filter and also the TYPEof the filter depend on which mode you click.

So far you get a basic idea on what it's . You gonna fall in love with this camera like I do once you done reading it. Let's go!!
I guess most of you know what is P , A , S , M , C . Then I didn't really show much on that. What I want to show you guys is the BS (Best Shoot) & ART. Just this two you can play and shoot for whole day by changing the filter. HEHE!!! Let's start!!    (don't know how many time I say I want to start LOL )
 This is what it turn when you click the Set button on the right handside.
This is the screen which you click on the Ring button.
Each of the filter can adjust it level or color tone.

So this is a sample on the art effect which you can adjust the level 1~ level 3& Extra 1 ~ Extra 2 :)

This ART mode/button including all type of filter : - HDR Art , Toy Camera , Soft Focus , Light Tone , Pop , Sepia , Monochrome , Miniature and last but not least Fish Eye.

I will show you one by one :) Within this art mode there have no beauty mode ya :) Only others mode got beauty mode which can make your skins look nicer and prettier :P I guess we don't use ART mode to snap our face LOL  because once you selected it nobody will focus on your face unless you're really care about it :P HAAHAHAHA 
I guess I shouldn't talk too much here. So let's photos do the talking :) 
HDR ART ♥ [Lvl 1- Lvl 3]
HDR ART ♥ [ Ex 1 & Ex 2 ]
TOY CAMERA♥ [Color Type 1 , 2 ,3]
SOFT FOCUS ♥ [ Level 1 , 2 , 3]
LIGHT TONE ♥ [ Color:  Cyan , Magenta , Yellow ]
 HAAHAH I prefer the Cyan and Magenta color :) You adjust depend on indoor or outdoor & the color of your mood. Normally indoor I prefer Cyan while Outdoor undersun I prefer Magenta.

POP ♥ [ Level 1~ 3]
SEPIA♥ [Level 1 , 2 , 3]
MONOCHROME♥ [Level 1 ,2 , 3]
MINIATURE♥ [ Position 1~3 ] From top to middle to bottom
MINIATURE♥ [ Position 4~6 ] From left to middle to right
FISH EYE ♥ [Level 1 ,2 , 3 ]
 Light tone in diff color tone shows diff mood :) Love this filter to the max.. How about you ? :P
Normal mode > Soft Focus > Light Tone .

So nice right?!!! HAVEN END YET! Next , let me show you their Beauty Mode. Beauty mode available on Best shoot mode , normal mode , P & Premium auto Pro mode  Don't be shock all the photo below without edit I just combine both ! I swear no edit. 

You can adjust the level of the beauty mode from lvl 1 ~ lvl 12 :) I prefer lvl 8 :) More natural!! AHAHAHAH

CAN YOU SEE?! My face sooooooooooooooooooooo nice and pretty :P Even with just a little make up without any additional editor needed! OMG!! Love it to the max but don't use too much later ppl see why photo so diff with real person :X I'm just joking! HAHAAHAHHA too exited :P

  Multi SR Zoom  
 This zoom:  f/3.0-f/5.9 12.5x optical zoom (equivalent focal length of 24-300mm)
Help me a lot to do some make up tutorial post. Snap more on my eye and face / skin condition with this mode.

Last but not least , BEST SHOOOOOOOOOOOT MODE. There're too much effect inside this mode. Not going to show one by one here but I did snap some of the example for this mode. I love the blur background and also ALL focus image. Each of this best shoot have own setting so you no need adjust so much but just choose what you need and pick the one suit you the most then SHOOT the best photo for yourself! SO NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEE x10000 right?

Too much so I just pick few to show you here. Got total 35 types in this BEST SHOOT mode.
 Other than that still have.....
Some sample photo I shoot.
 Blur Background effect.
 Food effect .
For your information, Casio or normal camera shop selling RM1399 . If you wanna get cheaper can find some online shop and the price is totally cheaper , don't worry you can COD :)

I guess you might feel tired right now. TOO MUCH PHOTO AND THINGS TO TALK right? Yea if you ask me I really really really recommended this camera to all my babies, sweeties, lovely readers. 

Hope you appreciate what I do for this review and stop asking me all the question that I mentioned on this post because it's really so long & I need to repeating the same thing to all  my lovely here!! Hope you enjoy this post and will share more & more great photos with you sweeties

Hope this help  you to make a decision and get a answer :) Don't feel dilemma again because I know how you feel when nobody answer all your questions!! So.... That's all for today!! Love xoxo
Look my skin so nice :P HAHAHAHAHAHAH Ok la~ I stop here :3 Night