March Mivva Box♥ Know your skin

05 March 2013

Herloo Sweethearts :3 OMG!! I can't believe that I received the march mivva beauty box again this morning. OMG OMG OMG OMG X10000~ After the Valentine's theme (Feb) Mivva Box I start to realize that really understand and know us well !! Spot the lovely flora greeting card. I kept those greeting card as my personal bookmarks and add a ribbon on the top :)
So lovely right? and I can't wait to share with you guys the mivva box! Once I got it, i immediately unbox it and capture it here!! Finally done edit those lovely photo :) Add up with a little title on the right bottom of the photo~ I really love every single card inside the mivva box from the Jan version mivva box until now! I can't explain how much I love mivva but I try my best show you guys how I love it from those photo I captured. HAHAHAHAHA 

For those who haven join mivva you can simply click on this link and create an account for it :) Subscribe now for the next month's mivva box ya 

Mivva box is the best reason for me to be happy on every beginning of the month . Seriously, mivva team always surprise me on the first week of every month! Especially those special theme :) This month's theme will be Know Your Skin. The design of the font match the background perfectly and of course the main focus still their products. 

So let's me show you guys the cutest pastel beauty box and the card! Notice that I keep on focus on the card because it's just so so so so so nice! I can feel how much effort they put on and how hard they think of every month's theme. I'm afraid I can't live without Mivva now because I'm already used to have the surprise every beginning of the month :( 

Stop crapping here and Let me show you guys how awesome!! March's mivva box.
 Other than that, on this special month I got a cash voucher from them and I can spend it @ number76!! OMG Finally finally! I'm going to use this soon (very soon). Planned to go mid valley branch and hope I can have a lovely and brand new look again :)

Subscription for one month only RM38♥ if you calculate one by one you can know that it's really worth! Product totally worth more than that amount + some cash voucher & etc. OMG OMG What are you waiting for? Create an account and subscribe now at

Now let me show you guys what's included in this month's mivva box.  *clap clap clap*

MURAD Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish
Secretleaf Pure Oil Series 01
BeautyMate Purifying & Brightening Nano Lotion
Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel
Esllon BIO-Gel Eye Mask

OMG and and this additional pink puppy towel. Got puppy ear & nose some more! OMG it's really so cute! I don't willing to open it because it's so cute, later I don't know how to fold it back :'( Aww I still remember the Pink Hair Clip/Accessories on the previous box. Now it's a pink puppy towel :3 Heart on mivva.
 Esllon BIO-Gel Eye Mask RM59 for 5 Pieces
Esllon BIO-Gel Eye Mask is 100% natural bio-gel eye mask which is free from chemical additives, preservatives & fragrance. What so special about this mask?!  It instantly hydrating, whitening , nourishing , soothing and restoration your face. The three dimensional polymer netting work perfectly in revealing a youthful skin around your eye.

I'm using it right now :P Enjoying blogging time with this eye mask! HAHAAHAH Relax & Release all my stress before I start my new semester on this coming week! My result out tomorrow :'( I'm so worry now!! ARGHHHHH~
 BeautyMate Purifying & Brightening Nano Lotion♥ RM49.90 for 100ml
Guess most of you know this brand :) This brand appear on the previous mivva box too. I'm using their toner now(one of the Feb Mivva box's product) and I plan to grab their nano lotion too but now I no need spend so much money again! It's included on this month's mivva box! OMG 

It's not a thick form lotion. It's lotion+liquid form & so gentle. I can't feel anything on my face now and I wonder why it absorb so fast? It's because the nano particles. Absorb so damn fast! As usual, you know what I want again T^T So touching. This product helps to minimize and reduce the number of dark spots & whiten your skin.
 Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel♥ RM61.90 For 150ml
New product again! Never heard about this brand before and I think it's suitable for my brother. He took it from me just now :P What I get from the product descriptions is this product suitable for oily skin, pores, irregular skin texture , dull complexion , blackheads , red blemishes and acne-prone skin

As you can see the form of the cleansing gel is so gentle. Same like the previous product it look like liquid :3
 HAHAHA Look like plain water and the smell of this product is really so nice. Not heavy smell but just nice :)
Guess my brother loving this product and I wonder where can I get the big size one? I wanna recommend this for my dad and Mr.Kitty too!! Both of their face got many blackheads and irregular skin texture.

 Secretleaf Pure Oil Series 01♥ RM75 for 15ml
is turn for this 100% pure and organic argan oil which imported from Morocco. It can helps in moisturizing your skin , reducing the wrinkles , lesson appearance of dark spots & last but not least reduce the pigmentation. Seems so nice huh?! and it's RM75 for only 15 ml which is the real product's size included in this mivva box.
 Besides, it can be used on your hair too! OMG Finally, it can act as a hair product too!! It reduce the breakage, smoothen dry & frizzy hair as well as repair damaged hair and the most important - Spit ends hair. I usually only buy conditional or treatment  as my hair product because I dislike oily product apply on my hair :'(

So I guess it's a good chance for me to try a new hair product again. Hope it wont make my hair looks oily :) I want to have my healthy hair back~    BABY PLEASE COME BACK TO ME

MURAD Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish♥ RM 150 for 30ml

Last product!! AN oil-free primer that can balances oil production of your skin. Next, it disguises flaws (even skin texture) and minimizes the appearance of pores
Not much in the bottle & it's really expensive if you see the price :P That's why it's small! HAHAHAHA Normally used it before apply the foundation. It can help you to creates a perfect radiant glow.

That's all for todayMillons thanks to for the march mivva box again!!Ciaoz I haven take my dinner yet :S  Is time for dinner. Love , xoxo.

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