16 March 2013

I dunno what to start with a happy opening for this blog post. If  you're happy right now or damn emotional now please don't read this post because I'm afraid I would make it worst. Lol It take me whole day to think about it.

If you followed my blog or read it quite a long time, you understand that most of the time I'm happy and being so positive for everything. Yea, True! I wishes to blog and record anything that would be good to my readers and of course myself but maybe once in a long time I got some emo's post. If you realize that during my holiday I was so so so happy and exited to attend every event and I did do some video on my youtube channel. It was so fun and I try to invest more money on my blogging life. I get myself a brand new nice blog layout.

Remember my previous blog post about my new layout? Can you feel that I'm really happy with that? I'm really so happy when most of you tell me it was nice and suit/match my style. Yea! I used 1 month + time to discuss with Kim ( my website's designer) from scratch then slowly discuss among each other then only come out with the final outcome.

This week is not my week even not my day. My mood ups & downs but I still able to deal with it . I stressed up with something and guess what SOMETHING happened yesterday.

Sometime I think like it was kidding me. I don't know who is that little girl but definitely please don't ever be a liar. If you did something wrong you should admit and never think that it was fun by fooling people around you. We not blind. I got brain I got so much experienced on this kind of issue, I know what is the date of publish , I know what's and how to get the html code , I know everything this little girl know but I got something better than this girl. I know what is respect , I know what is honest , I know how people work so hard for their own things.

I planned to keep it secretly without publish it but what this little girl did in this morning changed my mind. I wont keep this anymore. When I'm nice to you. What you did is just fooling us. Keep in your mind that I'm not friendly until I can accept your lies anymore!

Things happened on yesterday night.

I was quite shock when I received the inbox msg from a sweetie :) Seriously, thankiu so muuch for telling me the truth. Erm... I named it as Sweetie A. So Sweetie A inbox me and send me a reference link that someone having a same blog design as me. At first I'm ok and I still able to laugh that people can't have the exactly same with me because this is what both of us (Kim & I) design for whole month outcome. I still can't believe until I click on the website.


It's really kidding me. You can imaging my expression on yesterday. I told myself not to simply scold people without any prove or else I'm just a joke for her or I might be no open minded to accept this. So I calm down myself scrolling and see what's the similarity of our blog. Remember that I'm still not yet angry or anything.

So I clicked and I saw this.

what you think? So I'm still O.O and continue see what's the diff and realize that this little girl still is one of my friend in my facebook account. You see how funny is this. & I never know that she still share her blog link until so loud. Until I get the msg from Sweetie A I only know. 

Don't expect I still keep that for myself yesterday then Sweetie A told me that I'm too kind by looking this  happened on me and I'm still able to say Nevermind. Time passed I'm sitting in front of my lap top thinking what should I do right now. If I straight away pm the girl and scold like shit then I'm really weird and awkward for that (I feel lah). So I inbox kim and ask her about the copyrighted things. 

After that I update the facebook status although I really wish to inbox her badly but I wanna wait her come and admit herself. But after I updated the status somebody some brainless guys say that I might misunderstand the girl and told me that maybe is my designer's wrong and some bullshit replied when HE DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING & Know a little bit trying to pretend he is the pro and showing me some smart professional blog design that people wont copy easily.

Kidding me x2. So I'm getting downs for that and let see what she had the same layout with me. I'm not a little girl I know how to determine what's wrong from the layout this little girl had. This sound ridiculous when Kim have all the prove of the source file of the design element. But the little girl never admit to us never reply me that where she get or maybe how she design it? 

The items that she obviously copy  is those layout margin, layout design from header to content,sidebar margin and proportion, background image (pink stripe), twitter icon from kim's blog, even small till the older post font... We were amazed with her talent but please use it in a right way tho you copied the images, rehosted it in image shack but  we  know how it work. I'm really be glad that Kim still help me to talk about the copyrighted issue.
We did clarify in our blog (footer) that all content and design are copyrighted by (kim) any element that is copied without credit is consider stealing. She's smart she get and combine both of kim's work until become her own work. She used her talent in a wrong way. 

So we left a msg on her account peacefully 3 of us inside the group msg on fb. No argue and I'm actually waiting for her explanation. I'm such a idiot to waiting her reply and explanation because the next day, which is today, she replied.

With a useless explanation and reason. I guess she never know that I can print screen everything even in just a few mins time before she deleted and closed everything. Please say that she's smart for all the lies she gave and I'm still able to catch every 'precious' moment.

There are always some big issues or things which is so big and bad happened on me. I always don't mind to forgive when time passed I will slowly take it down and don't ever think back because there're always a bigger & larger BOOM happen on me after this small little thing. When you think it's your max but god always want to increase and improve your EQ level and god give you some challenges. I accepted it and  learned from all the lesson.

Copy my thing isn't a big issue for you I guess but try imaging yourself in my situation. Would you wish to have someone steal your things or works and he/she tell you that it's their work. I know it's really happen on this real world even working life/study life but at least those people know to admit their wrong. 

This little girl challenging my EQ level. She successfully wake me up in this afternoon. I was so blur because I can't handle this bullshit things happen on me so I slept late yesterday. She never replied our group msg on facebook until this afternoon I got her msg and also one of our reader msg. I name the 2nd reader as Sweetie B.

*Be prepare that some useless lie and things the little girl talk to this reader and ME*

Sweetie B: Chanwon, xxx didn't copy your blog layout on purpose  she didn't know that it resembled ur blog. She took it from blogskins.com. So i don't think it's fair that you said that emily did it  im just stating it. She said she has changed her layout so that it wouldn't looks like yours.

So I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! for the 2nd time. LOL I still got click and check on the blogs skin website and see how smart she put on her lie and she trying to cover her lie.

I can't understand how come she just admit that instead of trying to talk about where she get this layout from and you will see more FUNNY reason she get. In Mandarin got a sentence like 自打嘴巴. It means everything she said is just prove to me that she Lies.

At first I get mad when Sweetie B telling that I misunderstand this little girl. I checked and proved everything to her. At the end this  little girl is just showing me how many time she need to lie for the purpose of covering her wrong and action. I'm not angry I'm getting disappointed that what she did. Even lie and telling this Sweetie B.

and make myself feel stupid by still think of forgiving her or maybe don't even mind of this small little thing. Please please don't fool yourself. Look at the link she sent me.

You guys no need click and check the link. Because once I told her that the date of the layout uploaded on yesterday is really too FUNNY. I know what she want. She's trying to make another story which make me laugh all the way until now! Maybe I expose her lie or she feel guilty . Then she delete and taking down whole website

Lie no. 1 : She say she copy from this blogskin website but actually this layout including the rabbit and word is I design and asked Kim to make it for me. I really CAN'T BELIEVE THAT she can use this as a reason + 

Lie no.2 : SHE FOOLING HERSELF by forgot to edit the publish layout's date. *clap clap* for her . Just trying to fool yourself by showing all of us this.
So coincidence?!!!once I expose her lie then this website immediately take down and can't see back the layout. OMG Are you kidding me that? 

Lie no.3 : She say that she go and report this layout and the website immediately take down the link

HAHAAHAHAHAH little girl. You want me to laugh or cry for this action ? Am I blind? Or I'm brainless enough to believe what you're trying to say? *Kill me please. I feel shameful for you by not brave enough to admit what you had done and keep on finding reason & making another story.

People asked me did she say sorry to me? Yea she did but not sorry because she copy my layout and she never got heart to admit that she COPY. She show me the link above say she copy from blogskin those free layout website and ACCIDENTALLY had the same design which look alike my blog.

I just wishes she know what she doing and not just sorry for fun and feel sorry because ACCIDENTALLY have the same layout idea like my blog.

I laugh because she's really cute and maybe she's still young. So I calm down myself for her now by giving her a chance to her let her know what she did but...
It's not a problem for you to have a pretty layout but please RESPECT and learn how to appreciate people's hard work. She say sorry and publish her blog again told me that she changed the blog layout and she's so kind to ask me see whether still need to change anot. 

Story not ended. She make a lie again.

I know it's a small matter in today. Maybe you would think that she just can do whatever she want and since she changed her blog layout I should be alright. I'm alright once she change it actually. 



Next, she changed her blog like this.
I was like. It's seems so familiar. AAHHAHAHAHAAHA I laugh until the end.The background was almost same like kim's blog now. HAHAAHAH

Lie no.4 : WHY EVERYTHING SO COINCIDENCE.?! Are you kidding me for your action? I don't know whether where you got the background or you enlarge it change it or how. Since you know that you shouldn't copy people's work how come you still so 'SMART' until go and find a background which look alike like kim's background. 

Then her blog immediately closed after that.

If she never feel guilty why she need to closed her blog. 

Seriously I doesn't hope it happen. I feel so bad because she closed her blog. Blog is a place where you share your feeling and I just hope that she know what she doing not just close it without admit her lies. It's really a worst thing ever when someone do this on you.

I just don't understand why everything just so coincidence if I'm wrong. Or maybe I should say why she need to cover her fault. Why not just admit. Why need to lie for that? I'm really </3 when I know the truth and totally it's a lie but I still need to see and know what's her next explanation and lie.

When you need to cover your lie or wrong you might need more & more lies to cover it. I hope she learned something from this although she never admit that the blogskin website is her own acc & she tend to copy. 

I don't believe that she add me in facebook don't know my new layout and having the same layout like me + without afraid that I know it one day. 

I getting tired to face this because i'm not angry
I'M DISAPPOINTED. She's still small maybe 17 years old still don't realize anything but what I need is just a simple msg why she need to fool me  by telling me all of these shit!

I'm sorry if I harm you by my words but please don't take this as a joke and fool me. I'm not stupid! Although I'm stupid in some way but please RESPECT people. You're pretty and I think you should match with a pretty good personality and attitude. I doesn't hope you remove your blog just because having this problem . Just a simple word needed and you can have all your freedom to do things you like. It's your choice I can't control anything you want to do but please learn the lesson and know what's wrong & what's good for you. 

It's for your own good.

Previously I got copy problem and I faced it. Those people I never hate but I learned to accept the fact and also I forgive them. They brave to admit their wrong and state clearly for me without GIVING and telling me other lies.

I got some comment and advice from my reader. Maybe I should think in a positive way that kim's design on my blog is really so attractive until somebody dare to steal it and chanwon wannabe. LOL I'm just joking I was trying to calm down myself and learn to FORGIVE.

I'm ok right now. I'm alright . It's okie It's fine now! Everything  over. So Good Luck & All The Best I hope that it wont happen again. Please  *puppy eyes*

Story passed after few weeks! The little girl had opened & publish her blog again and continue copy other's people background , mix and match together to be her own! LOLLLLLLLL